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Quote: Originally Posted by Incman I know 100% she is telling me nothing but the truth. End of story. No and no. I'm just totally in love with her. Oh boy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Pictures of said girl or GTFO!!!!!!!! +1. Also, if you want to learn a martial art, the quickest one to become effectively proficient on the street with is probably krav maga.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman I'm in Canada, so the gun isn't a possibility, and I don't think the taser is either. I work in a shitty retail job (I'm 19 and in university), so there isn't any security or anything, just 3-5 people working at a time. I would consider a taser or something like that if I could find one that I could buy from Canada, because the legal repercussions of using it would be less bad than being dead. Best think...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Don't do northern Mexico, period. FTFY. And get a policy with ISOS or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle PM sent on JL Passport Holder! Hopefully mine got there first
This was actually so bizarre it creeped me out.
How thick/heavy/warm are these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton WTF? How am I dishonest? You are easily the slipperiest, most sophistic and most consistently intellectually dishonest poster here. No one comes close that I can see. Add to that your constant negativity, smug cynicism and the way you use the (not inconsiderable) IQ points that you have to undermine logic, reason, decency, morality, order, etc. It's no wonder you feel such an affinity for Assange. You hold all...
I unfortunately have not had the time to read through the whole thread, so please forgive me if this has already been said. This is not about being pro-US policy or not. The consequences of these leaks are ambivalent. The military leaks cost Afghan/Iraqi lives and American lives by jeopardizing OPSEC. Wiregate completely subverts conventions of diplomacy. It's not just the Americans that are upset about wiregate. Every government is. Diplomatic communiques are secret and...
whoops, double post
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