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The fit in the seat is actually quite good. Every time i bend at the hip it pulls vertically from the knee and tightens up the backside. I could see the knees being a problem down the road since theres less downward force from that point, but for now they seem to be holding steady and not riding up.
OK, so avoiding the whole skinny jeans good/bad debate, I'm curious why I've never seen a men's skinny jean for sale that was cut on the bias. I'm a bit of an amateur fashion designer and, wanting to teach myself about bias this week, I made a pair of jeans on the bias thinking they would turn out like crap but teach me a valuable lesson...well, they fit (and look!) great and are more comfortable, flexible, and wearable than any jeans(skinny or otherwise) that I've ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak Better pics: HELLLLLLLLLLLA need diff boxer briefs for these. alright, well, I don't know what all ya'll are talking about...I think that's pretty hot.^ Yes, there are a lot of people out there who like the skinny boys Keep rockin' Kodiak!
Ahem...Please try and keep the jokes to a minimum...serious question here. I found a sewing machine a few months ago, and I have really taken to it in my free time. Has anyone else here tried making their own clothes? I have found that the stuff I make comes out fitting a lot better than anything I have ever bought off the shelf. I know this thread is useless without pictures, but I will try and post some eventually, when I get my camera working... So far I have...
for sure has to be this pair of dirty beige suede shoes. Kind of look like bowling shoes but not. In a really unique way. They go with absolutely everything.
I recommend Minnetonka. They make some very nice soft soled mocassins. I actually like them so much that I stocked up. I have two new pairs waiting for when the pair I am wearing now wears out Onlt forty bucks too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider It's time to wash. And don't take this the wrong way, but I'd say you should go with a different brand next time; IMHO those APCs aren't that flattering on your body shape. I have to disagree. I thought those were some of the best jeans from the whole thread. Deputamadre: They make your ass look VERY nice. Thank you for posting.
In the winter, I am almost etirely dressed in blue, black, and brown, often at the same time. Summer sees lots of green.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Walked past the store in question just the other day on the way to my office... couldn't think WHY the name seemed so familiar to me and then remembered having read this thread. Anyway, it didn't exactly look like it was doing much business... I hope the OP's friend has gotten paid! If not, I'll be happy to give my students 5 extra bonus points on their midterm if they go into the store and raise...
most I spent was $350 cdn for my pradas least was $35 us for a pair of levies
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