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The technique of Rope is mildly interesting, but you quickly forgot about it as the plot and acting are so strong.     Watching what may be a perfect movie.      lefty
Nice looking brown trout.   Christmas day found my wife and I hiking through the snow down into the Rio Grande gorge in search of cutbows. We were heading to that little sliver of light in the distance.     Saw plenty of fish, but they were sitting on redds so we left them alone and just enjoyed the solitude.   The hike out was a bitch.   lefty
There used to be a natural and necessary transition to this: first erection > underwear catalogue > girl who developed too early in the 7th grade > Playboy > Penthouse > actual girl > Hustler. Now kids go from a funny feeling down there to Japanese Anal Eel porn inside of 8 minutes.   I pity the women who have to date guys raised on easily accessible and insane porn.   lefty
As I remember.    It was a sad day when I realized I couldn't see through the clothes of young women. Thank God for the underwear section of the old Sears catalogue.   lefty
The day my X-Ray Specs arrived was that day that I realized that the life can be a cruel bitch.   lefty 
Did you send away for Sea Monkeys or X-Ray Specs?       If I'm in the area I'll blow an hour at Forbidden Planet looking at the new titles. I don't really recognize anything though.   lefty
@venividivicibj I didn't think anyone cared.   Play-Doh ads:     lefty
Always ask for a condition report in writing. I've had auction houses refurbish items that were not as described. Understand that estimates are that. These days it seems most auctions underestimate. And remember the buyer's premium. Expensive icing on that cake you just bought. Don't forget shipping.   Sometimes 1stDibs is a deal if you can negotiate down.   lefty
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