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As is mine. And it's going on a half wall about 80" wide so needs to be proportionate.   The 55" looks "here's my TV". The 60" is more "HERE"S MY TV, BITCHES!" I think I'm after the former. Too bad as this looks like the last of the great plasmas.   lefty
That's really my reservation. There's a 6'x8' window directly opposite it. But then, this plasma is considered one of the best for a bright room.   Anyway, relooked at the wall and laid out the dimensions of the 60" and it's huge. The plasma's next step down is 51" - too small. The LED comes in 55", so may have to go with that.   lefty
No, but most come with it.   lefty
Would look on avforums, but that might be a rabbit's hole I'll never get out of.   Fairly bright room with two south windows opposite TV. Approx 17' viewing range. Settled on Samsung. Prefer look of plasma.    This plasma: Samsung 60" 8500 Series Full HD 3D Plasma TV   Or this LED: Samsung 60" 8000 Series Full HD Smart 3D LED TV   Anyone own either?   lefty
Slight diversion.  http://instagram.com/hawkeyehuey  lefty
I feel the same way. I love our place and the city but a mountain cabin, beach house, or jungle shack is on our minds.   lefty
Boy, when you guys take on something new you go all in. Field labs are cool dogs. I knew a particularly lovely chocolate one some years ago.   Montana would be a good place to pick up your first fly rod. But then so is Nor Cal.   lefty
Nice. The Border?   I never asked, do you fish?   lefty
What river? Do steelhead run?   lefty
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