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^^^ there are probably no end of custom drapery people in the bay area, but be prepared for sticker shock. For our LR we needed 50 yds and fabrics we liked was in the 150/yd range. Plus 4K for the work.   For three windows.   We did use The Shade Store for cheaper velvet in our bedroom, but they couldn't get the length right and remade them four times. They finally asked, "if we give you all your money back will you go away?" Sure.   lefty
 Pretty much how I felt. 1/4 of the way through I was bored out of my mind. Couldn't muster up any feelings for anyone other than a desire to drop kick Luthor into the next county. lefty
The video was tough to watch.    lefty
Or found the strength to skewer a man right through with a pointy stick.   My guess? The writers' room.   lefty
You? lefty
Yes. lefty
When it first came out it was 65mm (70mm) film moving horizontally through a projector giving you an enormous image. In the old days you could go to a 35mm, 70mm or imax screening. Now, I'm not so sure what it means. lefty Now, I'm not so sure.
Haven't seen the movie, but knew the director back in the day.   lefty
There's a killer wild trout stream about 30 minutes from there. See you in five years.   lefty
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