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- Fully canvassed - Slim Fitting/Low button stance/high arm holes - Smoked mother of pearl buttons - Beautiful 84% wool, 16% silk fabric. Really amazing hand - Double vented - Flat front trousers Measurements Jacket Shoulders: 17.85 Chest: 20.25 Sleeve: 26.25 Length base of collar: 30.75 Trousers Waist: 32 Rise: 9.5 Inseam: 34.5 + 3.75 Leg opening: 8.0 Throw in another $15 for shipping outside the EU. Take off $15 for local pick up in Central London
I'll admit it really is impressive, but it's also ridiculous. Random clowns with fibre wire at the exact right place at the exact right time to take down the helo? The fuckin Batmobile, which was designed as a LAV of somesort, gets critically fucked up by single RPG-7? These things could've been modified just slightly and retained the same amount of jaw dropping awesome.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Go with the grey tie and red boutonniere. Red tie may look too classic and therefore kitschy to your high school friends.
STOP SAYING "H&M". It hurts me.
I think a white pocket square would be fine. Again, if you can wrangle it, get a teal pocket square in lieu of the bow tie and wear it open collar. If you've gotta have a tie on, a grey would be best.
I know, right? Has Q never heard of a sandbox?
I do agree that shot placement is everything, but the 9mm is just a much better cartridge all-round. It's got better punch, it's cheaper(ish), it's better supported, etc.The PPS is the more modern option, but the P5c is still a very aesthetically pleasing weapon. The PPS looks a bit like a tupperweary space gun to me.
If you like the style of the PPK, but wouldn't mind it in a more modern calibre, try the Walther P5c. I'm not one of those .45-or-bust dudes, but .380s don't fill me with confidence.
That would actually explain a lot about why they haven't sold, haha. I'm terrible at taking measurements. The price would be an extra 10USD outside of the UK,
New Posts  All Forums: