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Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 +1. NO need for her own thread! Seriously? She's too generic for all y'allz even with the clit licking, magnum packing and 68 Mustang racing?
Quote: Originally Posted by sunror is attacking a pirate ship appropriate if it's holding hostages, or do they serve as a 'human shield'? do pirates share (or sell) hostages amongst each other? 1. What do you mean by 'attacking'? 2. Most of the time, hostages themselves don't physically move, but there is a fluctuating trade of investments, shares, commissions, etc. in the enterprises on an individual level. Recently, Al-Shabaab and some...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Adam Reed said it's supposed to be a mishmash of a lot of time periods. The clothing and decor are early 60s, the cars are from the 70s, the technology and a lot of the references are contemporary, the politics are sort of a cartoon version of the Cold War. So basically it's a cartoon and it doesn't matter. The characters make reference to it sometimes. I always wondered about the coexistence of GPS,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW LOL, that's about $120 more than you'd pay in the US! (Albeit for a crappy Century Arms assembled Bulgarian AK74 on a US receiver with a non-chrome-lined US made barrel and no functioning giggle switch) I was just using his estimate as a benchmark. Hell, though the way they'll extort you for your skin, they'll start bargaining at at least $500 Quote: Originally Posted by eqpablon I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa last night's was probably the weakest of season 2 so far. I'm kinda liking how they're giving every character's back story this season, but Lana got a quick clip (environmentalist with afro) and the butler gets an entire episode? Doesn't seem very equitable. Really? Woodhouse taking out 50 Germans...and scalping them?Choke an Stroke!? Some pretty awesome moments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis It costs maybe $500 to arm one pirate at most and they get $5 million a head in ransom. A nice Bulgarian one or an AK74 or AR-15 or something might be $500USD. In some of the border areas, even near Camp Lemmonaire in Djibouti, you can get a decent AK47 for about $100USD. At the Bakaara market cabdalle shideeye, you can get some crap AK47s for as low as $50USD
Investigative journalism is very closely related to espionage and intelligence trades. It shouldn't be a surprise that some journalists are treated accordingly. This is even more legitimate considering it was part of a targeted investigation. It's wasn't completely arbitrary.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat This won't happen. The Somalians expelled the Soviets as early as 1977. China was the first country to step up assistance to Somalia thereafter in return for lucrative oil drilling sites through the current government. A few pirated Chinese vessels is considered the cost of doing business. Not to mention that the Chinese recently pledged not to engage in any expeditionary military action that's not UN...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy depends...are they rollin SUV or Minivan? Somehow, the domestication of the minivan makes it really hot. It's evolutionary or Freudian or something, it screams nurture. Like, it answers the question "will she hold my head in her lap while I cry about being premature?"
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 I do not understand -- is the ROTC program so very different in your country than in Canada? I've seen the land my family worked in back-of-beyond New Brunswick. Privilege is not a word that comes to mind. ROTC paid for my father's education (I doubt my grandfather finished high-school) and an escape from grinding rural poverty for me and my brothers. I'll say it again -- I am grateful. I just got a stiffy
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