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Kaplan, you need to throw some Logan's Run, Omega Man and Rollerball into that mix.   lefty
Not sure if serious, but...   Assuming you're fishing a river for trout, it's not foam as it is the bubble line. That indicates water current and typically is where trout will lie. First things first: get to the water, sit down and watch what's going on - hatch, rising fish - then proceed accordingly.   Once you determine where the bubble line is, fish the seam closest to you, then the line itself, then the far seam.   Read...
I guess the cold is dealt with by a down underquilt suspended below the hammock. Or even a closed cell pad slipped between the two layers of the hammock.      Or a down dress.     Maybe I'll see if REI rents them before I commit. Like the idea of a light quick setup over any type of terrain.   lefty
Who uses a backpacking hammock? Pros/cons? I never really sleep well on a pad and am thinking of upping my game.    lefty
Norbert Weiner?   Haven't thought of The FFFB in years. I met Gilbert Shelton when I worked on Comic Book Confidential. Cool cat. As were Spiegelman, Crumb, Griffith - the guy I really wanted to meet was Pekar, but couldn't make it happen.   lefty
Old guy was the right kind of roguish bad boy that would attract a young girl like Dany.   New guy is a cheaper Eric Bana with a tiny head.   lefty
I hate the new Daario Naharis.   lefty
Cute. Still have the armadillo?   lefty
This just has it all. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/03/us/after-fall-ruffled-feathers-for-5-birds-and-oakland.html?_r=0 “Oakland Chainsaw Massacre”     lefty
That's better.   If schedules work out I can take you to a quiet little Catskills stream for wild brookies for a few hours.    lefty
New Posts  All Forums: