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Any of your Borrellie and barba shirts still available?
Somebody needs to take these Vass if they are you size!!!
Pictures and new shoes are added!
Alden shoes added: Alden for brooks brothers monk strap in #8 shell, size 8D. They have vibram front soles added. Only worn 5-6 times. Aberdeen last is too narrow for me. Ask for $250 shipped in the US. Trees Not Included. I Bought the Vass shoes from the forum more than a year ago. It’s Oxford Medallion model with Italian Oxford medallion on F last in a size 41, made from bordeaux #8 shell cordovan. Single leather sole with rubber toe tip and heel. The shoes come...
New Items, measurements and pics added.
To gauge the interest: I will be able to get several those in size 2 and probably 4 as well. They are new w/o tag and are probably from 2007 season. The price will be $50 + actually shipping. Size 2 is similar to BB extra slim fit shirt 15.5 32/33 and Size 4 is 16.5 34/35, but slimmer. They are retail at $400 range. I have bought several items here before, and this will be my first time trying to sell here. BTW, I am on my way traveling and won't be able to get these out...
Where are the boots in 8D???????????????
Are these still available? PM Sent
You mean 36L to 40S? I thought S=Short and L=Long. Anyway, Any 38s available? Could you post some Pics?
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