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I've got one of these and it's a fantastic size if you want to cheat a little and get some more carry on space. It's just small enough to be a 'personal item'.
That's the sticking point.
^That was a legit shoot for the first 3 rounds, or as long as the guy was still standing.
Is this indigo or more of a grey?
Protecting friendly pilots is meant to have several positive cascading effects. Piloting remotely in a comfortable, air conditioned room with a big gulp and an espresso means the pilot should be free of fatigue and more capable of making sound decisions, especially vis a vis initiative and potential collateral. A lack of immediate jeopardy means that the pilot will not be as quick to jump to self defense measures and engage (such as the first Canadian casualties in...
Girl buys case of bottled water. Plain clothes officers not displaying their badges/shields pull guns on her. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/28/elizabeth-daly-bottled-water-jail_n_3518340.html
Well, training isn't just about marksmanship. It's about discretion, situational awareness, terrain (backgrounds, foregrounds, obstructions, cover, etc.), maneuvering, etc. Gunfighting is not all about shooting. It's about fighting. With a gun.
Bought a yearish ago, removed the tags but never worn. Really gorgeous woven texture. 3.75" wide
I'm actually distantly related to Superman :/
I'll partially agree with you here, in that I believe quality training is very important, and has serious multiplicative benefits (including in a gunfight). I don't think that the training angle is pushed in gun culture enough. But also, firearms related training has yet to get to a standard of reliability and consistency of instruction.
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