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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Craig has been a much more physical Bond, which I do think is good, but Brosnan was a smooth mfer. +! I like Craig's Bourne-style realistic brutality, but Brosnan made it all look so easy. They tie in my books.
Djimon Honsou
We're having some speakers at a conference and would like to give them a fine pen (preferably fountain). We're looking to buy around 10. Mont Blanc would be most preferred, but we'll look at any good brand/make of pen. Hit me up with whatever you have and the pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology Is it a weird or good thing that you find out a new girl you are dating has a .38, P22, and a license to carry a concealed weapon...? Just came
Newest episode has a quite well done montage of kisses from Gone with the Wind to Aliens. I enjoyed it so much I contemplated my sexual preference. Jury's still out.
Get the aimpoint. Eotech is generally more fragile, anecdotal evidence though. My 552 went down when I put it on a 12ga (it was on a .223 before). It works intermittently now.
L'Hotel le Cantlie is quite good and affordable. Accommodating and great location.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay IIRC, had a report yesterday or the day before stating that a researcher found that women were more attracted to men with high end cars. I didn't read the article thoroughly but I found the gist of it to be interesting. Well, that's so counter intuitive...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Probably rip the shit out of someone, huh? The print ad for it had two side-by side silhouettes. On the left was one with 6 shots tightly grouped in the centreofmass. On the right was one that was basically in half. The tagline was ".45 or .410? You be the Judge". It very nearly almost overtook my distaste for wheelguns. It would work wonders with snakeshot.
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