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I walking on the nice part of Fillmore last week when one SFuppy in a full biking togs postured up in front of another guy and screamed, "It might not look like it, but I can kick REALLY HARD!!!"   Wait until the water runs out. Then the fun starts.   lefty
Good guess - it's between those two numbers.   Missed your shot - she married a racing mechanic.    lefty
Vonnegut. I was sad.   lefty
 Good point. Maybe it's a separate building. Can't find it in any pics. A few more:   No to a place. We hemmed and hawed over one (I hemmed, she hawed), but when I finally convinced her it sold. Circling around another. I want to wait until we sell the cabin in ON which is proving to be a bitch because we are selling it to a family member who is claiming she has no money and is forced to liquidate one of her racing Porches to fund the purchase.  So it goes. lefty
 You can see the bedroom here: lefty
My wife spent some time in a snow house. Said it was quite warm.   lefty
Some cabins I like.   Four-cornered Villa, Finland.       Cadyville Sauna, New York.     Noun1. Unavailability, Norway.     lefty
Something must rise out of there otherwise why create an amphitheatre for a very small fp.   lefty
Guesses on the green glass in front of the fp?   lefty
So the guy at the gate has one job - he opens the gate; he closes the gate. But in the middle of the zombie apocalypse he asks a new guy to close the gate (an action that takes about 5 seconds) because the commissary is serving shepherd's pie and if you don't get there early the kids will take all the crispy edges.    Why have that scene? Just so Rick can show up to the party with a date and show his value to the group? That's the best they could do?   Fuck...
New Posts  All Forums: