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Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy Loro Piana Sc added I came. Thank god it's not in my size.
Wore it a couple times, I'm the second owner. It's in direct competition with my Aqua Terra that I love, so it just sits in my watch box. Not sure how to grade it, but there are no scratches at all. Does not come with box or papers, I am certain of its authenticity, but if necessary I can get it authenticated at a Tag Heuer store or something. Not sure if there are extra costs involved in that. Enough links for a 7.5 wrist. Retails for 1495GBP...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I don't have an answer for where the line would be drawn. The US, China and NK are currently trying to negotiate some sort of treaty. I'm going to second Crane's confidence that PRC must have a threshold for DPRK intransigence. It is not in their interest to have millions of emaciated North Korean refugees streaming towards either border.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger China decides to invade Taiwan. Happy? Taiwan has been warming up to the idea of reconciliation since HK was repatriated. It is very doubtful that it will be any sort of flashpoint in the near future. Even if they did, the Chinese AAA shield engulfs a large portion of Taiwan, making air-air capabilities pretty irrelevant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Exactly. An attack/exchange will most likely be cyber attacks designed to shutdown infrastructure. Mass disruptive attacks are not quite as easy to pull off as in the public imagination but definitely in the realm of possibility. Between states, the cognitive dimension is becoming the most salient arena for 'warfare' whether that be intelligence wars, cyber attacks with actual manifest implications, etc. War...
I think this thread underestimates the effectiveness of ground based AAA and overestimates the likelihood of any conventional state-state military conflicts in the future.
Holy cow, I think I hooked up with the red head a couple years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by ebmk3891 so umm... who does Zoidberg resemble? You. BYYUUUUURRNNNNNN
Legally the most prudent thing may have been to complicate the assault by placing interfering objects or get on some stairs or something. In that fracas, it's quite easy to explain away injuries to the kids as their own friggen stupid fault for tripping down some stairs or something, so long as you don't actually strike them. EDIT: I could take 32 of the mother fuckers according to that quiz
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Wow...born in 91... God damn, I feel old.
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