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Nice fish. What are the details on the stream/fish?   Took my wife to one of my favourite rivers yesterday. On her second cast she hooks an 18" Brown - big for that creek. She then says, "that was fun" and proceeds to sun herself on a rock for the next two hours as I go fishless.   So it goes.   lefty
The River Tweed.     lefty
Like a date?   lefty
I was supposed to "teach" FF 101 at Orvis this week, but I think I'll go fishing instead with my new 13' tenkara rod.   Your leader is nail knotted to the line? If so cut off all but the last foot or so and tie a perfection loop in that. At least then you'll be able to swap out leaders easily. And look into furled leaders which are more forgiving when you tangle them.   Tangles are part of it, especially when you're nymphing with two flies, weight and an indicator....
SF bullied.     lefty
There was a throwaway line in the books (may have made the show) where Tyrion tells the clans that he will show them how to take the Vale. He may have been sweet talking them, but the impression I got was that he saw/learned something during his incarceration at the Eyrie. Never really resolved.   The scenes where Baelish takes over the Vale from the Lords Declarant were poorly done, but they did show that is was fairly easy to starve out the Eyrie.   lefty
A few of us met him in SanFo. He was a cool cat.   While most of us were droning on about clothes he booked and went to the bar where he had a group of hot 20 year old girls (well, SanFo hot) laughing at his jokes.    Never underestimate the power of peacocking.   lefty
It's seriously fucking stupid.   lefty
It's not about the action as it is the conversation. It's a delightful scene in a wonderful movie.   lefty
It's in my Best Sword Fight thread, but that's now a mess due to the old youtube formatting.   lefty
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