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Okay, come on, this is a bit of a reach
The problem with this is that it creates a hesitance that makes it very difficult for an officer to do their job effectively. LEO brutality, etc. is a problem that exists deep in institutional bones. It's a cultural thing, a recruitment selection thing, a psych maintenance thing, etc. It can't be solved by playing with penalties or laws or code of conduct on their own.
No worries, I know 'mission creep' is a term. Using quotation marks on 'creep' alone is just meant to imply that this was the original intent all along, regardless of rhetoric. Sometimes SF guys are in the field with indigenous forces even when they're called 'trainers.' I think they only way to really be sure they aren't pulling triggers is if they're contracted by MPRI or L3 or something.
Yeah, my point was that none of this should surprise anyone. It's not really mission 'creep' when that was the intention in the first place.Re: Rangers,etc. You definitely can't stick a homogeneous unit or even task force into this. Politically and otherwise, it has to be an 'indigenous' solution.
[/quote]Only if we ever really believed in the first place that SF advisors wouldn't be leading from the front.
Except those are the cheaper 'bump' style. No ballistic rating.
When the Canadians went into Afghanistan with woodland coloured digicam. A lot of local groups were impressed because it was so clear 'the Canadians did not fear being seen.'
Can anyone provide reasoning as to why a strong Peshmerga push to dislodge ISIS (and subsequently occupy said territory as part of the KDR or whatever Kurdish state is calling itself) is a bad thing to 'us' or the current Iraqi central gov? I understand that giving up 'sovereign' territory is never preferable, but I'd much rather cede territory to a stable and (comparatively) friendly 'internal' faction with American dependencies and a demonstrated behaviour of sitting at...
Great for the summer wedding season. About 4" width.
I think this surplus debate is a bit of a straw man. People who are against it are against it for the wrong reasons. All in all police having more capabilities is not a bad thing. However, it can be argued that the maintenance budget, etc. that now must be spent on MRAPs or NVGs is better spent on other community outreach or whathaveyou programs. The real issue with paramilitarisation is officer conduct, not what kind of gun they're using.
New Posts  All Forums: