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 Worst UI ever. I used it this weekend and somehow ended up with Ed Helms voice. "Hey, dude! Looks like a gnarly accident ahead! Better turn off and go see my movie instead!" I'm sticking with maps.  lefty
The secret to cats and furniture is non-looped fabrics: velvet, mohair, things like that. You cat can't really do much damage and your friends will say things like, "Oooh, I love your velvet sofa!"   Win all around.   lefty
 Let's publish his name and picture so we can be sure some batshit crazy peta person takes him out. And fuck Jimmy Kimmel. lefty 
When I go out I want it to be to Ben Vereen singing and Jessica Lange waiting at the end of the tunnel.     lefty
Who knew "Andy Taylor" had a dark side.   lefty
Source Code is a much better movie that EoT.   lefty
 325M worldwide. lefty
Assuming water levels are okay, rent a car/gear and try for some steelhead. Contact a fly shop.   lefty 
 You can sit 14 for dinner?   + ? lefty
So you only owe him 0.50.    lefty
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