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For a second I thought it was like a dude in a big owl costume.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 VZ Alien grips Super win. I have them in that ACU digipat pattern. You could descale a fish with those grips. All you fucker need to check this baby out. CQB with a .50BMG? Welcome to 2011: http://www.youtube.com/user/GM6Lynx
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy That is completely and utterly false. I cannot believe the strength to which people hang onto beliefs like this despite having been proven utterly wrong by facts. I'm sorry, are you suggesting that political willpower is irrelevant to guerrilla warfare? Have you read Clausewitz, Arreguin-Toft, Fischerkeller, or more relevant to this discussion, Sun-Tzu which became Mao's 'Guerilla Warfare' which became Vo...
Quote: Originally Posted by memo1019 is the shoehorn plastic? They're steel.
Gah, I have a pair of Mantelassi Borelli monkstraps in a similar colour. It's taking a lot of willpower to not buy these fuckers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo The RE agent was hilarious. Jesus TITTIFUCKING THAT WAS AWESOME. "Daddy doesn't like it when I fuck the slaves!"
Quote: Originally Posted by sunror not magically snipering all of them Actually in the rare cases when these situations go tactical, that is, inter alia, exactly what happens. Boarding parties will also be inserted via helo, RIB or zodiac. They don't just start firing with deck guns, blowing 88mm holes in hostages, though I'm sure the Russians will add that to their TTPs, just to show the bad guys that they don't give a shit, mother...
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 +1. NO need for her own thread! Seriously? She's too generic for all y'allz even with the clit licking, magnum packing and 68 Mustang racing?
Quote: Originally Posted by sunror is attacking a pirate ship appropriate if it's holding hostages, or do they serve as a 'human shield'? do pirates share (or sell) hostages amongst each other? 1. What do you mean by 'attacking'? 2. Most of the time, hostages themselves don't physically move, but there is a fluctuating trade of investments, shares, commissions, etc. in the enterprises on an individual level. Recently, Al-Shabaab and some...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Adam Reed said it's supposed to be a mishmash of a lot of time periods. The clothing and decor are early 60s, the cars are from the 70s, the technology and a lot of the references are contemporary, the politics are sort of a cartoon version of the Cold War. So basically it's a cartoon and it doesn't matter. The characters make reference to it sometimes. I always wondered about the coexistence of GPS,...
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