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That's really ugly and more than a little stupid.   lefty
Can anyone speak to the fit of the cords? Normal pant size?   lefty
Funny, my wife said the same thing about dusting.   Definitely has presence in a room, but not sure which room so will probably pass.    lefty
That was a video on Evans.   Not sure about the hinges. On other cabinets they are large pins set into a bracket, but here they are hidden. In fact, it took me a while to find the door.   lefty
You need to understand that not everything I post lives in the same room.   Our stuff is sculptural so in that sense it works together. Shiny metal sits next to stone and wood (the new end tables make a nice bridge between the two textures), and we have no issue putting something 2000 years old beside something 50 years old beside something made yesterday. It really just comes down to stuff we like. Some things don't last long, but we don't know they won't work until...
The key, neighbour SB, is that they are all in orbit around me. They're very cool, B. I started noticing this guy last year and while the early stuff is a little derivative of Paul Evans, It's pretty sophisticated. There's a large cabinet coming up in auction that I would love, but not sure what to do with it. lefty
Continuing my transformation into a cross between Bob Guccione and Lord Humungous from The Road Warrior, I just grabbed these Bearden side tables.       lefty
So much SanFo win.   lefty
Seems appropriate considering linkedin infects my mailbox with spam on a daily basis.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: