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Yeah, he's pretty broken up. It was a good dog.     lefty
Not sure I ever mentioned Charley Harper, but I absolutely love his work and am lucky enough to own a few of his original serigraphs.  lefty
And take that info with a grain of salt. It's probably something minor.   lefty
djblisk, this could be many things and range from insignificant to serious. It's really tough for anyone to offer advice over the internet, so I would seek a professional evaluation.   A buddy lost his best rat hunter this weekend in a freak hunting accident. Here the Terrierman offers a few kind words after the eulogy.   http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2016/01/a-terrier-that-truly-lived.html   lefty
 The Horseshoe has seen some fine acts, but will forever by infamous for hosting what is arguably the greatest punk event ever ... The Last Pogo.  http://www.thelastpogo.net/the-horseshoe-tavern-1978/ And while we're on the subject, Teenage Head's "Top Down"  lefty
I had them replace the phone and the glass on the second phone under warranty this year. First time, the glass was separating so new phone. That phone I did drop and cracked it from the corner to the ear slot. I brought it in expecting to pay, but as she didn't see any damage on the metal edge she comped it.   They seem to have some leeway with glass issues.   lefty
That's really great.   lefty
Oh boy, another battle against endless CGI robots.    lefty
So the last time they overestimated and shut down Central Park for some crazy reason. This time they completely underestimate, close the roads (how the hell are people supposed to do business), but seem to be keeping the park open to allow people to have fun with their kids.   Missing Bloomberg.   lefty 
Snowed in and have now tried three times to get through Age of Ultron. No idea how you guys can watch this shit.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: