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Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg yes. its hard to have bangs in your face (the bangface) and not look a little douchey. lots of kids in your age group seem to be drawn to this style and i cant understand why. the hair is always in the eyes and instead of pushing it aside with their hands they are constantly doing this tourrettes-like head twitch in an attempt to relocate the displaced hair The reason I have/had long bangs is one simple...
Did some research (WOW amazing, jk) and found some for opinion.
@willpower: No, looking for something that is "new." @Gravitas: No I am not that person, in fact this is the first time posting on this type of forum.
I am being forced by my mother to get a hair cut. I seriously don't know what to get. I need something long, preferably not above my eyebrows and appealing to women. Looking for recommendations, Kimimaro (Attachment)
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