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^^Cheap OJ.   ^^^As much as it pains me to say it, neighbour sugarbutch, the TJ's in NYC are even more ridiculous than the ones in SanFo. The line snakes through the store making it impossible to shop and when you finally make the checkout area they let you know which cashier is available by waving a fucking flag. To make matters worse, there's a guy who sole job is to tell you which perpetually happy cashier is waving the flag.   "Number 3, dude." "No shit. There's a...
TJ's has the most idiotic checkout system in the city, but if you catch it at a decent time you can get in and out pretty quickly.    I love WF's check out line.   lefty
From a blog of one of the new hickster Catskill restaurants... 
^^ Look under their skirts. Those aren't lesbians.   lefty
 Their plaid was perfect, their moustaches waxed and they stunk of Williamsburg.  Lumbersexuals. lefty
Palisades? Can be good, but also bottlenecks at the GWB.    lefty
What? You didn't like Abe on his knees for a couple of hours, Maggie concerned that Eug would get sunburned, Glenn's face palming realization that if you run dirty water through a sock it removes the particulate matter, and the subtle symbolism of the nail in the foot of a priest?   How is Dawn in charge of anything? Why aren't the guy cops getting all rapey on her and the other chick cop? Why the hell would they keep a retired dude (and forgetful seamstress) around...
I didn't think anyone was still watching.   This cop/ward/hospital arc was the worst they've done. It's like a bad cliched prison movie. The strawberry distraction was gold possibly topped by the fishing trip with the twins.    lefty
 On Saturday afternoon it was about 150 miles NW of here at a little Catskills dive bar infected with about a dozen plaid wearing, moustachied lumbersexuals. I turned around and came home. lefty
Heartbreaker.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: