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Oh, and how could I forget Blackhawk Down?
Armadillo Restrepo Both docs with enough action and drama to keep you very engaged Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver I thought The Hurt Locker was a really good movie, notwithstanding the questionable realism. +1, there are so many factual things wrong with it, but they get the feel of it very right.
Nancy Sinatra...ahem *Katy B*, I thought the lead in Silversun pickups was a chick for a while and totally loved it. When I found out it was a dude I started asking myself some serious questions.
FUuuuuuckkkkk, why can't that Elements be a med
Wing Chung helps develop great intuition in body mechanics and general physics. Balance that out with some Krav Maga or similar new-age urban style martial art.
In love with Addison Timlin.
Does anyone know where I can find these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 What say you, peons! ...I hope you enjoy your suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Wow, who bought that Boglioli? +1, I have choice words for him
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