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I lurv it
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter pretty sure it's a Maserati Gran Turismo. But dude, priorities! I see nothing wrong with his priorities
Bump because this movie looks fucking nuts and no one here is appreciating the trailer
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram If it was long enough ago that you couldn't open a paypal dispute/leave negative feedback i'm surprised he even offered the partial. It had been long enough. It took a good couple weeks for me to receive the package, and then I wore them for a few weeks. My preliminary inspection needs to be more thorough. Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram Do they sell large amounts? Something like a...
Watch out for Jdibluesky on ebay. Either he is dishonest or his quality control is ass. Bought a pair of Zegna jeans advertised as NWOT from him a while ago. Wore them for a while, then the button started popping. I thought the button was some new style Zegna one, turns out (according to my tailor) that it was a generic replacement button and the top button area has been repaired before (quite obviously too, I have no idea how I didn't notice). I confronted the seller...
Quote: Originally Posted by Infrasonic Definite lap dancer/ porn star vibe going on... Well...she's Czech. I remember walking around town with a buddy commenting on how must Czech girls look classier than their Russian counterparts. I said something about how something was still kinda trashy about their vibe, like their existence was a juxtaposition of something. Buddy said he had no idea what I was talking about. Then a beautiful girl...
http://vimeo.com/7585900 Kim Coates is former Delta. Johnny Strong played Randy Shughart in BHD and has a bunch of preban AR15s (though flinches when he firing his .45 for some reason). Bas Rutten is...Bas Rutten.
These prices are fucking WHACK
The lyrics of that song are so contrived they go through the self-parody circle twice and aren't funny, whimsical or ironic. They're just painful. That said, the video has some super hot parts
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