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 Not sure what atmospheric means, but ... Das BootTouch of EvilThe Wages of FearLawrence of ArabiaThe Thing lefty
Monsoon sold out everywhere. Down to my last three sleeves.    Tough times ahead.   lefty
Nice. Do you have a hopper "hatch"?   lefty
Where are those fireworks?   lefty
PR has no window I assume. How much light does that mirror throw through the glass? Vague shapes of bodies showering could be a cool party piece.   If the mirror was lined up over the sink the room would be weirdly right heavy. If it was centered in the room it would look like a porthole. Mirror is in the right spot.   Cool place. This is the SanFo pied–à–terre? I'll look for the Air BNB listing next time I'm in town.   lefty
Should have lined up the toilet, tp holder, sink, faucet, mirror, towel rail and soap shelf in one long line with a ladder to take you to each station.   Not sure I understand the glass wall. The other side is master shower? Semi translucent?   Story on the bedroom tombstone?   lefty 
There are designers who worship Jack Fisk for what he did on PotP.   This is genius.   http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xscwi_phantom-of-the-paradise-audition_music   lefty
Dude, i;m cokmpwlteky smashed on valium ans whisky but PotP is ducking gold.   Paul Fuxkjing Williams alone.   lefty
Best. De Palma. Movie. Evar.     lefty
Strangely watchable.   Every Star Wars movie superimposed on each other.     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: