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Wing Chung helps develop great intuition in body mechanics and general physics. Balance that out with some Krav Maga or similar new-age urban style martial art.
In love with Addison Timlin.
Does anyone know where I can find these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 What say you, peons! ...I hope you enjoy your suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Wow, who bought that Boglioli? +1, I have choice words for him
Boglioli 3PC and Stile Latino
Quote: Originally Posted by FiveFiveFive "The Homer They Fall." Moe's my favorite Simpsons character. Moe: Everybody wanted a piece of me, but somehow I just never made it to the big time. Homer: Why not? Moe: Because I got knocked out 40 times in a row. That, plus politics. You know, it's all politics. Homer: Lousy democrats. Moe: Homer, how would you like to be heavyweight champion of the world? Homer: Sure. Moe: All you gotta do is fight...
Ah true, but the rest of his are tagged. Hardly think he's a scammer. Maybe we should make it SF convention to post a story as to the provenance of BNWOT items. In this case I hardly think there's nefarious intent, though. I've bought some items both tagged and untagged off him and there's never been any evidence to suggest they have been 'pre enjoyed'.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi why is everything of yours brand new without tags - do you know that it wasn't worn and is indeed brand new without tags? just sounds very ebay scam seller-ish...like putting "cashmere blazer" when it's only 5% cashmere...or Loro Piana when it's LP fabric ? Look through his photos. Plenty of them (I think all of them in this set) are tagged, no?
It actually looks like he can't deal with the kick. You'd think a guy that big could deal with a .22.
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