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Word.   "What are you doing?" "Grunting to this dead hare." "I'm going to go stand over there now."    One year later...   "Who are you supposed to be?" "Porkchops and applesauce." "Cool. Wanna fuck?"   lefty
 True story. I was a pretentious fuck in art school and one year for Halloween I wrapped myself in felt and talked to a stuffed bunny at a party. Didn't get laid. The next year I went as Peter Brady (I looked a lot like him) and got laid all over the place. lefty
  http://modscape.com.au/cliff-house-by-modscape-concept/   lefty
Headlight goes out. I'm having an oil change done so I ask them to change the bulb. Don't check it as I leave. Next night notice it still not working. Go back and they take a closer look. Socket is shorting so they ask me to run to the parts store and get a new one. Happy to do so if it gets me out of there quicker.   They spend tow hours trying to wire this new socket up. Finally done. Lights work. There days later I'm in the mountains and have to drive home in a...
http://www.ktvu.com/ap/ap/us/mountain-lion-attacks-california-boy/nhHjR/   CUPERTINO, Calif. —  A mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy Sunday in Northern California and began dragging him away before his father and another man fought the animal off, authorities said.     ----   A dog that stays away all night is a dog that wont come back one day.    lefty
Recovered Pearsall Havana Chair.     lefty
Teach her to bark on command then never give her the command.   lefty
^^ I could have used an extra kennel. At one point I suggested they might find it "fun" to camp out on my roof deck, but my wife put the kibosh on that pretty quickly.    ^ Normally hard to get a bulldog to bark. What's setting her off?   lefty
I just had a family of four stay with me. Their teenage kids couldn't tell the difference.   lefty
I think that there is a of dogness in canines, though breed characteristics need to be taken into account when training or determining livability.   Handsome lad. Surprised at the sofa rules.   lefty
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