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It's still only a little cabin in the woods. Just more woods now.   lefty
Thanks. As my wife says, we need less shit.    I caught wind that the adjacent property on both sides was coming up for sale, but before I could get to the owners they hired the same agent who sold us our first place and he reached out to me. He also fucked with me a little, saying, "you're not going to love the people calling about this property" so I made them on offer on the spot. Turns out what I thought was 6 acres on this side and 4 on that was actually 6 and 15,...
Waiting for my wife to fall asleep.   lefty
Finally closed on the adjacent property to my camp and had a forester out to walk it with me. "Great deer, ruffed grouse, turkey and woodcock forest." Nice.   Came home to find a leak in my ceiling - never buy a newish PH in NYC - and that my wife's idiot cat knocked off a 2000-year-old Apsara tile from our mantle and smashed it on the hearth. This thing has survived the rise and fall of a few civilizations only to meet its demise at the paws of a chubby...
Looks like a nice place, M. SF? lefty
Last year, a friend's company booked the Trump Soho for a conference this year - rooms, food, meeting rooms. .A month before the conference one of the attendees complained to HR that she would be uncomfortable in a Trump property. It got kicked up the chain to the CEO and legal. The event was cancelled. Kill fee? 75K. lefty
 This heat will make anyone insane.  People leave work at 5:30 in DC? lefty
So cool. Calvin and Hobbes in 3D.   https://sketchfab.com/models/dd484cd2dc9e477381e152b69d329506/embed   lefty
I'm really torn about watching. They've spoiled the hell out of it (goodbye Aegon, Rickon and Tommen) and it will be impossible to avoid any mention of the finale even if I don't watch.   But I'll probably be dead before Martin finishes this shit so whattaya gonna do?   lefty
 These guys have a massive hit on their hands and I'm struggling to get my new show off the ground, so what do I know? But... It's an impossible task to adopt an epic that remains unwritten and what has been published is filled with superfluous plot. (Had Martin not wasted time on pointless shit this thing might be done by now.) It's also tough to please an enormous fan base who obsess over every detail and know more about the world than you ever will. That said, the first...
New Posts  All Forums: