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Also considered sanding and refinishing, but I'm not sure that's possible due to the artistic gouging on each board. You'd have to take off a lot of wood. If I was ambitious I could rip them up as there is concrete underneath and pour a new floor on top, but I have other things to worry about. lefty
I would like these floors more if they were herringbone pattern. As it is they are 8' boards laid out in a linear fashion with each row offset by half and that layout seems to fight the hand-hewn nature of the boards. And dark wood floors in a city place are a pain in the ass to keep looking clean.   In all seriousness, if I could I would do a polished concrete. Hell on a dropped glass, but fits my steeze.   How the hell can I guy named Lil Wayne afford that...
Gravel.   lefty
Aluminum, which changes drastically from day to night.   The floors are hand-carved walnut and they're in every room except the MB. I don't really like them, but they came with the place and I didn't feel like ripping them all out. The black fur rug looks good on them though.   lefty
 I think I will keep them as they mimic the rounded corners of the steel links. Could go either way. lefty
The stuff in your 900 sq ft place will probably look great in your 2000 sq ft without the addition of more stuff. Space is the luxury, not stuff.   Finally got my Bearden tables into place. They need large and thicker glass without the bevel, but I love them.         lefty
Brazil, concrete, furniture - so you know that people actually live there. (No gravel though.)         lefty
This?     He's pretty fat and not a pit. Not sure you could even breed a pit that large.     lefty
 They have to get back the 70M they paid Ahrendts for her first year somehow. lefty
Think I may have posted this before.     Longer version.     lefty
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