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I guess I meant the turbo brush. What are you doing on your carpets that you need more than turbo cleaning?   lefty
I grabbed the 499 one. Gracious Home for those interested. At 599 you're better off with the Calima at 649.    I have mostly HW floors with one room a low pile w-to-w wool. The head for the Fresh Air is fine. If I need to I can get the power head for about 125. The first time I used it on the wood floor the suction was so strong it made the head difficult to move.   The headlamp is boss as is the extended crevice tool. Big plans for that baby.   lefty
I just bought the same one. Good machine.   lefty
505-842-5662   lefty
Stop teasing me, dude.   lefty
No telling what will come of this.   lefty
 That might be easier than trying to get a guy to come here. Dude, I would wife swap with you for a week just to get some contractors here. lefty
I've never met a guy who slings coffee sorry, barista, that I didn't want to beat to death.   That could be me though.   lefty
The PTAC (heat/AC) unit in my master bath conked out and I called the repair shop and explained the issue.   "You have a PTAC unit in your bathroom?" "Well, it's a pretty big bathroom." "Fancy."   My guess is this repair will now cost me double.   lefty
I was on the stoop fanning myself. Should have stopped by.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: