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Goddamnit.   http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ziegfeld-theater-close-weeks-article-1.2503813   lefty
Have it cued up for snowpocalypse.   lefty
Greatest. Screw design. Ever.     lefty
I have seen every version of Star Wars, including opening week in 1977, and the DS version of E4 that I watched the other day brought back the old excitement in a way that none of the others did.   lefty 
I've just finished the DS SW. It was great without all the dumb shit from the improved versions. ESB this weekend.   Thanks, Jr.   lefty 
Fucking Torontonians. That was awful.   lefty 
  Loved this movie when it first came out and haven't seen it in 40 years. Still holds up. A great example of the "honest man who won't take it anymore" genre. The score is fantastic.   lefty
There's white stuff floating down from the sky. Any idea what this is?   lefty
It's not just the leads or the supporting characters that are great, it's that every character and scene perfectly serves the world that the movie is creating.   It is a pleasure to watch this movie.   lefty 
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