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A crazy guy walked through the subway talking to no one in particular. Stops in front of me and proceeds to rant. Took me about thirty seconds to realize he was doing comedy - Henny Youngman-type stuff with a homeless angle. He was pretty funny and a relief from the fucking dancers. I gave him a few bucks (first time) as did others. I think he made about $30 for that set.      Walk out of the subway and a 14-year-old walks up to me and says, "give me a dollar." I told...
 Right. I think I passed it on the 580 or something. Over the bridge and hook right. That explains the cheap price. There was a similar place we almost rented way up on Twin Peaks - same bones, less glitter - but the walk seemed like it would get tired very fast. That was when I was under the impression that SF was a walking city. How naive I was.   lefty
Wait, Castro Valley isn't near the Castro?    lefty
Me too.   The LR/bar, orange sink bathroom, purple BR are beautiful. Little surprised how cheap it is.   Sadly, some 20-year-old dotcom fuck will probably buy it, throw a party, then raze it and build the usual shite SF modern thing.   lefty
But for a few changes (me more than it) I could slide right into that home.   lefty
Posting shit 100 times a day.   Seriously, kid, you're incapable of searching for some variation of "laptop bag backpack testes"?    Hello Kitty may have an option or two. Check them out.   lefty
Are you infirm? If not then just carry it by the handles. Nothing says "unfuckable" more than a guy over the age of 13 with a backpack.    lefty
Tru dat.   lefty
^^ Me too.   lefty
Dude ...   The leftette made this week's Bill Cunningham cut. She's quite excited.   lefty
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