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^^ Not sure if they were links from me, but I would look at all of Mike Ellis' videos on Leerburg; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe0-oqqoXvw   ^ She's four months old so it's probably nothing. I wouldn't overreact and try and figure out what, if anything, caused it.   lefty
Go see.     lefty
My guess is Arya Stark.   Speaking of Lost, here's a lengthy look into the first season from one of the writers. Worth the read.    http://okbjgm.weebly.com/lost   lefty    
 Pussy Division is a great name for a band. lefty
Kirsten Dunst coming out of a BB&B the other day.   Drinks with Stifler's mom a few weeks ago.   lefty
This explains the beautiful weekend we're having.lefty
Edge of your seat?   lefty
I had the impression he said Onkyo as he was leaving, but I could have that wrong.   This is all coming from the leftette who had trouble turning on the TV when I was out of town, so now wants the whole fucking house hardwired to her moods.  Me? I'd be happy to go back to gas lights and talking to each other.   lefty
Neither.    idfnl will pm.   lefty
AV needs to power 2 zones of stereo with subs (on separate amps) and TV. He's spec'ing an Anthem MRX510 Surround Sound Receiver which I believe is made by Oknyo.   lefty
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