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Quote: Originally Posted by dunkin it wasnt our first date but our first movie after that she made me buy her some pepper spray and we werent together much longer after that Don't you love that feeling like the inner lining of your lungs are going to melt? That feeling is totally ruined after you climax, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Just saw this. Pretty cool. They're either high or in love.
^I disagree with your opinion but will defend to the death your right to speak it.
who is that?!
I've never heard of him either, but he claims to make everything on location and for $70, I'm willing to give it a try. I've got a 16 neck but 38 chest and have a hell of a time getting shirts that'll fit well and button up off the rack.
I got this in my 'groupclick' e-mail. Today only: 72% off at http://www.marlondurrant.com/ http://www.groupclick.com/toronto/Ma...a=0d5e170d39dc (Shameless self promotion, I get $20 everytime you buy a voucher). EDIT: Voucher available today only, but can be used any time
What model of Rag and Bone are those? (ie. RB12, RB6, etc.)
Transformers 2 was honestly the best self parody I have ever seen. I have never laughed as hard as when the two break-dancing, gold toothed, jive talking, ape-like transformer stooges admitted they were illiterate.
No one else was horribly disappointed by the finale? There were only a few scenes that really got my heart moving, like when Chloe shot Jack.
I went the other day and all I saw on the 80% rack were some Zegnasport longsleeve Vnecks. Am I missing a rack or something?
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