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I'm looking to get a new watch and I'm split between these 2 Reverso's. Which one do you prefer and why? 1. Grand Reverso Ultra Thin Duo Bleu: 2. Grand Reverso Duo: Thanks!
Can I wear black tie with a striped white shirt? Similar to this one but more elegant/dressy: It's for a wedding. thanks, --trajan
What's a good washer for my shirts in the NY area? thanks, --trajan
I'm thinking of getting the Calibre de Cartier watch, but can't decide which dial. white dial: black dial: What do you think? (I'll be using this for going out/day+night watch and definitely not at work) thanks, --trajan
I really like this Gant Rugger Letterman jacket, but unfortunately it's sold out in my size. Where can I get a high quality jacket, possibly MTO, in the New York area? thanks, --trajan
I need to carry the macbook air on a daily basis. The computer itself is light, small and very thin. Most of the bags and a bit too bulky for it. Any suggestions on what bag I should buy? My top pick so far is this: thanks, --trajan
Not all belts look the same. or this one: Ofc, you can also buy a couple custom buckles in silver and gold, with custom leather bands and then you can mix them as you please: --trajan
Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition I use a Dupont, but I can't imagine it's that different. Isn't there a cover for a refill port? Just unscrew/lift it off to expose the refill port and fill it with a high quality butane refiller. If you care enough, you can probably warm up the butane can in your hand and have your lighter in the freezer for a few minutes prior to this. Some people say this helps, I don't think it makes a...
How do you fill a dunhill lighter? thanks, --trajan
How do you wash white canvas shoes? I have a pair from BB.§ionsize= thanks, --trajan
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