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Kingsman was okay, though I wish they had played it a touch straighter.   Hated Jackson. The church scene was too over-the-top. And the end with the Swedish girl was so tone deaf to the spirit of what came before that it belonged in a very different movie. Surprised it made it past the studio.   lefty
 If you like JK Simmons, you'll love it.If you don't like JK Simmons. you'll really love it. lefty
For what it's worth, a lot of people tried to talk him out of it. It's not a great movie and the technique is distracting as hell, but I wonder if it would received the same amount of attention has he done it straight.   lefty
^^ Sexy hips.   lefty
 And I hate any kind of internet site that insists I sign I before I can view content.  lefty
Congratulations to you both.   lefty
There goes my next post.   lefty
It's like deja vu all over again.   lefty
The show could redeem itself if it was all a dream and Rick woke up beside Suzanne Pleshette.    lefty
TD always seemed like the apology tour - let me now explain what we are clearly incapable of conveying on the show.   At this point I can't remember where they were last, but how is it they're walking down the road with nothing? They can't even scavenge up a piece of cloth to make a sling for the kid? How is it that the woods are still chock-full of Zs?  How is the priest keeping his head shorn?   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: