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now i can throw away my electrical cord. more photos here: http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/05/new-belt-by-corter
unbranded skinny. 1 size up. 126 consecutive days of wear, without wash. http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/05/week-18-review
119 consecutive days of wear. more pics here: http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/week-17-review/
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE modernART from hypebeast? Yes, sir. Same modernART. Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyfingers I went TTS. My waist as of right now measure around 33-33.5. I could have gone done even further, but I don't care for tight jeans. The loose threads aren't that much of an issue to me. It's the belt loop and rivets looking like they are going to pop. These have extremely light wear of nothing...
^ thanks for the support wogbog! 112 days of consecutive wear without wash. http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/week-16-review first noticeable stain - teriyaki sauce under the right back pocket
numbuh 0ne - fit looks good. where were you able to purchase black tapered? i believe they are sold out on the UO site. lwkeung - good stuff. i also sized up one on my skinny pair. keep us updated with evo pics. Pics from yesterday 105 days of consecutive wear. more pics here: http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/week-15-review/ Day 105 fit pic:
http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/d...ister-contest/ If anyone has been following my blog Without Wash, today actually marks day 100 of wearing The Unbranded Brand jeans everyday since January 1. To commemorate day 100, I've got a contest going on with San Francisco-based clothing brand Mister. Three winners will be selected for this contest and the prizes will include a Mister raglan, henley, and key fob (select colors and sizes subject to availability). The contest...
Quote: Originally Posted by leeFX Those are turning out really well. I like how your wallet/card holder (right?) is leaving a fade in the back pocket... might be ordering some of these. Can't really go wrong at $80... thanks, man! and yes, it's a card holder in that left pocket and chapstick in the coin pocket.
91 consecutive days of wear (3 months): http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/week-13-review/
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn good stuff man, cool of you to do this for a whole year! thanks man! i got a long way to go, but it's been interesting just documenting everything so far. Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin TTS on tapered, sized up 2 on skinnies i think this is quite accurate. i've also read on other forums people sizing down 1 on tapered and sizing up 1 on skinnies. for my unbranded skinnies,...
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