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 325M worldwide. lefty
Assuming water levels are okay, rent a car/gear and try for some steelhead. Contact a fly shop.   lefty 
 You can sit 14 for dinner?   + ? lefty
So you only owe him 0.50.    lefty
>>> Less stumped: Wings.   lefty
Whisky is never on my taste buds long enough to develop an opinion. I was just curious as to the difference between the two.   lefty
Thanks.   lefty
Difference between the Lagavulin DE batch 502 ($95) vs. 503 ($120)?   lefty
Always loved this movie as a kid.         lefty
Tragedy is when I get a paper cut; comedy is when you fall into a sewer and die. If the guy was nailed by a garbage truck then I could see funny. As it stands it's just some asshole stealing a phone.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: