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No one else was horribly disappointed by the finale? There were only a few scenes that really got my heart moving, like when Chloe shot Jack.
I went the other day and all I saw on the 80% rack were some Zegnasport longsleeve Vnecks. Am I missing a rack or something?
You know she does pr0n? Search for Susana Spears
I like it, but would prefer if the gunplay was slightly more realistic, ala Burn Notice, Justified, even Archer
^ +1, If only in 48EU...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Saw a guy in a nice suit yesterday who became quite dismayed after a pigeon shit on him. Saw a guy in a beautiful suit,shoes,sunglasses,etc. power walking out of Chatham house with the back of his vented jacket tucked into his pants. I quietly informed him of this to which he replied, quite loudly, "FUCK"
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll IIRC, that interview was with him and his band together, and it was prearranged that the questions would be about the band, not his acting. Could be wrong though. I recall this as well.
^ This is the best advice I've ever read in my entire life.
Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition When I moved my grip forward, I found that I was able to drive the weapon a little bit better towards different targets. May not make as big of a difference if you are using a short handguard, but a VFG or AFG forward mounted on a rifle handguard vs rear mounted on a carbine handguard is huge difference, at least to me. +1, it feels like I have more affirmative control of the muzzle, and it also...
Yeah, Said was definitely my favourite character.
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