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AV needs to power 2 zones of stereo with subs (on separate amps) and TV. He's spec'ing an Anthem MRX510 Surround Sound Receiver which I believe is made by Oknyo.   lefty
As I thought. The $450 bracket for the TV also seems a little high. I don't really listen to music so why do I need a $1600 AV receiver and $500 media streaming device? I get that they want to put on the best and mark things up, but I really don't need to take buttons off the wall and incorporate them into an ipad which gets mounted to the wall in a charging station.   I may not be the right customer here.   lefty
Any AV home integration experts want to look over my quote and tell me how badly I'm getting screwed over?   $104.99 for a Binary B6 7.5 Meter HDMI Cable seems a little excessive. Do I really need a $1500 sound bar when I've been content to listen to TV speakers for 50 years?    lefty 
Nice house.   lefty
It's the hardcore version of Extremities which is a pretty good movie itself.   lefty
 You lost me here, but I'm a little dense these days. It's a cool space. Kitchen and baths updated? lefty
Tight thriller.     lefty
JP - it's a cool looking pad. Not sure that angle is doing the place justice. Few more pics would be great if you're up for it.   Where's the general location?   lefty
I make furniture choices based on my wife's cat.   Avoid looped and woven fabric. Velvet and mohair is the world you want to live in.   lefty
Well, you do need the rain.   I'm a little concerned as the installer is setting it up to run everything from a phone or ipad and I'm thinking when did buttons become so taxing.   lefty
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