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I have a whole shiteload of NGO security briefs I can e-mail, if you'd like. Also, if you're staying in Kabul, you won't have to worry as much about the fashion ramifications of NIJ level IV plates, and you can concentrate on being the greyman rather than being the Michelin man. If you are going to Kandahar or Helmand or something, I suggest investing in some kit.
The real estate agent is the new highlight of the show/
I get in fights. A lot. Across all geographical and cultural hemispheres. It is statistically astounding that I have not been stabbed. You lost. You aren't even hurt, so it's much more humiliating. If you are on the ground throwing beer while the guy is saying "I don't want to hurt you," you have lost both the physical fight and the information war. You are the asshole. Not him. People are laughing bewilderedly at you. Next time, rather than throwing unpronated prissy...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 The best was Christopher Coker, who now chairs the International Relations department. Not sure how he ever made it into that position considering his conservative tendencies. The man is a rockstar. Very charismatic, effective use of hyperbole and just a great orator/lecturer. That said, while his social constructivist model of warfare, etc. is fun and interesting, I don't know how much it empirically...
This is an Onionesque gag, right?
She's fucking awesome, but that last episode made me want to scream.
I agree with him on most points, but he is a TERRIBLE lecturer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Srynerson I love the overcoat, but the outfit needs a different tie. Who is it by? I believe that is RLPL.
bump, last drop it looks like.
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