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Oskee wee wee.   lefty
^^   About Time is chock-full of Richard Curtis smaltz and therefore a very good movie in this old softie's opinion. Like all his movies it gets better with each viewing and Bill Nighy, as usual, steals the show.   lefty
No idea why people bag on Nic Cage. When he's on he's untouchable.     lefty
Have to agree. They are pretty miserable to deal with.   lefty
Basic cast are doable, but I really needed a soft presentation. It could be that I was experimenting with line length a little too much. It also is a 13' 7:3 rod so best for medium size rivers. I may try it on lake largemouths in the spring for fun. I set a friend up with a Catskills guide for a photo shoot and while I wasn't intending to shoot, I saw a moment so grabbed a shitty camera and made a simple teaser for him. East Branch of the Delaware River. 7:10...
Not worth the wait, but if there's no line check it out. It's just a burger.   lefty
Don't know the rod. Looks high tech. And fast.   I had a shitty season which ended with me snapping a finger in half the night before my last trip.   Always next year.   lefty
That's exactly how I felt. I was better off with a 6'-7' 2-3wt on a small creek. I think it's main attribute is convenience as it is pretty easy to toss into a bag with some tippet and a few flies.   A 10' 6wt switch rod may be in my future for streamers on bigger rivers. Not sure if you know the Redington Classic Trout rod, but it is a very nice medium action soft presentation rod that is on sale for under $75. This is a nice rod for the money as a main rod or a backup....
I picked up  tenkara rod this year and fished it a half dozen times or so. Never really dug it. Caught fish but it was a lot harder to cast then I thought it would be, bit of a pain to bring fish in and not nearly as accurate as I had hoped.   lefty
Always loved this image. And coat.     lefty
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