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Got my jean holder up on the wall finally. My sugar canes are in the car but you get the idea.
Lucky i saw this at the last minute!
I do like the 1980 cut a lot too. They seem to have a fuller thigh with enough taper but nothing crazy. My samurai s0500's are similar but different. Just look out for 1966 cut specs and look at measurements but yeah nothing is quite the same sadly from what I've found. F380 flathead, sam s0500, and Momotaro tight straight (pretty close?). F380's don't taper as much near the knee, flatheads more rise and tighter in thighs, and the momotaro are close but I haven't...
Have your elephant 2's stretched much if any? They are rubbing me raw at the waist.
If 559 levi's are too small in the thighs you really should go hang out at a body building forum instead of here.
Tighter and stiffer denim plus never washing helps.
PBJ no fade
Start doing lunges, I can't tell which is your front or back in those jeans.
What jeans? You could always hot soak them again?
What is probably the warmest denim out there now? I know iron heart had the flannel lined model a few years back, anything similar?
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