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Has this been posted?     lefty
Go to BDDW and look at their benches/tables.   lefty
 At this point it's like watching a train wreck - hard to look away. Dany should dump the unsullied as they are mostly useless and hire the Harpy boys who seem to be the best fighters in all the lands. lefty
 Vangelis sure could open a movie.     lefty
Well, you are my favourite poster.   lefty
 If you haven't read it the Thomas Covenant series is worth a look. Old school, but the protag is a self-loathing asshole with leprosy so it's a fun read.  lefty
If you want something unique try Hack the Met.   lefty
It's just a hamburger and this isn't SanFo so the idea of waiting in a 45 minute line is silly when the city is filled with great burgers for the asking.   lefty
And still fresh today. Thank you, Syd Mead.   lefty
You had to be there.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: