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Same. And never walk along the yellow edge to move down the platform.   Gomes, I hope you yelled, "I'm walking here!" I try to use that at least once a week.   lefty
I'm a little shocked AMC is buying into Gimple's overly complicated timelines and melodramatic dialogue considering their audience just wants to see Z's being smushed. Did they add the face cleaning scene just to satisfy audiences from a few weeks ago?   lefty 
They'd probably be thrilled to help. The NYC group here has been collecting rats for a Fordham Uni study on rat migration.   These guys seem to be pretty effective.     lefty
You also have to take into consideration that UC is one handsome motherfucker who actually gets better looking in pics. Check out that mouth and jawline. It's like a Batman poster. lefty
As is mine. And it's going on a half wall about 80" wide so needs to be proportionate.   The 55" looks "here's my TV". The 60" is more "HERE"S MY TV, BITCHES!" I think I'm after the former. Too bad as this looks like the last of the great plasmas.   lefty
That's really my reservation. There's a 6'x8' window directly opposite it. But then, this plasma is considered one of the best for a bright room.   Anyway, relooked at the wall and laid out the dimensions of the 60" and it's huge. The plasma's next step down is 51" - too small. The LED comes in 55", so may have to go with that.   lefty
No, but most come with it.   lefty
Would look on avforums, but that might be a rabbit's hole I'll never get out of.   Fairly bright room with two south windows opposite TV. Approx 17' viewing range. Settled on Samsung. Prefer look of plasma.    This plasma: Samsung 60" 8500 Series Full HD 3D Plasma TV   Or this LED: Samsung 60" 8000 Series Full HD Smart 3D LED TV   Anyone own either?   lefty
Slight diversion.  http://instagram.com/hawkeyehuey  lefty
New Posts  All Forums: