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In the event of a fire which one do you save?   lefty
There are any number of reasons to be sitting in a car in NYC.   The video of the crane falling is harrowing. The poor guy just minding his own business as a few thousand tons beelined for his head.    lefty
Poor bastard.      lefty
I kinda like this old boy.     lefty
New Toronto Maple Leafs logo:     lefty
Seldom seen episode of The Twilight Zone.  1964's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Serling's opening:   lefty
 Your seat heights are 2.5 feet? 30"? What am I not understanding about that? My seats are around 16.5". My DR table is 29".  Congrats. lefty
 It works as a perfect descriptor of the direction this thread has taken lately. lefty 
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