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How much do Ben Sherman polos shrink after a wash?
If you don't feel like paying an extra $15-20, these are nice. I haven't tried a pair of Clarks so I can't compare, but I'm really happy with the Cabelas.
Took it, worked wonders, everything covered above, etc. If I get pimples these days, it's probably due to not enough sleep, not drinking enough water, or some other type of unhealthy living. You should realize, as my dermatologist made sure I did, that accutane isn't just given to teenagers fed up with pimples. It's given to people who have skin conditions far more serious than acne and in doses that are far greater than what you'll ever take. This group is where a...
Quote: Originally Posted by vanity I smell trickery.... scroll down a bit more on the CM page And I just read the whole thread, whoops
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