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 I just read that link and didn't understand a single goddam word if it. lefty
Jr, while part of a larger storyline the individual LotR movies stood very well on their own and were a satisfying watch. It might be a little easier to do as we all knew where the story was going, but the filmmaking in those movies was far superior to this one.   Looking forward, I am curious as to the first conversation between Luke and Rey - pretty much assuming that she's his daughter. Past that I don't really care about Ren, Poe or Finn. That's a fault of the...
1.5K + 1.   lefty
 Is your card table a Jaques of London? lefty
W. T. F.   lefty
You just have to know how to order.     lefty
 Already there ...  lefty
 More or less true. Everyone wants what the other guy has so they brought rainbows east, brooks west and browns everywhere. Bit of a shit show really. Do you rent it out? Always wanted to spend some time chasing brook trout in the Smokies. lefty
Sad day, Jr.   http://screenrant.com/star-wars-boba-fett-voice-actor-jason-wingreen-dead-95/     lefty
You fit the place.   I really like the thick mortar look that you see in the NE over the log on log construction in the west. A shot of the 40' front deck would be cool.   How's the brook trout fishing near you?   lefty
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