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What are the price ranges for TF suits?
I can confirm this. They had a few sizes left when I got there and they had some in the back as well. $1095 retail price marked down to $200. They are from the FALL 2011 line. The had a bunch of striped madisons available as well.
none of them have style. Like most celebrities they have stylists or companies send them clothes
Unless its for banking or law most people wouldnt know what kind of watch you are wearing or really care. At my summer internship at Deloitte in college I thought being decked out mattered but as long as you are decently dressed. My friend at JPM on the other hand gets called out if he wears cheaper outfits
insight clothing sale in carlsbad ca
Quote: Originally Posted by atila ...tailor tailors must not feel the recession at all because of SF
Zegna is the sweet spot for price/quality
how do you go from buying solid AE park aves to overpriced guccis?
its a business they are in the market to make money not sell you goods at below cost
you people are way too critical of style. Im not surprised most people here dont have brain tumors already. If they look good and feel great in their clothing then thats all the matters. nit-picking over stupid stuff like "the shoulder pads are 2mm off" is rediculous and you need to get off the forums and get some fresh air
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