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My dick just did a DANCE
Quote: Originally Posted by jaac This movie was so lacking, story, characters, acting was all shit house You're missing the point. People were blown in half. Terry Crews threw an exploding football. Like, c'mman!
Just saw it. So. Much. Win.
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits In case you were wondering how the Donald Duck Inception issue turns out.. The parallels are actually wicked cool
Quote: Originally Posted by Humperdink Fuck. Why did I read this thread? And why does this state have such restrictive gun laws... +1. I have not said to myself, "jesus christ" so much in an online message board thread ever in my entire life. The amount of genuine acute unhappiness that I just visually...ingested is....throttling.
Great customer service from Spoopoker. Fully supported the product with a 100% refund offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I'd definitely throw her out of bed...! 1:17 She's actually quite charming, though.
Zipcar is still your best bet. The majority of auto premiums are based on personal liability more than the value of the car. If you're driving a Hummer and get in a collision, it'll cost them the Hummer and a bandaid. If you're in a 1993 Taurus with a rusted up frame and torn up windshield-webbing, it'll costs them six digits in medical. Cheaper car does not necessarily equal cheaper premium.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Pun I dated one before. Don't do it unless you don't mind tons of emotional baggage +1
I respect the practicality of Magpul stuff, but for some reason their aesthetic is just a little too clean for my taste.
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