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Absolutely beautiful sportcoat. Gutted it doesn't fit me. Despite the fact that it didn't fit me, it still felt like a dream sliding on. You can really feel the quality of construction on it. Basically new, basting is all still intact. Shoulders 19" BOC 29.5" Sl 25" P2P 20.5" Looking for $195 plus actual shipping
Granted that police often have to deal with crap all the fuckin time, they are law enforcement and not attitude enforcement. Are you really trying to justify disproportionate (and unauthorized) methods of force because the cops were annoyed? If they gave him a bigger fine or something, it wouldn't be quite as outrageous.
I had a event in NYC on Friday. So in preparation for my Thursday flight to LGA, I brought out my beautiful bespoke midnight blue tuxedo...and left it hanging on my door knob. As an emergency measure, I bought a Suitsupply tux from the Madison Ave store about 3 hours before the event. People had heard that I left my tux at home and were ready for me to turn up in some kind of Jos. A Bank rental. They were astonished when I turned up in this. "You look amazing. I can't...
Emergency! blacktie ball tonight and I left my tux at home. Suggestions?
So...that was rather explosive.
damnit, I got held up until just now
I agree and disagree with you. I agree that school shootings remain disproportionate to measures taken. They are a 'Dread Risk.' But this is an increasing trend.But let's also look at why this is disturbing people (including yourself). Why is normalizing the sound of a gunshot so bad? Why is it okay to shoot a ton of people in the head in CoD but not to hear a gunshot in real life? There shouldn't be any negative consequences to this. How many mandatory fire drills are...
Some shots on the range with earpro sound very different than shots down the hall in a different room resonating around a bank of lockers.
The goal clearly isn't to create a fear culture. I actually agree that it's important for someone, regardless of age, to know what a gunshot sounds like vs. a slamming door, a blowing transformer, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: