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Vader was one of cinema's greatest villains; did anyone feel menace from Ren? Outside of stopping the laser blast was there any badassness? At the very least he should have kept his mask on until the meeting on the catwalk.   That last shot was a TV shot.   lefty
As poorly made as the prequels were they are more interesting than this film.    That's the unfortunate thing - so much effort/money for so much meh.   lefty
Did Chewbacca have his tips down?   lefty
 Fucking nerds. But it was internally powered. You didn't have to move it around the universe in search of dilithiu-- suns. lefty
  [[SPOILER]] Jr ... it's okay to let go, man. lefty
[[SPOILER]]  lefty
 It not as if anyone needed to be reminded of the OT (oh yeah, Star Wars ... what's that about again?) or anyone who hated the prequels walked away from the series and refused to see these ones. I have no problem with nostalgia, but to remake the movie seems a wasted opportunity.  A lot of very smart people signed off on this decision and I'm sure there were many discussions about the identical plot. I'm curious as to why it won out. Star Wars is a better movie than this...
You're forgetting that KR is a whiny little bitch. Ridley is a pretty good actress so the Mary Sue-ness of her character is easily overlooked.   The more I think about this movie the more confused I am as to why they just rehashed ep4.    lefty
Aside from all the massive stupidity in the plot I was taken aback by how average and dull it all seemed. I think I drifted off during the second act.   lefty
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