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I remember a Penthouse Forum letter in the mid-'70s where a fellow wrote about capturing seagull on the beach, inserting his erect cock into the bird and letting it go. He would run down the beach with the seagull flapping and trying to get off of his cock. He said it was the best orgasm he ever had.    The '70s were great.   lefty
This is how you do it.     lefty
We were gobsmacked. lefty
Every man looks at his wood-pile with a kind of affection. I love to have mine before my window, and the more chips the better to remind me of my pleasing work. I had an old axe which nobody claimed, with which by spells in winter days, on the sunny side of the house, I played-about with stumps which I had got out of my bean-field. As my driver prophesied when I was ploughing, they warmed me twice, once while I was splitting them, and again when they were on the fire, so...
Mexico. Fishing for bonefish and permit. The best part of the emergency airport run was hopping in a cab and saying, "there's a double sawbuck in it if you can get me to Harlem and back in 35 minutes, mack!." Then I had to explain to the Lebanese driver what a sawbuck was. It ain't the old New York. Feliz Navidad, B. lefty
Could have been my driver this morning. Got to la guardia and realised I left my fly rod in the foyer. Jumped back in car, raced to town and had him wait as I ran up and grabbed the rod and hightailed it back to the airport. Made my plane by 10 minutes. Thank you pre check. lefty
Too bad about Fisher. Flirty and flinty dame.   The action was okay, but christ I didn't care about anyone. They could have used fewer space battles and a little more here's why you should give a shit about these people. Whittaker delivers the second worst accent of the year. The first was his accent in Arrival.   lefty
In one episode, someone was running through the woods and stopped to rest when suddenly three Zs popped out from behind a tree! It was terribly exciting!   lefty
That TWA terminal ain't so bad.         I see it's time for the slushlympics again in NYC. Let the games begin.     lefty
Don't fuck with me, junior.     lefty
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