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This movie is made greater by its cast of journeymen actors well into their middle age. They are believable as a work crew - tired and longing for home and payday. The dialogue is nearly perfect, again, because it is authentic and not filled with false heroics. I could watch Kotto and Stanton bitch all day.   You couldn't make this movie today with this cast and we all suffer for that.   Nothing new in the lighting? Christ, man. Up until that point we had only seen...
Actors are average?   Yaphet Kotto Ian Holm Harry Dean Stanton Sigourney Weaver John Hurt Verinica Cartwright Tom Skerritt   Possibly the best cast of any SF movie I've seen.   lefty
The blood was pretty silly.   Are you guys going to lose your minds when it's Aaron?   lefty
Honestly? They look a little stupid.   lefty
 And Harrington doesn't know if Jon Snow is dead. My best guess is that they haven't shot it. lefty 
It's possible that they shot a couple of endings already. Also possible that they shoot it in a very stylized manner that doesn't need the extras. Also possible that they bring back a minimal extra cast to shoot around it. Also possible that they remount the whole shoot as they have the money and that allows them to keep it under wraps. Also possible that they just don't know what to do and wanted to gauge the audience reaction before they committed.  Also possible...
Imagine the Red Wedding faded to black and all you had were stabby sounds.   Hard to say who will eventually take the fall for this, if anyone does. There were a lot of hands in making this call and it could really be that they're still discussing it. And arguing. Though I'd like to take a splitting maul to the weaselly fuckwad that is Gimple, I doubt this was solely his call. However, since he is the SR, off with his head.   lefty
That would have more people watching next season.   So would this...   https://www.change.org/p/amc-cable-tv-network-fire-scott-gimple-as-show-runner-of-the-walking-dead   lefty
I only skimmed and it was the Negan storyline that made me stop, but ...  [[SPOILER]]  lefty
 Twitter.    An entire season as preamble for 15 minutes of one of the dopiest bad guys in comicdom. He's so bad.How bad? His baseball bat has barbed wire wrapped around it!Whoa. It's possible that a number of actors are vying to get off this POS and AMC is waiting for the best offer. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: