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Is there an architect that can give me 20% off this thread?   lefty
You have to judge the entire run and despite occasional high points there are too many head shaking ridiculous moments, scenes, episodes, plots and characterizations to warrant giving Mad Men more than a 2 out of 10. Even my wife who has watched every episode turned to me last week and said, "Y'know, this show kinda sucks." The problem was that so many got caught up in the clever nostalgia and the praise went to Weiner's head, so he wrote himself around and around with no...
I had middle eastern once, but afterward I falafel.   lefty
A little pre-dinner music.     lefty
Good band, Haven't thought of them in years.   Cleaner version of the track.     For similar music you haven't heard of check out this album:       lefty
[[SPOILER]]  lefty
TWD always was shit. GoT is rapidly becoming shittier.   That was a bloody terrible episode.    lefty
Unsuck today. Woke up to an American Kestrel outside my window.   lefty
Those guys are the reason we should be able to arm ourselves.   lefty
Review: https://pawntoplayer.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/it-rhymes-with-money-every-time/   lefty
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