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Never fished the Schoharie, but I do fish the Esopus a lot. To get to our place I head to Roscoe and cut up to Downsville and Delhi. But I should try going a little higher on the 87 and cutting across for some new water. This winter I went west and fished the Eastern Sierra and NM.   Little concerned that zero snow pack will seriously screw up the freestones by July, but we will see.   Yes, I have read it. Started reading Ed Van Put's, Trout Fishing in the Catskills...
Or walking off down the tracks as she went to investigate the car.   Help me out with something else. Scarface says he wants them to get his group into their compound. But why would he need Daryl, Rosita and Eugene? Especially when he has history with Daryl, he admitted that he just tried to kill him, and he knows Daryl is a serious threat. Why doesn't he just shoot Daryl which will bring the other two in line pretty damn fast.   Oh, I know ... monologue.   lefty
That was actually better. And the rules of realism don't apply to Schwartzenegger, Norris, or Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.   That scene existed for two reasons: Denise and Daryl's crossbow. Surely there was a more realistic way to do that?   lefty
So you live in a world where human life is worth less than a can of beans. And one of your enemies is on his knees with his hands tied behind his back. But he has somehow managed to bite down on your genitals. You have a gun in your hands.   Do you: A) shoot him in the head? B) scream a lot until he lets go and then use your gun to shoot at one of your other enemies?   Worst three unarmed and one armed people overwhelm 12 guys with guns evar.   lefty
There are varying degrees of heart murmurs and all kinds of causes. Find out what the dog actually has. A friend's Boxer had a moderate murmur and lived a great life until it dropped dead one day. 2-3 years sounds like a pretty severe diagnosis.    As to the decision to spend money on an ill dog, there are two thoughts that have always stuck with me.   1) dogs don't have the expectation of tomorrow (as we know it)   2) you put a dog down when there's something left...
Near Delhi, so UWB and tribs. You?   It's funny, with so much water open year round, opening day is a little anti climatic.   lefty
I'm a sucker for this old NY stuff. I lost my mind when I got to go to The Friars Club.    Nelson's Spring Creek would be a cool place to fish. Just discovered that my new pond in the Catskills has bass in it so I might break out the 4wt fibreglass this weekend.   lefty 
Upcoming event at the Anglers' Club of New York.  I may go just to see the club. lefty
North Face Explore Fund     lefty
Beautiful and tractable with an interesting backstory. The people who hunt them speak highly of them. I've known two and they were cool dogs.   lefty
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