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^Boss.   Saw a guy riding on these bad boys the other day.     lefty
Just use the sign.   http://www.advocate.com/crime/2014/03/24/man-tags-god-gay-antigay-church-sign   lefty
ATLAH Church on my daily walk has been a source of amusement.     lefty
A series of stupid mac questions.   I'm putting a new HD into a mid 2010 macbook. I can clone the existing drive but should I install a clean OS then put all files on via Time Machine? Believe it came with Snow Leopard (10.6) disc. If I install the old SL I assume I just update directly to Mavericks (10.9) via the app store.   How do I share via Dropbox (or any other method) an itunes playlist in the order I wish it to be played. DP (or creating a folder on my desktop)...
I was trying to be polite. But based on the enthusiasm that has to be a long list.   lefty 
So which one of you guys was getting the blowjob in the Honda Accord on the city-bound GWB at approx 7:00pm?    lefty
Soho I can go crazy dealing with those crowds?   Why are you raining on my hermit parade?   lefty
I tend to avoid stores and Madison Ave, so no go.    lefty
Will add to cart.   lefty
I actually like the caramelito mixed with something else.   There. I've said it.   lefty 
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