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There are a lot of confusing terms being thrown around here willy nilly and Harvey has made the worst error of all.   It's not "sleep-away camp" you sotted son of prattlement ... the word is "camp". If you don't sleep at the camp then it's called "day camp".   lefty
Yes.  lefty
Think I'll have to get a local cell phone and start clipping suspenders to my dungarees. Bastards are killing me.   lefty
None taken.   You want a tree taken down by axe? I'm your guy. Unsure where to put the chifferobe? Look to me. Hell, I can even put together a reasonable wardrobe.   Want something built? Run.   When I take on a project my cc bill tends to read: Home Depot, Home Depot, St Barnabas Emergency Centre, Home Depot.   I'm sure I could figure it out, but handling 18' lengths of metal roof alone is probably a decapitation waiting to happen. Just a little surprised how...
 When can you come up? This is not my skillset. lefty
Jesus Christ, how the hell did you guys miss the death of the greatest hockey player to lace up?       lefty
Goddamn. Getting quotes for a new metal roof on my cabin - straight shed runs, 1340 sq ft' in total. 7 - 9K.    My 212 area code is killing me.   lefty
 I watched that video and I don't have the slightest fucking idea as to what happened. Purple hair chick is cute though. lefty
Remembering the super robots was the kicker.   lefty
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