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Upcoming event at the Anglers' Club of New York.  I may go just to see the club. lefty
North Face Explore Fund     lefty
Beautiful and tractable with an interesting backstory. The people who hunt them speak highly of them. I've known two and they were cool dogs.   lefty
They really are great dogs.   lefty
So cool.   lefty
Never stop reaching for the stars, Jr.   lefty
Yes, but it's not your fault. This isn't the "where to buy pillows?" thread. Go to a pillow store and buy a pillow.   lefty
I'm beginning to see what Bill was talking about.   lefty
He does serve as a significant death that doesn't upset the core group. Could be one of the chicks that I can't tell apart. But, then who would notice that one was gone.   It's kind of sad that's all anyone cares about. Not the story, plot, characters - just who's gonna die at the hands of Negan - the shittiest bad guy in the history of comics. The convoluted and ultimate Negan storyline was what made me stop skimming the comics.    Just cut to the chase and have Negan...
Not Daryl as they would lose half their audience. Not Maggie as there would be a lot of ramifications to killing a pregnant woman.  Not Carl as he and Negan have business.   Maybe Glenn for the fanbots. Maybe Abe since gingers are worth less than norms. Maybe Morgan if the actor wants off this POS show.   I vote for Gimple.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: