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Sad day for gdl203.   Michele Ferrero, Maker of Nutella, Dies His Nutella Chocolate and Hazlenut Spread Defined Italian Sweets   http://www.wsj.com/articles/michele-ferrero-maker-of-nutella-dies-on-valentines-day-1423961729   lefty
Morans.     lefty
Me too. lefty
JFC.   lefty
Chequebooks are open.     Paul Evans screen - est 80-100K Winning bid - $135,750.05         Paul Evans sculpture front cabinet - est 100-150K Winning bid - $183,750.05   Lost a mirror my wife wanted. Oh well.   lefty
Ist item up:   Wendell Castle desk - est. 65K - 95K     Winning bid - $183.750.05   lefty
That's really ugly and more than a little stupid.   lefty
Can anyone speak to the fit of the cords? Normal pant size?   lefty
Funny, my wife said the same thing about dusting.   Definitely has presence in a room, but not sure which room so will probably pass.    lefty
That was a video on Evans.   Not sure about the hinges. On other cabinets they are large pins set into a bracket, but here they are hidden. In fact, it took me a while to find the door.   lefty
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