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WO is nice. Bigger lots typically. Pretty much anywhere alongside the reservation is great. Expensive though.   lefty
Even that great track couldn't save this POS now.   lefty
^^ Can't remember. This was 20 years ago and we were deep in a chinese area.   Lovely town; bad toilet.   Best bathroom was either an outdoor Balinese experience at a very nice hotel (actually, even the cheap Bali hotels have great outdoor bathrooms) or a celebrity's private bathroom where he had mirrored the walls, floor, ceiling and sink. The only non mirrored thing in the room was the gold toilet. It was an infinite number of you sitting on a gold toilet. Very...
I was caught short while on a shoot in a back alley of Kuala Lumpur. When I explained the situation to my PM the best he could do on short notice was an illegal chinese gambling den a few levels below the alley. I think he paid them $50 to let me in.   As near as I could tell the gamblers refused to leave the gaming tables so they would shit where they were and a kid would pick it up and toss it in the general direction of the toilet room. From floor to near ceiling the...
NY subway bathrooms can be scary places.     lefty
Jersey Left - when the facing car turns left through the intersection as the light turns green though they don't have an advance.   SF Left - not turning your head left when people piss in public parks.   How's this for interesting? This weekend I discovered the compost pile that the model who used to own my cabin deposited her "humanure". Spent Sunday morning pitchforking my way through her personal compost. And she's a 6' Dutch girl.   It's safe. I have many...
Nice town. Random ...   "Narrow streets; broad minds."   Artistic community - Woody Allen's accountant was a neighbour.   SO Avenue is a bit of a thoroughfare so I think Maplewood, SO's sister town, has a nicer high street.   27 minutes to Penn or Hoboken is great.    SO has gas streetlights and no visible power lines which is quaint as hell.    Pretty tree-lined streets.   There was a series of muggings and petty crime when we left. SO is close to Irvington...
I lived in South Orange ... what would you like to know?   lefty
^ NJ has some very nice towns. Where?   A SanFo homeless guy spitting on my wife was the final straw for her. Three months later we were in NYC.    lefty
There's really no way to win.     I was never a picture guy so that's not an issue for me. I remove hooks under the water with hemostats and release from the net. For what it's worth, streamside shots of fish on banks are considered bad form here. http://www.keepemwet.org/#home   Not trying to lecture you in any way, Crat.   lefty
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