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11weeks? Don't sweat it. it will be easy to teach her what you want. Cute pup. lefty
You're doing everything right.   Distract her with an OB command that she has to adhere to until food is rewarded. Hand feed so she begins to depend upon your hand for food. Randomnly take food away while she's eating and give back after a few minutes.   Good luck.   lefty
^^ Very good movie. You see why J Lawrence is a star and why John Hawkes is underappreciated. Good double feature with Bue Ruin.   lefty
It's not easy being in every scene and acting against an off-camera voice. I think Samantha Morton was giving him good material to work with and they had the luxury of making a lot of dialogue changes in post when Scar Jo came in, but it really was a powerful and understated performance. Best I've seen from an actor since John Hawkes in Winter's Bone.   Her crept over my head like a cowl and kept me enthralled for 90 minutes. Not a lot of movies do that for me.   lefty
Her was one of the best movies I saw that year. Phoenix was completely convincing as someone falling in love with a voice in what was a very plausible story.   lefty
And I don't think very good for you, but greatness requires suffering.   88-year-old Vladimir Kagan's blog. http://vladimirkagan.typepad.com/   lefty
 Nice place. I love the way he transforms into a sofa.  This is pretty ugly.  As I understand it, samples are one thing, grinding the floor in your house is something else. I think it took a good week and they couldn't go anywhere near the house. That was K, DR, LR, F, halls in one continuous sheet but for the spacers.  Subtle is good. They went with a white and a very slight pale gold stone. Spacers are gold. It's fucking great and and really brings the place to life. lefty 
Smartest thing my sister did was to pour a continuous terrazzo floor throughout her LA place. It looks and feels amazing.    lefty
Also considered sanding and refinishing, but I'm not sure that's possible due to the artistic gouging on each board. You'd have to take off a lot of wood. If I was ambitious I could rip them up as there is concrete underneath and pour a new floor on top, but I have other things to worry about. lefty
I would like these floors more if they were herringbone pattern. As it is they are 8' boards laid out in a linear fashion with each row offset by half and that layout seems to fight the hand-hewn nature of the boards. And dark wood floors in a city place are a pain in the ass to keep looking clean.   In all seriousness, if I could I would do a polished concrete. Hell on a dropped glass, but fits my steeze.   How the hell can I guy named Lil Wayne afford that...
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