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Where is that?   lefty
Thanks. Will check out.   lefty
http://rugpadusa.com/   lefty
Probably bad time to mention this, but I've been noticing some moths in the past few weeks. Yesterday I tossed out a very large cabinet that sat on a Gabbeh rug in my dressing room. In the back corner of the rug was a large hole with active moth larvae. Today, I pulled everything from my closets, sent the rug out for cleaning and repair, washed the shelves, walls and floor, sent all wool to the dry cleaner (but for suits and coats which will be sent to a better cleaner),...
The Brits have a way with words.   Have to try this Driftless area sometime. Miles of tiny spring creeks filled with trout seems pretty cool. What's the best town to target?    lefty
Have you ever tried to act with an octopus on your face? It ain't easy.   lefty
This movie is made greater by its cast of journeymen actors well into their middle age. They are believable as a work crew - tired and longing for home and payday. The dialogue is nearly perfect, again, because it is authentic and not filled with false heroics. I could watch Kotto and Stanton bitch all day.   You couldn't make this movie today with this cast and we all suffer for that.   Nothing new in the lighting? Christ, man. Up until that point we had only seen...
Actors are average?   Yaphet Kotto Ian Holm Harry Dean Stanton Sigourney Weaver John Hurt Verinica Cartwright Tom Skerritt   Possibly the best cast of any SF movie I've seen.   lefty
The blood was pretty silly.   Are you guys going to lose your minds when it's Aaron?   lefty
Honestly? They look a little stupid.   lefty
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