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Very cool mid-century house. Interesting video.   https://www.halstead.com/propertv?wm_video_id=fo06fdd7a15m3i   lefty
Thanks. I was trying to match what the PO did on the other side, but at about 1/4 of the way in I realized he was drunk when he did them so I changed to free form.   Surprisingly satisfying work.   lefty
Couple of days in the sun and they get pretty warm.   lefty
 I have too much privilege. I'm working my way down the pyramid.  About 3 hours, but don't worry you'll have the South Mountain Reservation in your SO backyard. Very nice woodlot. Lots of deer; occasional body.   I think it might be cool. Really enjoying the place.  This weekend I celebrated a belated Dominion Day with a doublebit.  Finished the shakes on a bunkie.  Did a little light reading.  And found a secret tunnel in the woods.  lefty
That's a real shame.   lefty
It's still only a little cabin in the woods. Just more woods now.   lefty
Thanks. As my wife says, we need less shit.    I caught wind that the adjacent property on both sides was coming up for sale, but before I could get to the owners they hired the same agent who sold us our first place and he reached out to me. He also fucked with me a little, saying, "you're not going to love the people calling about this property" so I made them on offer on the spot. Turns out what I thought was 6 acres on this side and 4 on that was actually 6 and 15,...
Waiting for my wife to fall asleep.   lefty
Finally closed on the adjacent property to my camp and had a forester out to walk it with me. "Great deer, ruffed grouse, turkey and woodcock forest." Nice.   Came home to find a leak in my ceiling - never buy a newish PH in NYC - and that my wife's idiot cat knocked off a 2000-year-old Apsara tile from our mantle and smashed it on the hearth. This thing has survived the rise and fall of a few civilizations only to meet its demise at the paws of a chubby...
Looks like a nice place, M. SF? lefty
New Posts  All Forums: