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It's just such shitty writing.   The other thing that always befuddled me was that Z heads seem to be made out of paper mache and crush with the slightest of pressure, yet their super teeth rip flesh with ease. Ever try and tear a piece of raw beef with your teeth?  It ain't easy.   lefty
It works in Paris.   lefty
Fuckers.   lefty
At this point aren't you fanboys getting a little sick of the magic forest zombies?   lefty
We're at that for two lines. I know people who dropped the unlimited and regret it.   But taking a quick look at apple it doesn't seem they're offering subsidised 6S phones. So I now have to pay full price and then go to my provider? But ATT will probably keep charging the hidden phone cost in my service contract.   Fuck.   lefty 
My wife and I are grandfathered in with an ATT unlimited data plan. We only use about 3 G/per month, but not sure if we should stick or drop down and save a few bucks. I'm generally happy with use for 2 years, sell, get new one.   Any thoughts?   lefty
 Lining up for lukewarm coffee ... how I miss it. By the way, that @ thing doesn't seem to work for me. lefty
  Shitty poster, but this is the best movie I've seen this year. If they get the right promotion I see Oscar nods all over the place: Adapted Screenplay, Director, Actress, Supporting Actor.   Go see it.   lefty
Concur. It's an odd movie.   letty
Congratulations, M!   lefty
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