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If you like the style of the PPK, but wouldn't mind it in a more modern calibre, try the Walther P5c. I'm not one of those .45-or-bust dudes, but .380s don't fill me with confidence.
Just as an addendum to this, body armour is available in both steel and ceramic. Ceramic is substantially lighter, but is more fragile. For instance, only specific kinds of ceramic SAPI plates are multi-hit capable. If you drop a ceramic plate, it will shatter. it can't handle blunt impacts. Steel is much heavier but is more resilient and can handle multiple hits, with comparatively little degradation of structural integrity.Shot placement would be more important than...
That would actually explain a lot about why they haven't sold, haha. I'm terrible at taking measurements. The price would be an extra 10USD outside of the UK,
Kiton Napoli (Mis)Tagged 54EU, but fits more like a 40S. Dark charcoal cashmere with linen speckle (as featured here: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/mens-fashion/kiton-linen-cashmere-blazer-100610) Peak lapels Surgeon cuffs Pleated and cuffed trousers The MSRP on this thing is thousands. chest: 21" / waist: 19.5" / shoulders: 17.75" / sleeve: 25.5" / length: 30" / pants: 34" x 28" + 1.25" cuff + .75" folded under, 11.5" rise 285GBP shipped in Europe/UK. Another 10er...
Can you elaborate on this?
These things are all over Venezuela. Not sure who makes 'em
The iPhone 5 is completely underengineered and underpowered. It came out months after the S3 (international version) and has half the processing power (2 cores instead of 4).
Exqueeze me? You mean the 'civilians' who were unloading thousands of rounds at them? Also, While it may have seemed like a humiliation, US forces dished out entirely disproportionate enemy casualties to the casualties they took.In any profession there are those that fail to meet its standards. In this case, those individual Marines (not soldiers) failed to meet those standards. This is also entirely not what I was talking about.I was point out that if you are going to say...
You are a buffoon. Clearly you have no conception of the technical, philosophical and intellectual expertise it takes to field a modern military, or the cultural and historical awareness, logistical, managerial and diplomatic acumen it takes to be a combat arms soldier in the contemporary three block war.
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