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Non-diegetic, but the characters bring it into their world. Since this film isn't a musical I think fits Harvey's criteria. Perfect song for the scene made better by the characters.   This brought me to tears when I first saw it.     lefty
Very long and very chill acoustic version of Waiting in Vain.     lefty
It was confused as to what it wanted to be and awkward in spots, but cute lead and has promise. The best part is that they don't seem to have the rights to say "Superman" so they go out of their way to come up with alternatives.   lefty
Verve.   lefty
When the shit goes down, can I be on your team?   lefty
If you think about it, ammo would be one of the first thing hoarded, but probably expended pretty damn quickly. I doubt there would be that much around - other than some well-hidden caches -  2 years into the apocalypse.   Negan uses the most rudimentary weapon there is - a baseball bat. (The barbed wire is just goofy.)   lefty
Have to think that ammunition is seriously depleted at this point, but for the magical guns (and bolts) of our heros.   In yet more Seagal news ... David Spade says he was the worst host of SNL. Evar.   https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/david-spade-reveals-worst-snl-host-ever-175826462.html   lefty
Nuke it from orbit could also work. lefty Some?  Nuking it from orbit could also work. lefty
Buddy of mine did a show with Seagal. Intense contract negotiations over how much they had to vertically compress him to make him look thinner. I believe they settled on 12%. Made two shots a challenge.   lefty 
 Seagal is great.  It was one of Rick's group - Gabriel - that left the gate open in the dumbest manner possible.  It's not about them being Rambo, but you have to admit that it seems kind of crazy that they are so incompetent in the middle of a zombie apocalypse when they have scouts fully aware of what's going on outside. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: