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 Or thrice.  lefty
Basil Dearden is a great name for a director and Khartoum a great name for a horse.   lefty
Is that what it was? Little Egypt? I had no idea.   I was expecting this:     lefty
I'm sitting on Steinway Ave in Astoria waiting for my truck. Cool neighborhood if you like hookah bars. lefty
You guys are like so mean.   lefty
You coud go on and on with watchable Russell roles from the Jungle Boy on Gilligan's Island through The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes to The Hateful Eight. He's had a cool career.   Breakdown is a little-seen thriller that's pretty damned good fun and one of the great JT Walsh's last roles.   lefty
 Not sure I understand.  Dude, Snake Plissken. lefty
That was my wife's recommendation. Will check it out soon.   I talked her out of Sylvia's and into Ethiopian. It should be a quick meal. (Name that movie.)   lefty 
Nix was my first thought, but couldn't get the last minute reservation. Republic was good 15 years ago when it was novel. Now, not so much.   Screw it, I'm going to take her to Sylvia's and let her try and find something to eat.   Thanks.   lefty
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