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: /. Looks like I'll wait for the bargain bin. This is really disappointing because it looked like it'd basically be a more topical and realistic version of CODMW2 and had a really strong team of technical consultants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Wonder if we could get some sort of SFxAA collaboration going on a limited bottling of some sort of bourbon. I would absolutely be in
Anyone know where to get Borrelli shoes serviced? Mantelassi won't service them.
Quote: Originally Posted by RaggedEdge Why did he do what he did though? i.e. when he tried to kill off the humans with that poisonous gas/smoke? You can hear him talking to his invisible friends "6 more mouths to feed?!". The con also notes that he is a scavenger and wants to steal all their shiat.
I want a mini giraffe so badly. I may plant a seed and grow one.
price drop, item added.
The only really reliable 9mm 1911s I've heard of are Paras /troll
1. Hickey by Hickey Freeman - 38S Fit guidance - Hickey is HF's more "youthful" line with more aggressive styling. Think RLBL meets BBBF. Stronger shoulders and silhouetee. Retail $895 100% Cotton Fully Lined Navy Pinstripe / Brown Horn Buttons Double Breasted / Peak Lapels / Double Vents Made in USA New - Used for photos (tag in pocket) Asking $155->140->145 + actual shipping SOLD Shoulders - 18\t Chest - 40\t Waist - 38\t Length - 28\t Sleeves -...
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