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If you want something unique try Hack the Met.   lefty
It's just a hamburger and this isn't SanFo so the idea of waiting in a 45 minute line is silly when the city is filled with great burgers for the asking.   lefty
And still fresh today. Thank you, Syd Mead.   lefty
You had to be there.   lefty
This week's NYmag has a feature on burgers. SS isn't worth the wait.   Once you're tattooed in Wllmsbg you may need a visa to get into Manhattan. You should check.   lefty
That explains those bottle we had.   We have a nice thread here of bitching about weather, MTA and Williamsburg, No need to derail with talk of the world's worst beer.   lefty
You really are the master of google-fu.   lefty
I still found it a little unwatchable, but I appreciate the effort they put into it.      leffty
Sorry to hear that. Just checked and they now think it might have been suicide by jumping. And...  lefty
A woman was fatally stabbed outside my building on Monday night so not outside the realm of possibility. However, in Wllmbg there may be a greater chance that you'll kill someone.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: