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Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Your major doesn't matter nearly as much as people here say it does. I was an English major and do finance. I know a lot of History majors who are ballers at law firms, banks, and consultancies right now. And so on. If I had the choice to go back and do it over again, I'd pick CS in a heartbeat. But hindsight is 20/20, so what can you do? The fact that I'm not the tech badass I could have been has not really...
Last episode had some seriously awesome moments.
Jesus Tittifucking
I would take this with a grain of salt. Indian reporting always sensationalizes Chinese aggression.
drop to $510
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I traded my issue SLR for a brand new F88 Austeyr just before I left the Defense Force. Pretty cool little riffle - especially when I had it set-up for left-hander only shooting. I'd like to get a civy version some day. Wow, you're old.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan unless apparently, you date Brazilian volleyball team members. 2008. Beijing. Bathroom of the China Doll club in San Li Tan. It was everything I imagined it to be and more and almost made me forsake all other women. She licked my eyes.
Bump and drop!
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