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There's only one reason to watch The Hunger.   lefty
There's a difference between "this show sucks" and "acting in this manner in that situation is lousy writing, directing, acting". Maybe not. Knock it off, Conne.   But yeah, I'm not really sure why I'm still watching. At this point there's almost no one I care about or want to see survive. Carl and Daryl maybe. Maggie, as she's way hotter than the show lets on.    Perhaps, I'm just bidding my time until I can really get my hate on for the last season of Mad...
Spoilery, but oh well.   Put aside the fact that the Terminians regrouped pretty damn quickly, dealt with the overrun facility AND picked up on the trail of our good guys. They're hungry. Fine.   Let's go to the food store.   On this side, 6 stone-cold killers who have dispatched hundreds of Z's. On the other, 12 Z's in a basement filled with overflowing sewer water and canned food.   Options.   A - stand over the hole in the floor with a 2x4 and a knife lashed...
And let's not worry about putting up guards or sentries because, hey, we're in a church with a priest and we have wine - what could go wrong?   lefty
I'm surprised they didn't put him in a red shirt.   lefty
Grabbed a pair of Ricardo Fasanello Anel Chairs. May redo in a steel grey leather.   lefty
Love those guys.   lefty
I lived in Bangalore for a while some years ago so can't really give any advice beyond generalities. Goa specific? Get a book.   Accept it on it's terms. I saw India kill people who were unprepared for the cacophony of humanity when they stepped off the plane. They tried to fight it and apply western logic, mores and sanitation to the madness. You vs 5000 years of culture and a billion people is not a fight you're likely to win.    Accept that it's going to stink,...
New Posts  All Forums: