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My wife took an unauthorized private tour called Hack the Met which takes place at closing and offers a unique look at some of the exhibits. She seemed to enjoy it. I went rat hunting that night.   lefty
People come for the museums. They stay for the and stuff.   13 blocks and two avenues away I didn't hear the explosion. The smoke, which blew from east to west, obscured my view of the city.   lefty 
Yeah, he owes the old man big time.     lefty
Seems like he's soldiering on.   lefty 
Watching the smoke from the collapsed building at 116 and park. You metro north people better make other plans to get home tonight.     lefty
Her boyish husband just developed them. Yours for a mere 21-60M.   http://ny.curbed.com/tags/puck-building   lefty
Shared the lift with Ivanka Trump as we rode up to a party at her husband's new penthouses for sale at the Puck Building.   Lovely girl - quite beautiful.    lefty
 Yes - stop reading this thread and you will enjoy the coffee you make with that beautiful machine. lefty
  To commemorate the tragedy of Norway’s 2011 massacre in which many civilians were killed by a rogue gunman, Jonas Dahlberg will create a unique work of art by slicing through the Utøya island.  Dahlberg will create an 11-foot cut along the headland, separating this part of the island from its “body”. This is a symbol for the loss of life and the wounds of the many people who were affected as their loved ones had passed on.  Titled “Memory Wound”, visitors will walk...
Report when you can.   A friend just got back and said this is the place for me.   lefty
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