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'Self-Styled' Kill Team -quick survey suggests these guys are 2ID and not on a JPEL Task Force or anything like that. Just a non partisan point of information. The use of the word 'kill team' could be misleading.
As someone who is ethnically Chinese, I am in shock that you would speak to your mother like that, no matter how bone headed she is. You address your mother by her FIRST NAME?
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 "Apparently god is still upset about the events of Pearl Harbor." Someone please kill me. You think that's bad? "those krauts deserve to be hit by a earthquake tsunami for nuking pearl harbor"
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White I'm thinking nobody will remember the natural disaster if a Chernobyl happens. An explosion occurred March 12 at the Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Japan, Japanese news agency Jiji reported, citing local police. Reports of an explosion and smoke come after Japanese officials cautioned that a nuclear meltdown was possible. Read more: Red Alert:...
:O. Are you going to get any in black?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I'm impressed, I only know what half of those things are. I'm sure you will find out upon your interrogation
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I heard a rather disturbing rumor from a student in my class: She told me that someone from the government had come and told the University Dean/Superintendant (who told the teachers, who told the students, etc.) that the US government had sent some spies to China to try and influence the students and start a revolution, and thus the students should inform the police if there is any suspicious activity involving...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I've seen Beijing look sunny and brilliant precisely once my entire life, and I doubt I'll ever see it that clear and beautiful ever again.
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Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI Just wondering, does anyone watch Supernatural? I think it's one of the most underrated shows on television (granted I have not been keeping up with season 6). Every episode has at least two major guffaw/LOL moments.
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