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Great, more for the rest of us.     lefty
Man, I love that movie.   lefty
            Mi casa de la selva para la próxima semana. Estilo arquitectónico?   el lefty
Helpful if I was anywhere near a TSN feed, but since I'm in the US I'm kinda fucked.   lefty
I am in deep shit. I was supposed to record the game for my wife, but didn't. She just texted me that she can't wait to watch it tonight.   There may be one Canadian crying tonight.   Fuck.   lefty
Are they acting American again? Uppity Canucks.     lefty
It's not NYC, buddy. You would lose that court case.   lefty 
 Nevertheless, try and be a little gracious.  LAT-VI-AH!!! lefty
Swiss chicks classing the place up.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: