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Oh, that actually is very pretty. I'd hang it on my wall and jerk off to it.
There were times in China where my principal has been pretty well-known, and a couple girls have walked up to our security detail with pen and paper in hand... to get my autograph.
How much are you looking for for the Borelli again?
This is the best thread ever!
I feel like the last season or two has been superior to seasons...14-19/20ish.
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime Regiment is a battalion of soldiers - regimen is the word you're after. A regiment is a battalion?
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 girls cant cry or get disgusted by making out when theyre huffing chlroform. So Ive heard.... Confirmed.
How heavy is this? Would you be able to survive a Toronto winter?
I've heard of freezing/preserving the placenta for its stem cells that can be used in the future, and I've heard of eating it because it's so nutritious (can't you just take some supplements?) but STIRFRYING IT? Ironically, by cooking it she has probably leached out most of the nutrients.
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