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Thanks. The vegetarian I'm taking out just wrote me to say, "that restaurant, Sylvia's, looks like it has some vegetarian dishes."   Yes, if you don't mind vegetables rolled in butter and pork fat then deep fried in buttered pork fat.   lefty
Need recommendation for Thai in Union Square area? Vegetarian would do as well.   lefty
lefty is up in the Catskills for a week picking blackberries for breakfast. Nothing to complain about. lefty
All the must-see documentaries for designers.   lefty
Clarified.   And...     lefty
Maybe the best single band soundtrack ever.       lefty
Dogs.   lefty
 Does this mean the heat will break in NYC? lefty
Was here for the most SanFo of things ... a gay wedding held in a teepee in Sonoma.     Off to hunt rats tomorrow.   lefty
Are they illegal in BH, neighbour B? Good skill for a kid to have.   lefty
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