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No, it is not. Ugh.
This is pretty common internet wisdom (no offence), but there are so many black swan variables at play in whether the target goes down, I'd rather have the controlability and extra round or two that the 9mm grants. I'm okay with a .45 (1911), but I can put more rounds on target faster and more reliably with a 9mm. If it's a trade between a single round of .45 and 3 rounds of 9mm on target, I'd say the 3 rounds give me more confidence.
The second one was a better crafted film, but I personally think this one had more impact. It was less clever, but more primal and more grand. If the second one was a knife playfully slipped in and out of the third intracostal space, this one was a flurry of hammerstrikes pounded over and over into the sternum and face.
Jesus Christ. I had never in my life been attracted to Anne Hathaway before.
No, what I mean is that all these Canadian cop dramas (and now that I'm thinking, 'the Border' and to a lesser extent, 'Intelligence' suffered from this as well) suffer from this half-hearted attempt to distill 'realism' but deliberately trying to avoid grittiness that leaves it really stylistically unsatisfying to me. Everything is too clean, guns fire too many shots often on full auto, ludicrous action hero things happen, but it's meant to be a serious show. Now...
Ugh. It's a little too much Canadian cheese for me, too similar in tone to Rookie Blue and that ETF show. Lead is super hot, though.
I think that bit from 2:08 on is a bit too tongue-in-cheek to be consistent with the somberness of the rest of the trailer. It's a bit jarring.
What're the measurements? (especially the lug width)
I had no idea that Gitman bros did Multicam
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