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 Movie watching ... you're not doing it right. lefty
I married my wife because she talked to me like Nora Charles.   lefty 
Do you BH cats actually refer to each other as "neighbour XXX"?  lefty
^^ Why doesn't that surprise me?   lefty
Leaving aside the romance of a swan dive off the GG Bridge (or the public cry for help), I always thought that high leaps were attractive as there's no turning back after that first step. A final final moment. And one that's quite simple to execute.   Hanging maybe, but that's easy to screw up as Madoff's kid proved so you have to plan it very well. (How L'Wren Scott hanged herself on a door knob is beyond me.)   Razors, pills, cars, ovens (do people still do that?)...
More irrelevant backstory!   The leftette is watching these on auction today.     But now that I see the last two places both have similar chairs, maybe it's over for the butterfly?   Wales place has cool exterior. Spanish place looks more liveable.   lefty
I'm all for tossing people off that bridge. You could clear up some of the SanFo apt vacancy issues by erecting a false doorway with a Tartine Bakery sign over the lintel on that bridge.   I'm torn on the jumpers. I've been up close to the devastation suicide leaves behind and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but then your life is yours to do with as you please.    Maybe it's the spectacle of jumping off landmarks that doesn't sit well with me.   lefty
Net, no net?  lefty
Or a pink one.   That's a powerful double feature.   lefty
Milos Forman at the top of his game (and it was a very good game), Tom Hulce in a madcap performance that surprised everyone, Peter Schaffer adopting his brilliant play, F Murray Abraham in a career-defining role, and 8 Academy Awards including Picture, Actor, Director and Adapted Screenplay.   versus   3 hours of your Saturday night spent chatting with morans on SF.   Tough call.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: