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Where was the great part?   lefty
Legit? That's actually the game I want to take him to.   Thanks for the link.   lefty
Thanks.   lefty
Never been to the new Yankee Stadium and want to take a visiting kid to an afternoon game in a few weeks - just buy from yankees website?   lefty
Haven't seen the movie and will check it out, but when you guys say "10 minute scene" do you mean a single shot?     lefty
Putting aside the fact that it's silly to compare film to opera.   The lack of a front of the house person, a sweating sniffing water who was clearly sick and should never have been serving people, an uninspired tasting menu that hasn't changed in a few years (based on the reviews I read afterward) and included two items from the regular menu - if this was an opera it starred Rosanne Barr.    Too bad as the reviews are stellar.   The second place? Food, service,...
Sad, then happy. For my wife's birthday I took her to Newfoundland (not completely honest as I wanted to go fishing) and out to Canada's best restaurant: Raymonds in St John's.  How bad could it be? $400 later I remembered why I hate fine dining. Two night later we went to the Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi, a fishing village suburb of St John's. The restaurant is inside one of NA's oldest wooden houses and run by a Top Chef Canada contestant. Night and day experience. Our...
Just got off a plane from NFLD where the air was perfect.Having trouble breathing here.lefty
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