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 This is a delightful movie. Bottle of wine and no one else in the room. Just enjoy.  lefty
 Took me years to even watch another Dillon movie let alone like him in anything. Asshole. lefty
 Such a great movie.  lefty
I had a couple of hours to kill while they serviced my truck so I popped into the cinema next door and saw this CA movie. I think after decades and decades of comic/scifi/fantasy cowboy nerddom, I'm ready to hang up my spurs. These movies are such utter pieces of shit that I can't in good conscience give them any more of my money.   A bunch of CGI superheros beat up another bunch of CGI superheros and the whole time I'm thinking, am I supposed to give a shit? There are...
Always loved the flourishes.   "One moment, good Ser, while I dazzle you with my twirling sword."   Drop. Clang.   "Shit! Wait."   Stab.     lefty
^^^ Sword in the ground pulled with right hand. Sword in scabbard pulled with left hand.     This show has so run out of ideas that they now have a scene of Tyrion talking about talking.   lefty
Green Room. From the creator of Blue Ruin.   Not as tight as BR, but very very good, Go see.     lefty
That's probably true, but they are much more expensive areas.   lefty
I that case you need to stick to the neighbourhood you're considering, though I might try to get on the other side of Garfield Place to be in Maplewood.   lefty
WO is nice. Bigger lots typically. Pretty much anywhere alongside the reservation is great. Expensive though.   lefty
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