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Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW lol The RSM once said that I was giving close order drill commands that were sloppier than the afterbirth of a mongolian grudgefuck. Apparently my SMEACs were more confusing than double teaming a pair of Siamese twins against a mirror.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? Like I said, I'm sure there are funnier quotes out there, but these were ones that came to mind, and they are funny. "Stupid sexy Flanders" is one of my favourite lines ever. I use it often.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker yeah ok bub. you wouldnt toss her out of bed? OK. If you've seen her in real life...you actually might, dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackjack After that, I started carrying whatever was legal or near-legal - and getting appropriate training. For example, Mace was the most portable least offensive tool. Sometimes, I pushed it with a telescopic baton. And, in the UK - with all sorts of draconian laws virtually eliminating any reasonable self-defence http://www.donrearic.com/defendingyo...inbritain.html innocuous items one could explain away as 'everyday...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Elusive The only thing holding me back from the Boss suit is being double breasted With Madmen chic being all the rage,I think the DB would make your version of the retro office a bit more authentic/unique
Oh, and how could I forget Blackhawk Down?
Armadillo Restrepo Both docs with enough action and drama to keep you very engaged Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver I thought The Hurt Locker was a really good movie, notwithstanding the questionable realism. +1, there are so many factual things wrong with it, but they get the feel of it very right.
Nancy Sinatra...ahem *Katy B*, I thought the lead in Silversun pickups was a chick for a while and totally loved it. When I found out it was a dude I started asking myself some serious questions.
FUuuuuuckkkkk, why can't that Elements be a med
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