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Just name, centered, and email address in the bottom right corner. My phone number changes too often. Sometimes the personal touch of writing a phone number onto the card is a nice gesture.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog WoW ruins lives. I've seen it happen to my friends. http://www.threadmeters.com/v-1FDd/T...million_years/
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre Thinking about kopping something like this. Are they too gaudy? I think broads would be all over me if I had em though. Please advise. I'd kop if they weren't Tokarevs.
Arrrgh, who the hell termed them a 'kill team'!??! Bah.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Around 115 Americans will die in cars today. After 9/11, a tremendous amount of people died because they drove instead of flew cross-country.
If you want to love, pamper, kiss and tune your carry gun, get a 1911. If you want something that'll work if you need it to, that you don't have to clean or take care of, get a Glock or an M&P in 9mm. The .45 vs 9mm debate has no answer, but 9mm is cheaper to train with and stay sharp on, and it has a shallower learning curve when it comes to hammering out shots, double taps and such. The Glock is tried and true, but the M&P has a pretty good rep so far and is very...
Look at his little spots!
You really have to specify what kind of mercenary, here. As I mentioned before, most of the 'mercenaries' our western forces are using aren't true mercenaries. Rather, the bureaucracy is using outsourcing as a device to continue to use skills and talents that had been previously canned or retired. Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Duff_Man, your little hello kitty reminds me of the colour of kilts the London Scottish Regiment wear. That's...
Tell them that there are no other kids, no facilities to deal with kids and that their kids would be super bored?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto In Sierra Leone's case, why would a corporation get involved? No one would touch their conflict diamonds, but the warlords and RUF. It's not all necessarily going to be corporation vs. militia. (although, in Sierra Leone's case it is alleged that EO was to be paid by the gov't in diamond rights which would then be sold to DeBeers) Often, it'll be (and already is) warlord vs. warlord, etc. But generally...
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