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Well, if it's on the internet...   lefty
That may just be weight loss. The girl is tiny.     lefty
Jennifer Connelly has beautiful eyes.   Stanley Tucci is short.   lefty
These guys are only a few years away from their real world and those prejudices run deeply.   Had the entire group been pedophiles and this was a foreshadowing of terminus and the new world that the castaways were about to face, then you might have had something.    Daryl walking into the light and laying claim to the group would have made it a showdown between he and Joe, and a better payoff for their relationship, and justified the whole claim thing. It also would...
The pederast was another WTF moment.   I get that the rules of society are somewhat lax of late, but are we to believe that this gang of good 'ol boys would tolerate this guy in their group. And could they have come up with a more cliched character: fat, ugly, drooling and leering; and disregarding the life and death action about to go down so he can fondle the little kid.   The Daryl sacrifice and fight was idiotic.    Episode by episode, Lincoln is becoming a...
There was a reverse on Rick that showed no one in the background. It was an awkward shot.   lefty
The ending where the bad guys say, "okay, we have you covered. So now we'd like you all to walk a hundred feet away from us until we no longer have a clear line of sight on you and kindly climb into the rail car."   That ending?   Does anyone else want to drop kick Gimple in his smug mouth?   lefty
It would have been a lot more powerful, provided for a better showdown and been relevant to his storyline had Daryl "claimed" Rick, Michonne and Karl instead of the idiotic way it went down.   lefty
At this point the show is basically using characters in whatever stupid manner they can to get from one Z set piece to another.    lefty
Goddamn, that was awful.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: