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Campari and Lemonade
A bit of an aside, but is Hydra-shock all that it's made out to be? I hear from many people that it's just a marketing ploy.
I would also know this. Not to get into a dick measuring contest, but this is kinda my thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Protection is pretty cheap in China. A useless walking accessory is cheap in China. Real protection is not.
A kuboton is the best you can do. Batons and tasers are illegal in China (though available if you ask around in the Silk Street market in the basement or an army surplus store).
Anyone else here have a hard-on for Morris stuff?
I'm going to throw a +1 for the Geckos. Maybe even get a house centipede or two. Start a little biosphere and there, and then hope they all die out. Geckos are kinda cute, too.
Otis Taylor - Ten Million Slaves
Quote: Originally Posted by tatecloths The next time you buy something very expensive and later experts declare it to be fake I hope someone makes light of your tragic situation and you can't do anything about it because the street vendor doesn't take returns so you are just stuck with a pit in your stomach and a glaring 3 7/8" x 58" reminder of your faux paus and you are completely out of feel good food in your loft and the only good take-out restaurants...
GAHHHH, if only this were a 38R...
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