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I lived in South Orange ... what would you like to know?   lefty
^ NJ has some very nice towns. Where?   A SanFo homeless guy spitting on my wife was the final straw for her. Three months later we were in NYC.    lefty
There's really no way to win.     I was never a picture guy so that's not an issue for me. I remove hooks under the water with hemostats and release from the net. For what it's worth, streamside shots of fish on banks are considered bad form here. http://www.keepemwet.org/#home   Not trying to lecture you in any way, Crat.   lefty
On the same trip my companion broke the tip off his Sage ESN. Ebbs and flows.   I've watched so many things float away from me, that it's nice to win one.     lefty
Well, if you're a C&R angler those nets are probably pretty hard on a trout. Rubber bag net is a little more forgiving.   Brodin if you can afford it: http://www.brodin.com/stealth-nets.html   If not there are other alternatives:...
Nice fish. You need a better net.   Spent the better part of Sunday walking up and down a river looking for a pair of sunglasses I dropped the day before. Found them buried in a pile of leaves. Gods were smiling as I then caught what I think may be a record for this river - 18.5" wild Brown.   lefty
http://quartermaester.info/   lefty
Same here, but each state has a different license fee and it can get very expensive for non-resident licenses. I have to buy three just to fish around me and that's before I travel west.   Each state also has different public rights rules. Some allow the high water mark, but in others landowners own the bottom of the river and you're not allowed to anchor or step out of the boat. Even if you can float it.   In all cases you have to respect private property. Especially...
It's astounding that the creek isn't fished out. It seems the trout are a result of kids releasing them for a classroom project. We have a similar program here. In fact, this weekend I'm heading up to a creek in Westchester for a cleanup in anticipation of a "trout in the classroom" release.   Nothing like that in NYC though you can fish for bass and bluegill in Central Park.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: