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You guys didn't like the magic tornado?   lefty
And Jack Dempsey. lefty
  Watch if you haven't yet.   What a set this must have been with Quinn, Rooney, Gleason, Serling and Madame Spivy. After the film, Quinn said that Rooney was one of the best actors he ever worked with.   lefty
It is called the Android.   I think what I like about the two I bought is that they remind me of Huey, Dewey, and Louie from Silent Running.   lefty
 Well, we'll never really know. lefty
She measured out 50 grams for whatever they call a medium sized coffee. There was actually a little left after she filled the cup, maybe because I asked for a little room for milk. But I did try it without milk first. Okay, but went sour quickly. At least it wasn't burnt.   Here's the sad part. After I left, I popped into a Brooks Bros a few shops down and the SA asked if I was just in SBs. I said yes thinking he saw me as I was meeting a pretty flamboyant fellow when he...
I don't know what that means. You measure out coffee and put it in the machine. There didn't seem to be a lot of variables.   All I know is I walk into a SBs after 8 years (in no small part because you kept talking about this damn machine) and it solidified why I fucking hate SBs.    lefty
It's very good. Just don't run it through a clover machine.   lefty
It was shit. Started out okay, but about 1/3 of the way down it became sour and undrinkable.   lefty
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