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The shaded part ... is that travertine? If so, do not approve.   lefty
^ Best movie I've seen this year,   lefty
My wife interviewed a design team who suggested a travertine DR table. It was a short interview.   lefty
I believe this girl's family owns an exotic hunt ranch in Texas.    lefty
Nor this - I hate travertine.    lefty
Just got back from an Adirodacks trip. Was hoping for some large Speckled trout in a back country pond, but the canoe I had was a pig and hauling it over one 4km portage damn near killed me.   Had to settle for the WB Ausable which is a very pretty river and easy to figure out. Dry dropper was the ticket and the fish hit both flies.    Also got to spend some time with one of the last handmade ADK guideboat makers at his place on Upper St Regis lake. This is the boat...
George Roy Hill had a hell of a run. Thoroughly Modern Millie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Slaughterhouse-Five The Sting The Great Waldo Pepper Slap Shot The World According to Garp   lefty
^ Good choices.   One of the best book to movie adaptations:     lefty
That was pretty cool. Think about all the decisions Leone had to make when he blocked and shot what would have been a simple scene on paper.    When the music came on the lefette called out from the other side of the room, "Are you watching Leone?"   Bad ass.     lefty
And that would be bad?     lefty
New Posts  All Forums: