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+1. She doesn't even resemble the 2007 level of hot.
When Thor knocks over the car in that video, it's fucking bad ass. I think the graininess and angle adds a this guerrilla realism quality. It looks like an after-club street brawl or something on youtube, except with super heroes.
+1What's the bow hunting SOP for follow-up shots?
I'll echo JLibourel. Realizing you're taking this to the range and aren't relying on it for life and limb, I'd still recommend the Sig over the 1911 for a metal-framed 9mm. If you want an SA gun, consider the BHP. It sounds simplistic, but the 1911 really wasn't made for 9mm. If you must have a production-stock 1911 pattern 9mm, do some research on Para Ordnance. I am not entirely endorsing them because I don't have a lot of experience with them, but I know that they've...
I feel like this is less of an actual cruise trip and more of a 'day-cruise' aka. we're going to drink on this ferry while it takes us around centre island.
Is this a promo for 'the Lake Shore'?
+3. Couldn't he have gotten his 12ga and some slugs from his trunk or something?
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