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Haven't seen the movie, but knew the director back in the day.   lefty
There's a killer wild trout stream about 30 minutes from there. See you in five years.   lefty
That's about 20 minutes from ML.   Don't ski, but did drive out to the Taos ski hill to see it. Great drive up and looked like a pretty cool old school-style hill.    Loved Taos. Stayed in Hopper's old place where he cut Easy Riders.    lefty
 Pick up a copy of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls for a cool look at early 70s filmmakers. lefty
The red red nose is a pretty colour combo, but that would be a disqualification for an Am Staff in Aus. Do they use Am Staff and APBT interchangeably as a way to get around the ban?   6 weeks isn't the end of the world.    lefty
Thanks, but that's the only corner with furniture. Driving all our cabin furniture down from Canada this weekend so it should look better in a few days.   lefty
 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/rob-ford-1.3489457 lefty
Northern Canada twig chairs circa 1940. African table and bowl. Dead cow. NYS view.     lefty
Cute pup. Am Staff, Staff Bull or PBT?   Surprised they let him go at 6 weeks. That's a really young age to separate a puppy from its litter.   lefty
I focussed mostly on the Lower Red outside of Taos, but it was Christmas Day and middle of a snowstorm so the fishing was off.   Went back to Mammoth to fish the U Owens and Hot Creek. Really just to stand here for a day.     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: