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As I said, great dogs. Will your wife's pup be by Gotcha?   lefty
I hunted NYC rats with one last year. They are great dogs.   You guys went from an aged Pug to an ACD and a BT. Should be an interesting next few years.   lefty
"There exist mighty dogs, the dangerous kind who take hold of your heart and do not let it go." ~Vicki Hearne     lefty
You have a dog bred to work. The more you demand of him the more he will rise to the challenge so the more you can demand of him. You're lucky that he's a tractable dog, and he's lucky you have the time and inclination to train with him.   lefty
^^ Overrated?   The Godfather The Godfather Part 2 The Conversation Apocalypse Now   Never stop being you, kid.   lefty
Not much - 20 minutes. Take the plans. If you're clever you could probably build it for 25K or so, Bug Sur property aside.   lefty
I check catskillflies a lot and usually pop in on the weekend.   Heading up with some friends who are going to park themselves at a run on Saturday afternoon and fish until 2:00 am hoping for a 25"+ brown.  If the weather holds.   lefty
Yes to FF. There's a thread in travel.   160K when I went to see it. Been for sale for a bit so I guess that's pretty negotiable. If it had clear water access, I'd be more interested.    The architect's plans are on the site.    lefty
Never really explored up there. Have a friend with a place in Cloverdale, but that was the only Sonoma town I visited. Never went to Napa.   lefty
Didn't realize you could do both in a day. Like your guide?   lefty
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