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I feel like this is less of an actual cruise trip and more of a 'day-cruise' aka. we're going to drink on this ferry while it takes us around centre island.
Is this a promo for 'the Lake Shore'?
+3. Couldn't he have gotten his 12ga and some slugs from his trunk or something?
Anyone here know any good tailors in Kabul for shirts? Apparently most of their fabric is from Iran, Uzbekistan and *gasp* China.
What's the pit to pit?
Why would you do this to me
Yeah, there are many 'legitimate' brands that skirt what IP laws there are in China by avoiding a complete 100% counterfeit. These used to be called knock-offs colloquially. If you walk into Qi Pu Lou in Shanghai, you will be flanked by such names as 'Louis' with a Versace/Starbucks hybrid logo. US Polo Association and Beverley Hills Polo Club started as knock-off companies but have gained enough legitimacy that they actually sell them in department stores now.
New Posts  All Forums: