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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah http://english.aljazeera.net/sport/2...210362107.html Bahrain canceled Formula 1 race........... Nobody listens to me when I tell them to buy insurance for political unrest, KRE and/or terrorism. I guarantee that 99% of ticket holders failed to consider this as well. Libya: Qaddafi orders scorched earth fixed-wing bombing of military bases to deny weapons to protestors. 10 pilots executed for refusing to...
New developments: - she DJs - she does BJJ and Muay Thai
Amber Heard - rams Priuses off the road - is from Texas - has a thing for Orwell - loves her .357MAG - is bisexual - has a 1968 Stang looks like this: Discuss.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah Gaddafi using imported mercenaries apparently http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/baby...rotests-2.html I am super curious as to which firm he contracted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason As these uprisings have been dubbed the "Jasmine Revolution", China has censored web-pages and social network website statuses with the word "Jasmine". Chinese netizens have been making posts calling for people in 10 major cities including Shanghai and Guangzhou to go out and protest on Sunday, and a number of people have been arrested/disappeared as a result of their organization attempts. Jesus, this could...
I tame lions. Only sub-saharan Africans.
Not married, and no girlfriend (WHY WON'T ANYONE LOVE ME, I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE) but... I am known as 'Gucci Gear' amongst some colleagues after: using a Dunhill manpurse as a 'go bag' during an active shooter exercise, used an LV duffel as a kit bag, wore Persols during the G20 riots, rocked Nudies to gigs in a few steamy and violent third world countries.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sesame Seed Oldman is one of his acting idols (DDL was the other). I believe it was Oldman's Sid that he noted as his favourite performance. This is one of the reasons why I've said Oldman should have been The Joker. He wouldn't be watching tapes of himself. He'd completely reinvent the character. He'd set a new benchmark. It's a shame he hasn't done anything "Ëśmeaty' in many, many years. The Joker would have been his greatest...
I think people in these states are forgetting that the military establishment supported the deposition of Mubarak. THIS IS NOT THE CASE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY, PEOPLE.
Quote: Originally Posted by epb After the scene where Winona cut him up saying how much better Gary the crooked realtor was, her bony ass wouldn't get in my bed ever again if I was Raylan. Especially with Ava in the proximity. Really? Man, that was just the right amount of sass for me. Then again, that probably explains my trail of failed relationships with volatile, abusive, sociopathic sirens.
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