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He has excellent creative instincts. He makes good movies. He makes money.   That's why.   lefty 
Scott Rudin referring to Jolie as a "minimally talented spoiled brat" is hardly shocking. The "bipolar 28-year-old lunatic" label he gave Ellison was funny though.   lefty
Cold and rainy so he had a hood over his cap. Couldn't read.   lefty
Judah Friedlander at Whole Foods looking exactly like Judah Friedlander at Whole Foods.   lefty
The fucked up shoulder came from removing the roll behind the neck. As I understand it: remove collar, open up shoulder seams, cut excess amount, close shoulder, attach collar.    I should have left it alone and just leaned forward whenever I wore it. Then I could be like that guy in the old joke.   lefty
I guess I had one of the few poor experiences with Wilfred.   This was a few years ago. Took a cashmere PL coat to have the shortened, button holes cut and a small roll behind the collar removed. The sleeves were fine - machine sewn holes - but one shoulder came back with a large bubble over one side. They redid it and the shoulders were wavy on both sides. They said that was my shoulders so I brought in another jacket of the same material and cut and the shoulders were...
 It really is. I grew up in a similar home (all green LR, carpet on bathroom floors, amber bullseye plexi in K, hanging lights on chains), but on a smaller scale. One thing that is throwing me is the recessed lighting. The square panels in the foyer and hall seem appropriate, but the tiny lights in the BRs seem a little too modern. The '70s would have seen large pot lights and the '80s would introduce track lighting. I can't recall seeing smaller recessed lighting until...
And Lizzy Caplan.   lefty
Is Johnny LaRue still on the Melonville city council?   lefty
Roma list is pretty good, but it's missing two.   The Mary Tyler Moore Show which is the greatest sitcom ever made. The Bob Newhart Show as the perfect straight man vehicle.   You guys have pretty shitty taste in sitcoms. New Girl JFC.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: