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Finally sorted the framing out.   Got in touch with the artist and she gave me the name of her NY framer - Laumont, who are a high-end printing house. Went with dibond as a mounting surface, a simple black maple frame and museum plex for glazing with delivery.    40% less than my highest quote.   lefty
Start scouring your parent's rec rooms.   lefty
There are no cuts. They CU transitions were done to avoid having a new body part just pop on.   lefty
Nancy Sinatra - "Bang Bang"     Bill Withers - "Ain't no Sunshine"     Dionne Warwick - "Walk On By"     lefty
Sidle up next to him at the Dolores pissoir and casually remark, "this reminds me of the trough at the old Maple Leaf Gardens." If he says, "no kiddin', eh!" you've got him.   Report to authorities.   lefty
The logo is probably safe for a bit.   lefty
 Think I saw that as well. The one with an entire audience of white people? Are there no black people in Austin? Every one of his songs just seem to be missing a small element that would make them great. Maybe a better producer on his next album will help. But he's a cool cat and I dig what he's doing. lefty
 So great. lefty
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