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 They have to get back the 70M they paid Ahrendts for her first year somehow. lefty
Think I may have posted this before.     Longer version.     lefty
I really only eat at places with formica counters and men.   Have you tried sous videing your coffee? Could be the new thing.   lefty
 I don't eat in fancy restaurants no more. lefty
I don't think I've ever had anything cooked sous vide. Kinda proud of that.   One of the things they never tell you in the brochure is once you have a NYC apt with an extra bdrm the country mice come out of the woodwork to "visit" you in the big city. Since I have no friends they are all the leftette's gang. The last group was a family of four too large for our guest room. "Oh, that's okay - our teenage sons can crash in your living room. We'll just move your furniture...
It's an easy drive. The parking was $4. And there was no lineup at what it supposed to be one of the best places in NY. Food was fine. Variations on traditional stuff. I'm of a mind that dim sum can only be so good so take that as you will. lefty
I had dim sum in Flushing on Sunday. First time in Queens. Interesting place.   lefty
You don't want to go to Buddakan.   lefty
Such a SanFo crime.   http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/07/us/crooks-caper-at-san-francisco-bakery-leave-the-cash-take-the-cruffin-recipe.html   lefty
Geico makes five second ads you're compelled to watch for a full minute.     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: