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Can't wait to see de Blasio's deaf guy's reaction.   lefty
Have they started arresting people out for snowy walks yet?   lefty 
Think of the harrowing stories you can tell your grandkids about the night you walked five blocks in 3" of snow.   Has anyone seen De Blasio's deaf interpreter? Rockstar!    http://www.mrctv.org/blog/bizarre-sign-language-interpreter-steals-show-de-blassio#tmhmdj:0uY   lefty
It's no longer snowing in Harlem.   Thanks for scaring me, Roker.   lefty
My post office is closed. The grocery store near me is swamped. It's panic in the streets.   Children.   lefty
 Who lets a cleaning lady use her own vacuum after it's been dragged through God knows what in other apts? lefty
Come to my house. Pick out a table. It's yours.   Agree with SG - wood is good.   lefty
I offered to leave a sample, but they said no.   lefty
Two pairs of slim Black Label chinos.    Both marked 36" x 32" and hemmed. Made in Italy.    Waist - 38" Front Rise - 10" Length from waist - 42"   I would say they'd be great for a 34" - 35" waist as they sit low.   One is labelled "tan" and I would say that's pretty accurate. The other is "navy" but has a slight grey to it.   Retail was $350. Yours for $95 > $75 each shipped conus. Both for $175 > $135.   lefty
I can see a haze over midtown. Hell of a fire. Miracle no one was hurt.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: