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Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow She also has a thing for Ayn Rand. Damn, this girl has a pretty stacked minus column!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver On a more serious note, I thought Amber Heard was a legitimate, authentic lesbian - none of that "bisexual" bullshit. I have heard conflicting things. I choose to believe that she is bisexual lest my libido shrivel up and die.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Are you allowed to carry a rifle on your boat? How would that work when you were coming into port in various countries? Customary Law, etc. is beginning to shift to accommodate that with companies like Hart and people like Erik Prince pushing buttons, but even still a lot of companies won't put armed guards on board because of the liability of it. Even the old guard of partners or execs who, at one time were...
There are many Anthony Mascheks returning from service and getting their degrees. When the US withdraws from Afghanistan, you'll find a lot of guys elect not to reup and reintegrate; get jobs, get degrees, etc. An equally 'great' generation exists right now, it's just away from home. Don't let these Columbia fuckwits get you down.
Last drop, can't go any lower,
You want pathetic? I tend to do pretty well with girls. I am effervescent but coy and stupidly good looking. I hadn't stepped foot in a videogame store for years...possibly ever. I got a wicked powerful laptop and had a flight to Shanghai. I figured I'd buy a game and take some edge off the ridiculous flight. I walked into wearing Borelli monkstraps, Zegnasoft unstructured jacket and a 'fucking geeks, I'm too cool for this place' swagger. The sales associate was a...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah http://english.aljazeera.net/sport/2...210362107.html Bahrain canceled Formula 1 race........... Nobody listens to me when I tell them to buy insurance for political unrest, KRE and/or terrorism. I guarantee that 99% of ticket holders failed to consider this as well. Libya: Qaddafi orders scorched earth fixed-wing bombing of military bases to deny weapons to protestors. 10 pilots executed for refusing to...
New developments: - she DJs - she does BJJ and Muay Thai
Amber Heard - rams Priuses off the road - is from Texas - has a thing for Orwell - loves her .357MAG - is bisexual - has a 1968 Stang looks like this: Discuss.
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