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Probably the best horror film and score in years. Go watch.     lefty
I'm sure it's been said, but how stupid is 16g max in a pro machine?   lefty
Haven't you been bitching about it?   Now I'm at 3500. Where's the option for more ram?   lefty
No budget, but would like to keep it non stupid.   So basically, I'm looking at just under 3K for last year's technology? Great.   I'm invested in the mac world and not sure how to break free.   lefty
My 2010 MBP is crashing too often and I need a new one.   Needs are large HD - currently have 1TB in it - and speed for video processing. 15" is fine. Don't care too much about new-fangled shit, I just need a solid portable workhorse.   Can one of you kids tell me which one to buy?   Thanks.   lefty
It's arguably the funniest movie ever made.    lefty
 Fuck. It is a single house with three full 2000 sq ft apts each with 11' ceilings, a basement garage and whatever extra crazy shit they put on top of these houses in SF. It is loaded with intricate moulding including some weird saucer thing that makes it unique as SF Victorians go. Sides and back are a single colour. It was a complicated paint job made more so by that fact the owners are designers.   Value added? As people stop and take pictures of the place and it's...
No. I'm pretty much done talking about paint.   lefty
I think your numbers are bang on for an average small apt with minimal prep and shitty quality paint in a mid-sized town. None of that applies to me.  This.  lefty
 I'll be sure to pass on your opinion. His house (for good or bad) is the one that people photograph and the paint job is beautiful.  Quality painting costs real money. My two bdm apt with stairwells took three guys 11 days to prep and paint.  That ain't cheap. Four years later I need to redo it to change colours. lefty
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