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Not worth the wait, but if there's no line check it out. It's just a burger.   lefty
Don't know the rod. Looks high tech. And fast.   I had a shitty season which ended with me snapping a finger in half the night before my last trip.   Always next year.   lefty
That's exactly how I felt. I was better off with a 6'-7' 2-3wt on a small creek. I think it's main attribute is convenience as it is pretty easy to toss into a bag with some tippet and a few flies.   A 10' 6wt switch rod may be in my future for streamers on bigger rivers. Not sure if you know the Redington Classic Trout rod, but it is a very nice medium action soft presentation rod that is on sale for under $75. This is a nice rod for the money as a main rod or a backup....
I picked up  tenkara rod this year and fished it a half dozen times or so. Never really dug it. Caught fish but it was a lot harder to cast then I thought it would be, bit of a pain to bring fish in and not nearly as accurate as I had hoped.   lefty
Always loved this image. And coat.     lefty
 Smartest thing my BiL did was rip out all the floors in his LA place and replace them with a seamless piece of terrazzo. I love that floor. I had 100-year-old heart pine floors refinished. They were beautiful.  Then my wife got at them with her heels. After a while it looked like they had been in a war.  lefty
When it's Z's gettin' smushed in stupid ways, people complain. When it's a slow tedious episode that builds to something that already happened, people complain. Not all though. Some love it. lefty
Same. And never walk along the yellow edge to move down the platform.   Gomes, I hope you yelled, "I'm walking here!" I try to use that at least once a week.   lefty
I'm a little shocked AMC is buying into Gimple's overly complicated timelines and melodramatic dialogue considering their audience just wants to see Z's being smushed. Did they add the face cleaning scene just to satisfy audiences from a few weeks ago?   lefty 
They'd probably be thrilled to help. The NYC group here has been collecting rats for a Fordham Uni study on rat migration.   These guys seem to be pretty effective.     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: