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Just to elaborate on that...http://www.garrybreitkreuz.com/publications/2006/716.htm
Looks kinda PS'd :/
To be fair to the new Kirk, that kid was really good.
Not even close
I share Aravnel's opinion that the rubber neckers are lucky they weren't hurt, but must agree with all these mothafuckas on the .223 penetration thing. A lof of .mil and LEO agencies have chosen the 5.56mm for FIBUA and house to house stuff specifically because it penetrates cover less than 9mm and reduces chance of collateral casualties.
That volume of fire is intense. Bad guys force multiplied, dumped ammo, broke contact and exfiled. Recce tactics, yo.
Aside from the damage to Seoul, I think the NKs are banking on another deterrent -the prospect of having to clothe and feed 24 million refugees.
MSRP $130 4* rating on CNET and (http://www.whathifi.com/review/klipsch-s5i) Used for no more than 30 hours total. Selling because the volume buttons on the remote only work with iPhones, not Android. Comes with the full kit (flashlight/case, spare silicone ear buds, etc.) but no box/papers. $80USD, shipping to the US +$10
They're Filipino
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