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The iPhone 5 is completely underengineered and underpowered. It came out months after the S3 (international version) and has half the processing power (2 cores instead of 4).
Exqueeze me? You mean the 'civilians' who were unloading thousands of rounds at them? Also, While it may have seemed like a humiliation, US forces dished out entirely disproportionate enemy casualties to the casualties they took.In any profession there are those that fail to meet its standards. In this case, those individual Marines (not soldiers) failed to meet those standards. This is also entirely not what I was talking about.I was point out that if you are going to say...
You are a buffoon. Clearly you have no conception of the technical, philosophical and intellectual expertise it takes to field a modern military, or the cultural and historical awareness, logistical, managerial and diplomatic acumen it takes to be a combat arms soldier in the contemporary three block war.
The idiocy on display here has been acknowledged already, but I just want to do it again. Iroh, you are a fucking twit.Jesus Christ, you must be a troll.
Between Act of Valor and Oh-Dark-Thirty, the SEALs sure are getting a rep for shitty OPSEC in the SOF community these days.
Burberry London Kensington cut jacket in a steel blue plaid pattern Goes great with denim 3 Button Single vent 70 Wool/30 Linen P2P 20.5" Waist 18.5" Shoulder 18" BOC 30.75" Sleeve 24" Asking $95 plus actual shipping JACKET WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL DEC 2012
The worst thing about this is that it was shot successfully in such a way that most people thought it was very 'gritty' 'realistic' and 'authentic'.
No, it is not. Ugh.
This is pretty common internet wisdom (no offence), but there are so many black swan variables at play in whether the target goes down, I'd rather have the controlability and extra round or two that the 9mm grants. I'm okay with a .45 (1911), but I can put more rounds on target faster and more reliably with a 9mm. If it's a trade between a single round of .45 and 3 rounds of 9mm on target, I'd say the 3 rounds give me more confidence.
The second one was a better crafted film, but I personally think this one had more impact. It was less clever, but more primal and more grand. If the second one was a knife playfully slipped in and out of the third intracostal space, this one was a flurry of hammerstrikes pounded over and over into the sternum and face.
New Posts  All Forums: