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Five pairs from my archives. Measurements are give or take ½". No holes of blown seams. Will deal on multiples.   Shipping included CONUS.   1. This was a SF makeup I think by Mauro. $75 > $60   Marked 33" Waist - 32" Rise - 10" Inseam - 31"         2. APC New Standards with awesome cawk fade. Seriously, women will stop you on the street. $50 > $35   M - 31" W - 33" R - 10.25" I - 32.5"           3. Lee 101Z - these have a black patch - maybe...
 Appliances. The vacuum is a rock star and will be the first thing I grab if the place burns down. Can we freeze all the other threads and just have every post funnel into this one? lefty
I have given over a guest room to my Miele guy. It's a real time saver.   lefty
Too embarrassing to link, but it was brought up a number of times at the trunk show so fresh in my mind.   I really need to stop drinking during the day.   lefty 
 Bull wool. Check out my "how to wear" guide. lefty
^^     lefty
Roy Scheider: last of the great - and I mean great - working actors.   All That Jazz is still one of my favourite films.   lefty
At this point I find the only way I can get through it is with both eyes closed. Makes it more watchable, but things slip by. I understand Abe's ass was a thing of beauty. All will be forgiven next week where it looks like D&C kick ass and take no prisoners, so you guys can go back to OMG OMG OMG.  lefty
The magic of modern medicine?   lefty
Right - forgot about that. Apologies to writers ... wait, why not just dump some water in? Why glass? Does the bus not have a Fram gas line filter: Does a perforated fuel line causes steering loss? An exploding engine? Why not have him lose control a few moments prior and then careen out of control until he hits the wreck? Help me out with the fire truck which I believe needs to be running in order for the water pump to work. So many questions, so few episodes left. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: