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Weird.   18 months ago I downloaded a new ios version for my 4 and it killed the wifi. The wifi button in settings was greyed out and couldn't be turned on no matter how many times I reset or restored. Looking online, I wasn't the only one with the problem. Yesterday I noticed that it was searching for a wifi signal. Sure enough, it's back to normal wifi operation.   Maybe apple really wants me to trade it in.   lefty
Depends on the version.     lefty
Cool flick. First of the "shock docs", it had people lining up for days to see it. The world was a lot more mysterious and magical back then.    lefty
I took the shuttle at 6:00. It was like Tokyo. We got off at GC and it took 15 minutes of shuffling to get to the exits.    lefty
1951 version with Alastair Sim is the best. Good double feature with 1988's Scooged.   lefty
Christ, she's hateable.   Look south right now. Killer sky.   lefty
He has excellent creative instincts. He makes good movies. He makes money.   That's why.   lefty 
Scott Rudin referring to Jolie as a "minimally talented spoiled brat" is hardly shocking. The "bipolar 28-year-old lunatic" label he gave Ellison was funny though.   lefty
Cold and rainy so he had a hood over his cap. Couldn't read.   lefty
Judah Friedlander at Whole Foods looking exactly like Judah Friedlander at Whole Foods.   lefty
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