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Terrible name and possibly worst facial hair in music but still...     lefty
 Little surprised you can't get their special editions here. Tons of that Major Dickson stuff around. lefty 
With the hysteria of the latest slew of attractive, young women being castigated socially and emotionally, I thought appropriate that I introduce myself. Hi. My name is Ace. I kill animals. Actually, I’ve killed thousands of them. At last count I have killed over 50 whitetail deer and 14 mule deer. Many of them were non-antlered deer – females. Last year alone I shot over 50 pheasants, 44 ducks, and 31 Canada geese. I have killed far too many Snow geese in my lifetime...
Just popping in to leave this. My FiL who at 80 still races a '58 Lotus (previously owned by Stirling Moss), just sent me this. I guess it's worth checking out if you're in the Lime Rock area.   Ralph Lauren’s Collection: The Five Cars Gracing the Grounds of Lime Rock Park,August 29 - September 1 As if you needed another reason to attend Lime Rock Park's Historic Festival 32 over Labor Day weekend, Murray Smith, chairman of the event, has confirmed which cars from...
Really?   "Whoa" and "Put the bunny back in the box."   lefty
No Way Out, Untouchables, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham, and Tin Cup were better movies because of Costner not in spite of him. Not like I want to spend too much time defending the guy, but it takes competence to play the roles he has (even if they are seemingly similar) and carry those movies. He is likable on screen and that is (was in his case) Hollywood gold. Movie star vs. actor.   Tom Cruise is very similar. He isn't a great actor, but he is...
10. Going to be a bitch to get him to concentrate but donning my old wizard's robes might help.   lefty 
No great mystery. If your kids liked following a treasure map they might like the game. Dividing treasure by lantern light is very D&D.     I just happened to order one for my nephew as I read your post.   lefty
Bull Durham has a number of fantastically quotable lines. Helps to like baseball. It's only failing is one that all Shelton's movies suffer from - they don't know when to end.   Not for kids, though.   lefty
 I guess two: Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. The first still makes me laugh and the second always makes me cry. Kids would love Princess Bride. Pair it with The Adventures of Robin Hood for two great sword fights. lefty
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