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Spoilery, but at this point what does it matter.     Can someone explain the history of Terminus to me?   It a lovely place that welcomes newcomers. Hooray! Then it is taken over by some bad guys who keep all the good folk in rail cars, occasionally rape the women and may or may not open up a meat shop. Boo!  Then it's retaken by the good guys who they either continue the butchery or start it. Wait what?    Forgetting that bad guys for a moment, why would the good...
Still very watchable.     lefty
Why? The place is effectively destroyed and the heros are beelining it out of there. The hipster may show up again, but who gives a shit?   I rewatched a couple of last season's episodes including the one where the MC gang had Rick, Michone and Carl on their knees with guns drawn on them and - hey now! - they manage to overwhelm the bad guys and escape. Cut to Teriminus where the they're now tied up and on their knees with weapons on them and - hey now! - they manage to...
I wouldn't want to see another season on the farm, but this could have been explored for a few episodes at least to provide a decent explanation of why they dine on long pig. It's silly that they kill everyone who walks up.   "The Lottery" might have been an interesting approach to life at Terminus.   lefty
Somewhat spoilery for the obtuse.     So the entire season last year is devoted to driving the group and viewers to Terminus with promise of sanctuary for them and death or splitting the group permanently for us (could you imagine if Carol decided to stay?), but it's all resolved in about 15 minutes with some bullshit gunfire and the most ridiculous action interruptous I've ever seen - okay let's bash this guy's head in ... wait ... was that a sound? Better hold off on...
Love it.   Fresh Air which is an S8 - http://www.mieleusa.com/Product/Details/1012   lefty
When I was a young animator we poured over the principles of animation in The Illusion of Life. This is Cento Lodigiani's take.      lefty
Old Town Canoe poster.       lefty
Get in line. lefty
His tracking, anticipation and micro correction in the air is amazing.    lefty
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