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Congratulations, M!   lefty
 Give it a year or two to forget the POS you just watched, then watch the original. It will stick with you forever. lefty
 Yeah, you kind of fucked that one up, dude. Almost no point in watching original now. lefty
5000 if you have the right tools, but either way it's just a world of ugly. Tortoises do not give up the ghost easily.   lefty
It's really hard to kill a tortoise.    lefty
Are you nerds spoilering speculation? WTF?   lefty
No doubt the text she was checking included a few "that's awesome".   She would have flattened me and probably would have driven the fly rod I had in the back through my skull. Worse ways to die, I guess.   lefty 
I was driving upstate yesterday and stopped on a county road for a schoolbus. The bus, another car, me. As I wait I glance in my mirror to see a 20-year-old in an SUV hammering down the road toward us. She's looking at her phone and doesn't notice we're stopped. I hit my horn and she looks up and slams her brakes and turns the wheel. Her tires scream as she skids past me and the other car to come even with the rear of the bus - 15 feet from a couple of kids.   Fucking...
 Good luck, M. And congratulations.  Stay safe, Neighbour B. lefty
Just got the water test from the spring back. Chock-full of e coli and coliform.   Dodged a couple of different bullets there.   lefty
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