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Japanese soaking tub, B.   lefty
Thief is a cool flick.   You have interesting tastes, bm.   lefty
This is going to suck so much. I hold you responsible, Jr.   lefty
Could somebody release the fucking movie already so I don't have to endure this shit for much longer.   lefty
Oyez à Beaumont.   Sorry, Jan, gomes, VD.   lefty
 Don't Look Now. lefty
Not sure how accurate this is, but interesting breed history. Rarity means an upcharge.  lefty 
Here's the other thing to consider about a dog from working lines ... chances are you will get an average dog. No one will sell you the pick of a working litter. Or show litter for that matter. This is good. You want is a dog that's not too drivey or too dull, with identifiable drives that you can use to guide, control and train him.   Given the choice between an average working Vizsla that should be tractable and an average show Vizsla that may or may not be tractable,...
Maybe it's the greatest goddamn chicken sandwich on the face of the earth, but to stand in a 200 person line at the corner of 6th and 37th (where you have plenty of decent options) struck me as somewhat San Franciscan.    lefty
Random thoughts.   dcg, you did a great job with the dog, but her shyness is bred in, which is why it's nearly impossible for you to eradicate. It has nothing to do with the way she was treated for a few months.   Working vs show/pet. What you get with a dog from working lines is potentially the temperament and drive to do the job it was designed for. In many cases, you also get a different structure - typically smaller and lighter. I would argue that a proper working...
New Posts  All Forums: