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Hey guys, Random request. Doing a photoshoot on 27OCT and samples can't get made in time. Does anyone have a Killspencer Attaché that could be loaned for a few hours downtown Toronto?
Huge response! Thanks. SuSu is the only place that carries them, but not in grey :/ I've tried some other places such as Club Monaco and J. Crew and the shorts are all cargo and casual. I do plan to wear them with linen structured jackets and no socks, just to (partially) alleve your concerns!
So I've been looking for some nice shorts for the longest time and no one seems to carry them. Looking for nice, dressy linen Bermuda-esque shorts that I can pair with sport coats in grey and/or navy. Can anyone point me in a direction?
Not that I want to keep this unnecessarily rancorous discussion going any further, but I can imagine why Ataturk and other would be cheesed by the newly diversity. This may be a magical land, but its aesthetics, look and feel were illustrated quite clearly. Star Wars was a universe where humans were basically all white folk and a token quadroon guy. It could be jarring to some to see such a rapid change in only one film. Perhaps it would've been a less visceral reaction if...
I think he's referring to some very certain moments where she clearly overpowers him physically. She definitely does use the force several times in the fight.
And Rey is not Rhonda Rousey. She's may be decent with a staff, and have the street scrapping skills to keep herself safe from a few scoundrels, but Kylo Ren is supposed to be one of the more feared presences in the galaxy. And, yes, he's twice her size.If it were Kylo Ren hand to hand vs a female Universal Fighting Champion (see what I did there), it would be less jarring.
Quality is 'enh.' Definitely sufficient for daily life for a few years, but not the most luxurious or durable stuff on earth. Tumi is mass market stuff at a premium price point. I would suggest committing to something a bit more luxurious or elegant with full grain leather or something even more rugged and utilitarian with cordura or titanium accents.
I got it for PC. Fun gameplay and a couple stand-out moments that are, in themselves, worth the cost of the ticket.
Saw it last night in 35mm. Devastated it's no longer in IMAX. The film knocked it out of the park everywhere but the narrative. It was so powerful, and the plot so disjointed, I think you could watch it in 20 parts and it would have as much or more impact.
Absolutely beautiful sportcoat. Gutted it doesn't fit me. Despite the fact that it didn't fit me, it still felt like a dream sliding on. You can really feel the quality of construction on it. Basically new, basting is all still intact. Shoulders 19" BOC 29.5" Sl 25" P2P 20.5" Looking for $195 plus actual shipping
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