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San Francisco is filled with do gooders hell-bent on changing the world by giving a helping hand up the oppressed.   It should be no surprise that pitbulls occupy a sweet spot for them.  It should also be no surprise to anyone that a Jagd Terrier, given the chance, is going to rip apart the neighbour's cat one day.  Dogs are what they were bred to be. Selling the pitbull as the St Francis Terrier (the pantywaist canine answer to all things and all situations) is really...
Pitbulls were always fighting dogs. What changed was the rise of animal rights groups which influenced public opinion about dog fights and garnered wide media attention on the breed. The result was putting the dog into the hands of people who should never own a dog let alone a bulldog.    To be fair there were dogs in the old days that were basket cases, but they were handled and dealt with accordingly.   lefty
No idea what you guys are talking about. It's a great temp out there. Very SanFo.   lefty
Maybe. Don't know anything about a Belgian Mastiff.   Amazing how many old pit pics are with...
During dinner the leftette and I were reminiscing about what we miss about SanFo. We got up to two - the weather and that it only takes minutes to get out.   lefty
Bull Mastiff                         Presa...
Good Food in a Non-Shitty Environment with a Decent Vibe and Decor is a great name for a restaurant.   lefty
Damn, why did I watch this last night?   Spoilerish...     lefty
 I'm saying that the lack of the chain in BW B pissed viewers off so they added this one as an appeasement.  They really took a lot away from Tyrion's defense of KL. Making the wildfyre Cersei's idea and losing the chain left Tyrion with little but a "let's get 'em, boys!" lefty
Best deals are in the East, though you have shittier restaurants and are a slave to the 4/5/6. Think about that.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: