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How thick/heavy/warm are these?
whoops, double post
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Does anyone remember a show on Fox back in 99-00 called Opposite Sex starring Milo Ventimiglia? Fucking LOVED that show...was when they canceled it. Dear God, I loved it too. And it had the shortest fucking run... Kings Studio 60 Jericho Rubicon Angel ... *ahem* Las Vegas
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk The Chinese government protects their own. Its known that if you try to get anybody in court over there, you're pissing money away. There is, however, a very vibrant market amongst security/risk management firms in IP security. One way or another, if you really want IP violations stopped. You can get them stopped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 The shakeweight scenes made the episode. Your workout is complete. Here is some cab fare.
http://www.reallifesuperheroes.com/ SRSLY?
Not really familiar with how sweaters fit, what would appropriate for a 38R?
Quote: Originally Posted by Epsilon88 The only one I can think of is Moores. You may be out of your depth a bit here, mate. What's your budget?
^Embed fail
Quote: Originally Posted by twon12 I do not wish to see another lizard. I am going to change my insurance from Gieco.
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