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Will it bend?       So I walk into AT&T. Figure I might as well trade in for the 200 credit. But they don't have the phones in until mid Oct.  Okay, I say, let me order it and do the trade when it comes in. Nope. Need to leave the old phone with them now. But that leaves me without a phone for 3 weeks. Try Verizon.   Crackerjack customer service.   lefty
@ sb   Decided to sell the Canadian cabin so we've been shopping every weekend. The Delaware cabin is a no go due to the tracks. Am circling a fly fishing cabin higher up in the mountains.   lefty 
 I think there were a lot of 4 and 4s out there. If they've downloaded any of the new ios updates in the past year their phones are probably running like pregnant yaks so they're happy to upgrade. lefty
I held off on the HTC in the hopes that apple would make something beautiful. Little torn as ATT will give my 200 for an old pos 4.   lefty
Illegal to have a 20 lb propane tank/charcoal on a roof, balcony or terrace. You can have one in a backyard of a one or two family home. You can use a hardlined natural gas grill or an electric grill on a roof, balcony or terrace.   lefty
 My copy of the Daily Worker was late this week.  Been there, done that. Never again. I assume my building has a rule about no BBQs. They have one on the common deck. I get that it's a minor issue so the BBQ police just shrug, but how are these guys in business?   https://bigapplebbq.com/index.php/propane lefty
The nicest phone I've seen in years is the HTC One. That thing is a pleasure to pick up and hold.   The home button on the 6 looks archaic - like a rotary dial.   lefty
Agree. Had one in my hands yesterday and was taken aback by how cheap and toy like it felt.   lefty
Well if Leo DeCap, Mark Ruff and Sting were involved I take it all back. Here at it, lads. Shut the fucking city down for an afternoon of do goodness.   This is what we need phone alerts for. Not a bloody thunderstorm.   lefty
Is that what was going down CPW? I was stopped by that, some kind of street fair on Colombus, what looked like a sit down dinner on Amsterdam and Black Appreciation Day/Parade in Harlem.    It was as if you took the PR Day parade and put it on a mobius strip.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: