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Lazy writing on the TWD? Who'da thunk it?   Kill everyone. Start with the priest who's dull as shit. The red hair guy whose name I don't even know. The mullet guy whose acting is so fucking bad it's a master class in "watch me never work again."    Just nuke the thing from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.   lefty
That tub needs Faye Dunaway.     lefty
Coming back to theatres...1981's Roar.  lefty
Hell, it seems, has frozen over. I'll land in SanFo on Tuesday for a week.   Let The City know.   lefty
In a world of CGI shit "blowing up" I'll take a little precious. lefty
Love it.   lefty
Christ, the name alone should be enough to make anyone avoid the place. lefty
11weeks? Don't sweat it. it will be easy to teach her what you want. Cute pup. lefty
You're doing everything right.   Distract her with an OB command that she has to adhere to until food is rewarded. Hand feed so she begins to depend upon your hand for food. Randomnly take food away while she's eating and give back after a few minutes.   Good luck.   lefty
^^ Very good movie. You see why J Lawrence is a star and why John Hawkes is underappreciated. Good double feature with Bue Ruin.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: