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Never really explored up there. Have a friend with a place in Cloverdale, but that was the only Sonoma town I visited. Never went to Napa.   lefty
Didn't realize you could do both in a day. Like your guide?   lefty
Maybe. No destination is truly appreciated unless there's a little effort expended in getting there.   Heading to the Adirondacks in a week to a canoe access only cabin. Making a (supply) list and checking it twice.   lefty
That was the old me.   As far as Mendocino? My wife loved it up there.   lefty
Freight, once a week or so. Interested? Only three hours from your house.   lefty
I've yet to fish the main stem, but I really want to catch a rainbow. May try the lower BK this weekend for one.   You did two floats?   lefty
It's a pretty coast.   lefty
Will see if my NYC garage will store gator for me.   Down slope through forest to tracks, up and over double set of tracks, then down to the Delaware River. This is one of the only properties that has a legal easement to use that water's edge and there is a large pebble beach on part of it. Surrounded by state land on both sides.   lefty
The place is tiny - maybe 250 with the sleeping loft. It would have to be a small sofa.   The driveway would probably be the easiest to deal with. There is a boulder strewn path that could be cleared and could be made part of the deal. The cutoff waterfront was the killer to me.   lefty
Somber? If it helps I'm having a companion chair recovered in this:       lefty
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