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So hittable.     lefty
Piecaken!   lefty
^^ Not really. Once average critics discovered that a positive review of a shitty movie ensured their names would be up in lights (or in the case, ink) most have been sucking at the teat of the studios.   Yes, the film watching experience was much better before tape, digital and streaming. And Michael Bay. As was television before the remote and music before the ability to easily skip a track.    Now the only movies I enjoy watching at the cinema are the small quiet...
Carne's Les Enfants du Paradis is one of my favourite movies.   lefty
It could be the boldest experiment in advertising history.      lefty
Just cracked my first screen on my less than a year old 6.    What are the odds apple replaces it for free as a goodwill gesture?   lefty
Unless you have a financial interest in the movie, there's probably something seriously wrong if this movie's release is "very important" to you.     lefty
The More the Merrier   Screwball comedy with the queen of screwball comedy and the woman of my dreams, Jean Arthur.     Academy nod for her and win for Charles Coburn.    lefty
Jesus Christ - 2 hours of headache-inducing visual noise.   Don't you punks understand that the reason we loved Star Trek wasn't shit blowing up? It was the dinner scene from Space Seed, sexy bad Uhura in Mirror Mirror, and Kirk outwitting Nomad in The Changeling.   I fucking hate these movies.   \\//y
 Fucking. The word you're looking for is fucking. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: