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Off to Iceland. 4wt for dry flies, 5wt for nymphs, 6wt for streamers. lefty
Anthony Daniels sez, "lighten up, nurds." lefty
^ Great fight scene. Especially when they brawl up to a pub, take a break to have a pint and then continue fighting.   lefty
Just hit this error on the forum ... Error 503 No healthy backends  All kinds of awesome.   lefty
Great title and cool poster.     lefty
^^ For some reason I entertain this idea of you rattling around a great old NYC house. That shot fit the bill.   lefty
^^ Do you live in a former nunnery?   lefty
Dull plot point. Dull plot point. Dull plot point. Oh look, a congealed puddle of blood where my GF's kid say he saw a woman with a steel bar through her eating someone's face. Best not do anything about that. Dull plot point.   lefty
^ Good movie. A little batshit crazy, but fun nonetheless.   lefty
 But is it neighbour proof?  lefty
New Posts  All Forums: