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^^ They say, "when George first told us about this", which sounds like the child dies, but doesn't necessarily mean that Stannis does it. That's the issue that most people are having. This is a guy who ate dirt for a year during a siege, but here loses some supplies and horses and puts his child to the flame. A child that he told his advisors to put on the throne if he dies.   It's shock writing on the part of the showrunners and misses the mark completely.   The Trant...
Great version.     lefty
It was so bad on so many levels. Olly is now the fucking cowbell of GoT.   The only good thing was Kerry Ingram showing what a great actor she is.   lefty
 You're not buying the entire line just a single piece. They have exceptional walnut slabs and their construction is second to none.  And the Crosby St space is beautiful. As a bonus, they stand behind their work. One of my lamps developed a tiny hairline crack six years after I purchased it. I called them up to see if there was anything I could add to the wood to stop it from spreading. They asked me to bring the lamp in and when I arrived they had a dozen lamps lined up...
Has this been posted?     lefty
Go to BDDW and look at their benches/tables.   lefty
 At this point it's like watching a train wreck - hard to look away. Dany should dump the unsullied as they are mostly useless and hire the Harpy boys who seem to be the best fighters in all the lands. lefty
 Vangelis sure could open a movie.     lefty
Well, you are my favourite poster.   lefty
 If you haven't read it the Thomas Covenant series is worth a look. Old school, but the protag is a self-loathing asshole with leprosy so it's a fun read.  lefty
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