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Yeah, there are many 'legitimate' brands that skirt what IP laws there are in China by avoiding a complete 100% counterfeit. These used to be called knock-offs colloquially. If you walk into Qi Pu Lou in Shanghai, you will be flanked by such names as 'Louis' with a Versace/Starbucks hybrid logo. US Polo Association and Beverley Hills Polo Club started as knock-off companies but have gained enough legitimacy that they actually sell them in department stores now.
I've seen many Zegna shoes, belts, etc. at markets in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.
Is this genuine leather?
I'd suggest getting a small leather notebook or portfolio. Rip out some of the pages if there isn't enough room to fit things like your iPod or whatnot. You can store stuff in the pockets, and it is clearly a necessary and functional item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Well, pest control with a .45 pistol wouldn't be a good choice! And "car guns" don't sound like a good, or very legal sort of an idea. Enhhh, not that I ever get into such hijinks, but I imagine a .22 may be a bit insufficient for some pests like raccoons. Yeah, I kinda blended domestic and LEO/mil/PSD uses for cans on the car gun explanation. I'm just used to explaining to college kids why LEOs or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sir Humphrey Appleby Why do you need a silencer on a gun? Sometimes quiet pest control. Suppressors can also be useful in a car gun if you don't want to blow your ear drums out.
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