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As seen in SimonC's posts here: Offering Price commensurate on condition
As seen in SimonC's posts here:
That's hot
What made you look like a cowboy wasn't the shirt on its own. It was the combination of the cut and fading on your jeans with the shirt. If you wore a pair of dark indigo slimmer fit jeans you would have looked much less cowboy-like. I wouldn't wear those jeans to an oral exam/presentation. They are not appropriate for even West Coast business casual.
I just watched them side-by-side and it was really badass.
Wore it a couple times, I'm the second owner. It's in direct competition with my Aqua Terra that I love, so it just sits in my watch box. Not sure how to grade it, but there are no scratches at all. Does not come with box or papers, I am certain of its authenticity, but if necessary I can get it authenticated at a Tag Heuer store or something. Not sure if there are extra costs involved in that. Enough links for a 7.5 wrist. Retails for 1495GBP...
Related: Those NCOs are pretty fuckin' crusty, though.
These buttons are fantastic
I like their deodorant a lot.
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