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Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 Gotta follow the Leykis 101 Hail Mary approach on this: - Telll her he loves her and wants to be with her forever, blah blah - Talk about how he wants a family really bad but its not in the best interest of the child or their family to have him so young - You want to have a house, white picket fence and all that - Convince her this is the way to do it and that you'll wait for her once SHE gets HER career...
What kinda places are you lookin' for here?
Any of you guys have any thoughts on melt-in mount RDSs on pistol slides for duty/combat guns? A J-Point or something on a Glock? Guys in the biz keep telling me that it's just IPSC gamers but that's what they said about aimpoints way back when, too...
Are you very good looking/tall? I know a troupe of models who can get you free drinks/dinner if you claim to be a model who doesn't have a comp card on him.
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage I think my genitals just purred.
^The appearance of the Hulk and the Thing put me on the floor.
There's a very large 5-story club that's always 'boppin' for tourists mostly. A lot of hotties but be aware, a good deal of them are still in junior high. No joke.
Mia Kirshner as Mandy the bisexual assassin on 24 has been my dream woman for years and years and years.
The London School of Economics
I (and probably half of SF) very much identify with this character, the dialogue in particular.
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