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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro It's all about the AA-12. Fuck the AK. Bah, check out the new Keltec shotty. Now THAT's fucking cool, and you can tuck it into your coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre Seriously. I personally like cruel tatted girls who smoke, but I know that's not for everybody. . Fuckin yah. Sociopaths are fucking hot as hell. All my exes have had sociopathic tendencies. It's hot when a girl is willing to (and does) lie, cheat and steal for you. Also, rib pieces are fucking badass.
Damn, I've never heard of an underage drinking ticket more than $200 in Canada, and no ancillary crap, either.
Quote: Originally Posted by yeungjai I would say that to make it easier on recruiters and hiring managers, don't disclose anything on your LI profile that you wouldn't disclose on your resume. Examples include: Your photo (arguably) Your marital status or family status Disability status Religion And any other prohibited grounds for discrimination, wherever you are. I am not saying this to say that you will be discriminated against and...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I suppose if you enjoy seeing provocatively clad young women performing preposterous feats of derring-do in sci-fi/fantasy type situations, maybe you will like the movie ...
That ransom is cool, black 92 pattern combats were myth back in the day.
LinkedIn is a bit grey for me. In an industry where social media is seen as a PERSEC risk, what is the balance between presence and oversharing?
Quote: Originally Posted by Godot I've got an ARC AAA that is stuck for some reason and needs to be sent back to the factory and a Surefire Defender, which seemed like a good idea at the time. This actually made my day. Thank you so much. I just put years on my life.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mute Very nice! Another contribution to the gun porn. A recent acquisition: Is this a Desert Arms?
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Explanations of acronyms please? haha These guys were part of a Stryker Battalion from the 2nd Infantry Division. Usually, when the news uses the word 'kill team', they are referring to special operation forces units like Task Force 373, whose mission it is to capture/kill terrorist leadership on a 'Joint Prioritized Effects List' (JPEL), task forces that pursue JPEL are almost always NATO special...
New Posts  All Forums: