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I look forward to the day I take a sledgehammer to my glass-topped table. That will be a good day.   lefty
Interesting article on love-him-or-hate-him Paul Evans. Christ, I wish I was paying attention 10 years ago. lefty
As the 26th is a Thursday, I'll expect you there early.   lefty
Not really separate. When you join TU you're made a member of the nearest chapter.    Next meeting is Jan 26th at Orvis. Stop by if you can.   lefty
I caught 2-3lb bonefish - couple of good runs, but nothing surprising. I did hook a tarpon who he shook me off pretty fast. That was fun.   Roma, are you an NYC TU member? We're trying to get more/new members out to meetings.   lefty
It's that small fleshy thing that pops out when your trouser buttons finally give after too many pumpkin lattes at Starbucks. lefty
Winston? That hurt. Only saw one permit. Caught a few bones with a guide and then a few more the next day when I did some diy. Heading to Grand Cayman next week for some silly celebrity chef thing, but will spend a day searching for bonefish. I'm married to trout so it feels like an affair with a hardbodied tropical floozy. lefty
Good floor. lefty
I remember a Penthouse Forum letter in the mid-'70s where a fellow wrote about capturing seagull on the beach, inserting his erect cock into the bird and letting it go. He would run down the beach with the seagull flapping and trying to get off of his cock. He said it was the best orgasm he ever had.    The '70s were great.   lefty
This is how you do it.     lefty
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