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Love those guys.   lefty
I lived in Bangalore for a while some years ago so can't really give any advice beyond generalities. Goa specific? Get a book.   Accept it on it's terms. I saw India kill people who were unprepared for the cacophony of humanity when they stepped off the plane. They tried to fight it and apply western logic, mores and sanitation to the madness. You vs 5000 years of culture and a billion people is not a fight you're likely to win.    Accept that it's going to stink,...
My man.   lefty
Help an old feller out ... which are the good ones again? lefty
What's wrong, hon?   It's my new wool sweater. It smells like wool.   Oh poor baby. Let me make you some camomile tea and you can tell me all about it.         Fuck me.   lefty
 Hmmm... This?    Or this?    Every time I see an Evans piece it stops me. I find it calming, studied and quite subtle in its use of colour and form, though it should be none of those things being made of steel and sweat; hammers and muscle. Like all great art, it never tires and I never tire looking at it. The other brutalist work pales.  He seemed like a cool cat as well. Is it worth 100K? Yes, if you have a 100K to spend on an very beautiful piece of furniture.   I hate...
I wonder if that's the guy who approached me to do a Bigfoot hunting show.    lefty
lefty, why do you watch TWD if you hate it so?   Because it feels good when I stop.   -----------------------   I want the show to win. I want it to be great. But I keep running up against its stupidity. I hate shitty writing where they play loosey goosey with character or antagonist just to advance a plot or film a cool scene. Case in point, the trough scene. If you're bringing cattle to slaughter why would you knock it out with gas only to revive it before you kill...
Interesting Rago auction this weekend including some lovely Paul Evans furniture.   http://ragoarts.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/individual-lots/?key=evans   Nice cabinet - est 100-150K. Last one sold for 180K. lefty
Trying to decide if it was just mostly stupid or completely fucking stupid.   I guess it doesn't matter to some, but a taste for fava beans and a nice chianti is a huge fucking breakdown in human mores just two years into the zombie apocalypse. Especially when you remove necessity as animals are still there for the taking. Honestly, how fucking hard is it to write some decent anthropophagites? Watch The Road. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: