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 Start with the big four: Stalag 17Witness for the ProsecutionSunset BoulevardThe Lost Weekend lefty
Double Indemnity.   It's a great movie.     lefty
Really only one FM x BS movie that matters.     lefty
I have 4 or 5 CTs. Fished them exclusively for the last two years. Love them. But on the last day of the season I was going for some larger trout and I pulled out my T&T LPS 6wt. Damn, that's a nice rod.   lefty
I like The Last Detail, but that was early Nicholson and I used to drink at the bar he slammed with his pistol. (The gouges were there years later.)   Hitchcock and Stewart were pretty damned good.  Rear Window is mesmerizing to me. That kiss.     lefty
9 days after his first flying lesson, Lee Wulff gets his pilot's license and flies to NFLD where he goes after Atlantic Salmon with a 2 ½ oz rod.     lefty
I guess I can see it. I can't watch Nicholson.   Maybe try Harvey.   lefty
Grant or Stewart? Part of the fun of a Grant movie is watching the stiff lose it. You want fun Grant?  Bringing Up Baby.Arsenic and Old Lace Monkey Business A and O L is one of my favourites just for Grant's triple takes. Rarely see that outside of a cartoon.  lefty
Watch The Philadelphia Story and you get both.   lefty
 Add A Boy and his Dog, Logan's Run, Silent Running, The Omega Man, Death Race 2000, Fahrenheit 451, Brazil. lefty
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