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I'm afraid this thing is going to the bitter end which will mean a shitty spoiler for the main characters as I doubt they'll change the outcome. They may throw in an extra season (if as you say they can secure the talent) and with any luck the fat man will have churned out the last book.   lefty
Sure, but I never go to the UWS. May I suggest a drop? Central Park garbage can ... that kind of thing?   Mad Ave may have some more. Don't love the Peru.   lefty
 Just grabbed 12 sleeves at a shop.   Nice call out. Like your little dinosaur drawing. lefty
Think about what could have been included if time and money wasn't wasted on a made up zombie battle. Or another fucking Ollie scene.   That episode sucking somewhat less than the rest of the season does not mean it is good.   lefty
I was lucky enough to go to the premier of Diva. Beautiful movie. Characters, framing, lighting  - we copied the style in commercials for years.   Have this queued up. Haven't seen it since it's release.      lefty
I don't mind the rain, but caterwauling flood warning on my phone was a bit much.   lefty
^ Great track.     lefty
Considering the new MBP Retina 15". Personal computer but also need it to handle large video files.   Is there a trusted review site? The few I've seen seem like shills.    lefty
Good and bad. Can teach boundary respect to young dogs, but it won't prevent another animal from coming onto your property or prevent your high drive dog from busting through after another animal.    In what situation would your dog be on your property unattended?   lefty
He's a good guy and his dogs are some of the nicest Rat Terriers I've seen.   lefty
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