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New with Tags Gieves and Hawkes Charcoal Herringbone Durham Jacket, MSRP 495GBP Size 40L (I'm a 38-39R and this fits me in the chest) Patch Pockets, Single Vent MSRP $760USD Asking 220 drop to 160USD +10USD shipping outside the UK SOLD NWT Gieves and Hawkes Charcoal Twill Double Breasted Jacket, MSRP 355GBP As modeled by my slim 38R friend (there is a small cluster of lint or something at the bottom right of the jacket. it's not a stain) Size 36L Peak Lapels, Double...
Meh, ideology aside, I've always found Miller's work to be stylistically superior to Moore's/
A bit of a digression, but I recently found out that Michel Thomas of language audio tape fame was also a marquis and OSS paramilitary commando cryptographer who became a bounty hunter for Nazi war criminals after VE. His learn spanish CD now gives me a boner.
... I love My Little Pony. 4 surrus. I watched it out of curiosity. I wanted to see what about it was so easily memeable. The show is overwhelmingly joyful and the characters are all incredible lovable (particularly Fluttershy). It will actually pick you up after a rough day at work.
The meat market mission will haunt me forever.
YO. Dude is tastefully ripped and radiating testosterone. I'm feelin kinda gay.
Anyone seen the latest ep with 'GUS'? John Noble is fucking fantastic.
I found the music in the US Army ad to be more stirring and less pretentious than the pandering quasi-poprock music that seemed to be calculated to be as inoffensive as possible. EDIT: Unsolicited digression: I've found this to be the most powerful Army ad. I would go into detail on why, but we're supposed to just give gut reactions, right?
That was wonderful. Parts of it felt like Sophia Coppola. Parts of it felt almost like Michael Mann.
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