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Wait, Castro Valley isn't near the Castro?    lefty
Me too.   The LR/bar, orange sink bathroom, purple BR are beautiful. Little surprised how cheap it is.   Sadly, some 20-year-old dotcom fuck will probably buy it, throw a party, then raze it and build the usual shite SF modern thing.   lefty
But for a few changes (me more than it) I could slide right into that home.   lefty
Posting shit 100 times a day.   Seriously, kid, you're incapable of searching for some variation of "laptop bag backpack testes"?    Hello Kitty may have an option or two. Check them out.   lefty
Are you infirm? If not then just carry it by the handles. Nothing says "unfuckable" more than a guy over the age of 13 with a backpack.    lefty
Tru dat.   lefty
^^ Me too.   lefty
Dude ...   The leftette made this week's Bill Cunningham cut. She's quite excited.   lefty
 Happening place? That may be your problem right there.   This. Chatting to strangers about the book you're reading is a SanFo thing. Here it's more of a Garbo vibe. Which bartendresses eat up. "A guy who isn't going to stare at my tits, wave his fucking $20 in the air, order something idiotic. A guy who knows what he wants to drink, is comfortable in his own skin, sits quietly at the end of the bar and isn't a fucking drunk?" "Hi stranger, new in town?"  lefty
Fuck.   John Cusack, PB. w/a, Conne (at The Eagle).   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: