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It was tempting. Lots of land on a major fly fishing river.   It has a couple of knocks. To get a vehicle in would mean a major regrade of the trail. It's fairly high in elevation so not sure how deep the well would have to be or how they would get the machinery in. Would need a solar system for electricity. All that can be dealt with. For me the biggest issue was the river. While you have 3000' of frontage, you're cut off from the water by rail tracks.   lefty 
Took a look at this place a few weeks ago.   66 acres. Have to hike to get in. No water or electricity.   Cabin amenities include: Living Room with wraparound windows, Sleeping Loft, Bathroom with composting toilet, Camp Kitchen with pantry and dish storage | cistern supplied sink | bottled water hand pump | cooler/bench, Vermont Casting high-efficiency wood stove with interior wood storage as well as exterior dry wood storage, Security shutters protecting all openings...
 They ran me out about 1.5 years ago. Happy in Harlem.   They were banned for a number of years. The belief was the NYers would use them to dispose of cat litter, car transmissions and bodies, and fuck up the city's plumbing.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/05/nyregion/garbage-disposals-are-the-new-kitchen-amenity.html lefty
 Compactor or disposal? SanFo is nuts about their disposals. I think every place I looked at had one. My NYC place has one which apparently is a big fucking deal here. The agent said to list that as third thing after 'corner unit' and 'roof deck' when we resell.   If you build it, he will come. lefty
Way to suck all the joy out of this goofy bicycle.   lefty
Snow, sand and stylin'.   It was in Harlem.   lefty
As silly as it looks it's probably a decent city bike as well.   lefty
^Boss.   Saw a guy riding on these bad boys the other day.     lefty
Just use the sign.   http://www.advocate.com/crime/2014/03/24/man-tags-god-gay-antigay-church-sign   lefty
ATLAH Church on my daily walk has been a source of amusement.     lefty
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