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 They're both good and should be seen. I have unholy manlove for Scheider though. The thing people have to remember about TFC is that it came in the early-mid years of the New Hollywood. Studios were losing money with musicals and epics, the production code was dismantled, the audiences were younger, educated and aware of what was going on in Europe cinema, and technology allowed for ease of location shooting, so the studios started giving money to young guys and exerted...
Ummm... Best Picture, Director, Actor, Editing, Adapted Screenplay and three other nominations when the Academy Awards really meant something. I would have voted for A Clockwork Orange, but The French Connection is a fair choice.   The storytelling may not work for you now, but you have to look at these in the context of the time they were made. If I recall, there weren't a lot of gritty, realistic handheld cinema verite movies in the early '70s, and not that many cop...
This really is a hell of a good storm.   lefty
Not looking forward to slush lakes of next week, but it's just snow, ladies.   lefty
 Have you considered San Francisco? I hear good things. lefty
I would toss Amateur Night at The Apollo into the mix.   Cheap fare, great venue, fun show, street cred. It has been running every Wed night for the past 7 years or so.   Just don't eat at Sylvia's prior.   lefty 
Lincoln Center is in NWMT.   lefty
Brooklyn is like the UWS. There's no real reason to travel there unless you're going home.   Broadway is worth it if only for the playhouses themselves.   Did I miss the pre snowstorm panic this time?    lefty
^ It's a very good movie.     lefty
And the Clover makes great coffee.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: