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Great for the summer wedding season. About 3.25" width.
Has this site or its host been affected by Heartbleed?
Does anyone know where one can get the fingers on gloves shortened? I tried Sermoneta but they don't do tailoring :/
I've got one of these and it's a fantastic size if you want to cheat a little and get some more carry on space. It's just small enough to be a 'personal item'.
Is this indigo or more of a grey?
Bought a yearish ago, removed the tags but never worn. Really gorgeous woven texture. 3.75" wide
I'm actually distantly related to Superman :/
I disagree entirely. I think that the romance was quite natural and understated. He did save her life multiple times. Girls kinda like that. You could see in her eyes when he was opening up her escape pod, and when he was taking off from the Air Force base that she was in love with him. The kiss didn't feel forced to me as much as a believable cathartic moment for them.
Brand new, never left the box Brass plated in Platinum. Includes 2 year warranty card signed just the past weekend. Retails for 250GBP ($390USD) Asking for 115GBP ($180USD) shipped
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