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Quote: Originally Posted by cahlersmeyer maybe the H&K USP compact. Wouldn't recommend. I had one for a while. Stupid expensive to service. It felt quite comfortable in my hand but the kick was not fun compared to similar 9mms. Lots more muzzle rise, probably due to the higher axis the chamber sits on.
Did everyone just gloss over the fact that Tomgirl has revealed her location to SF?
Also, always insist on USPS. Those brokerage fees and such are killer.
Quote: Originally Posted by ysc Doesn't matter whether they are in line with contemporaries or not, they are the Met, they should be better. Joking aside they are actually quite different from police on the continent, for example, who tend to use water-cannons or irritant gas if protests get out of hand. Pretty unpleasant stuff, but less likely to cause unpredictable injury than turning a lot of, justifiably, nervous and pumped up police officers loose on...
Quote: Originally Posted by ysc Kettling crowds for hours, including a lot of quite young children, from day one of the protests - when they were still peaceful and well ordered, was a sure fire way to piss everyone one off. It was going to boil over sooner or later. There are always a hard core of dickheads at large protests, but the Met managed to rile up a lot of other people who would otherwise have been peaceful. I don't think the Met is aggressive...
Saw this thread, but thought there might have been some new outfits that have popped up since. Anyone know of antiquing services in London?
Quote: Originally Posted by ysc aggressive crowd control tactics Pff.
These guys mustered outside my place actually. It was damned inconvenient to try to wade through them with bags of groceries only to see a line of riot police outside my door. It was ever so satisfying though to see their rage after I changed into my velvet jacket, and sat on my front steps sipping Lagavullin and smoking a fat Churchill. I was sympathetic to the students until the demonstration, which was hijacked by anarchists, labour unions, socialist and communist...
I've turned a lot of people on to SMS via Islays, almost always Laphoraig. The generic taste of scotch is actually kinda toxic, and if you get something with no character, there's nothing to appreciate. Islays are very in-your-face with their character, so it's easy to 'get it'.
I have the TM Lewin, and it's very nice for the price. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the Glenplaid and people have assumed it was far more luxurious a suit than it is.
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