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Guesses on the green glass in front of the fp?   lefty
So the guy at the gate has one job - he opens the gate; he closes the gate. But in the middle of the zombie apocalypse he asks a new guy to close the gate (an action that takes about 5 seconds) because the commissary is serving shepherd's pie and if you don't get there early the kids will take all the crispy edges.    Why have that scene? Just so Rick can show up to the party with a date and show his value to the group? That's the best they could do?   Fuck...
Adult dogs are pretty fair with puppies.    I know guys who swear by Ol' Roy which is junk by any measurement.    To my mind, you buy the best food you can afford and the one that makes you feel good about what you're feeding your animal. Honestly, Jan, I never go to vets and the rare time I do it's just to get a piece of paper or confirm what I already know. I'd never take their advice about food.   lefty
^ She's 3.5 months old. She will be an annoying puppy for a while yet. Remove her or control her, but why? Let her go nuts (to a point) until an older dog gives her a backhand. She'll learn.   ^^ I love that you bought those mats and that hurdle. Do you have a t-shirt with his mug on it yet?   ^^^^ I don't know how decent these ratings are, but this seems to give a rundown on most foods. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/   lefty
Still here. Heading home Monday. lefty
Holy shit, downtown Mill Valley is Stepford cute. And the yummy mummys! Yummy!   lefty
So three guys who've been around and seen some shit are all enamoured with Maggs G.   Just sayin'.   lefty
 Kids today don't quite understand what "sexy" is. She's not traditionally beautiful, but terribly sexy on screen and more so in real life.  lefty
Did they photoshop Nighy's hands for that poster?   lefty
At the time OZ was pretty damned impressive and Vern Schillinger. How it stands up today is hard to say. Try an episode and see if it fits.   If you haven't seen it I would recommend Black Mirror. They're stand alone episodes and only 7 in total so will fill up a flight nicely. A couple of them are stellar.   lefty 
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