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 I don't eat in fancy restaurants no more. lefty
I don't think I've ever had anything cooked sous vide. Kinda proud of that.   One of the things they never tell you in the brochure is once you have a NYC apt with an extra bdrm the country mice come out of the woodwork to "visit" you in the big city. Since I have no friends they are all the leftette's gang. The last group was a family of four too large for our guest room. "Oh, that's okay - our teenage sons can crash in your living room. We'll just move your furniture...
It's an easy drive. The parking was $4. And there was no lineup at what it supposed to be one of the best places in NY. Food was fine. Variations on traditional stuff. I'm of a mind that dim sum can only be so good so take that as you will. lefty
I had dim sum in Flushing on Sunday. First time in Queens. Interesting place.   lefty
You don't want to go to Buddakan.   lefty
Such a SanFo crime.   http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/07/us/crooks-caper-at-san-francisco-bakery-leave-the-cash-take-the-cruffin-recipe.html   lefty
Geico makes five second ads you're compelled to watch for a full minute.     lefty
It's the gravel that makes it great.   lefty
This is really beautiful.     lefty
Albert Maysles died.   http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/07/movies/albert-maysles-pioneering-documentarian-dies-at-88.html?_r=0   Little side story - Maysles lived in my neighbourhood (his cinema is just around the corner) and one afternoon last year my wife was walking down a street and started chatting with this old guy on the stoop of his brownstone. He introduces himself and next thing you know they're having tea in his back garden talking Gimme Shelter and Grey...
New Posts  All Forums: