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In the show, Pod was a pretty good competent (in the sack and out) as Tyrion's squire, but the minute he hooked up with Brienne he became a klutz.   Kevan said he was on his way to Casterly Rock, so I think he's done.   Yeah, Tyrion's journey was dull as hell. Yet for some reason putting these great characters together is somehow lessening them. You could have cut from Varys' last line in E1 to them meeting Daenerys.    lefty
 Varys had a great scene with Kevan. Now gone. Since Sansa announced herself to the lords of the Eyrie, my guess is that the guards know. But all the other people at the inn? And what a disguise! Also a little tired of how Brienne can't grow or learn. After her debacle with Arya, you'd think she might have a more subtle approach especially with Littlefinger there. Pod is pretty well versed in castle intrigue and could have advised her. Instead, he flails on his horse. What...
The Jamie/Bronn show. Brienne calling out Sansa in a crowded inn when there's a fortune for the person who brings her to Cersei. Kevan's loss of a great scene where he confronts Cersei about her incompetence and incest. Pod the bumbler. Ellaria the vengeful. The Varys/Tyrion show.   lefty
^^^ Separate or not, they're not going to change who's sitting on the throne at the end. Then again, considering how shitty that last episode was, maybe they will.    Fork down, pen up.   lefty
^^Man, I hope not. Though even if WoW is more or less ready there's no way he'll get to DoS before the series ends unless he's fucking with everyone has them both nearly ready.   Assuming the worst, do you watch and find out how it ends or try to do the impossible and avoid any reference to the show?   lefty
  [[SPOILER]]  Write faster, fatboy. lefty
Christ, that went off the rails pretty quickly. If this is what's to be expected when they divert from the book storyline I may stop watching.   lefty
^^ Not sure if they were links from me, but I would look at all of Mike Ellis' videos on Leerburg; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe0-oqqoXvw   ^ She's four months old so it's probably nothing. I wouldn't overreact and try and figure out what, if anything, caused it.   lefty
Go see.     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: