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Who steps out to check the car for damage after being caught between the gates on train track?   lefty
Cheap? Hasn't the UES always been one of the more expensive neighbourhoods?   lefty
They look like Coydogs (of which there seem to be many examples), but if you accept that the AID has been around for as long as the Native Americans I'm not sure what the Coyotes were breeding with. Maybe Carolina Dogs. Or they connect to an Asian migration and have no European connection at all.   Have to look into it further.   I guess they've mitigated the temperament of the Carolina breed over the past 40 years. As I said a few post ago, dogs are dogs....
Most of the Am Staffs I met were show dogs and a little too thick for real work. They seemed to wind easily.    Obviously there are some that can cross both lines, but a good ADBA APBT would be faulted in an AKC Am Staff ring. It's been 80 years since the split so I think they're as separate as separate can be now.   Felt that same way about Wolf hybrids. Lot's of bullshit around them.   Thoughts on the American Indian Dog?   lefty
 Some eps are better than others, but the writing, acting and production across the series is top notch. And only 6 eps. lefty
The "Snap T" cast. I use this all the time with a single hand rod.     lefty
Reason 37 on why I don't got to cinemas.   My wife drags me to a movie on Sunday at a small rep house. A guy orders a large popcorn and when the counter person puts it down he places his hand on top and pushes down to the compress the popcorn. He then asks her to fill it. She says she can't and he storms off.   She then, God bless her earring festooned nose, scoops off the top inch with her hands, refills it and sells it to the next person who asks.   lefty
That TV position is so stupid it almost makes me think there's something else going on. Maybe a Clooney Darfur thing.   lefty
They make money.   lefty
Never really seen that before outside of the few ridged breeds. Quick search shows it pops up once in a while.   Or maybe she's getting into your Dapper Dan.      lefty
New Posts  All Forums: