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2 or 3. #1 looks like a pseudo antique, sort of a caricature, rather than an actual style. The Mont Blanc to me (sorry MB fans) has more of the appearance of a kid's watch... or a Swatch. Definite pass. I like elegant, simple designs, which would normally make #3 the winner... but German watches, even the more elaborate ones, all seem to have that stark, utilitarian look that permeates so much of German industrial design. With that in mind, I might lean toward #2.
Quote: Originally Posted by HKTenor Belt and braces....tsk tsk. That's why he has to pack.
The brushes are not for application of polish. You need to use a dauber for that. If you have used the brushes for application of polish, you may have ruined them. The different colored brushes are to help you remember which brush you use with brown and which with black.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfnapolifan but that's not jfk Nice that someone noticed that!
Quote: Originally Posted by cminor dont think those are very wide. only slightly wider than stuff from attolini. not extraordinary wide. So I'm guessing this probably doesn't look very wide to you, either:
I think the "new life" will be its best life. Well done, and wonderful thread.
The Ferragamos. Their construction is more refined and the last much more elegant. Those Guccis wouldn't be much uglier if they were built on a potato for a last.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz CRUEL! dont bother telling people that they are asking in the wrong board, if they chose your board then you are stuck with them, don't hand them off to sw&d!!!! I just can't be bothered at the moment with ripping him to shreds.. They have fun with that sort of thing over there... Why not!?!
Slow down.. Go to Nordstroms and have them measure you, then try on shoes to see what fits best. Like others have suggested, I would also recommend trying Allen Edmonds. If this is your first pair of quality dress shoes, you don't need to get anything exotic, and you should try whatever shoe you intend to buy on in person. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is somewhat of a standard for a basic, quality, US made dress shoe. (It is many people's choice for "interview shoe.")...
It's posted on the wrong board anyway. Move it here and see how well the joke goes over.
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