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Not Daryl as they would lose half their audience. Not Maggie as there would be a lot of ramifications to killing a pregnant woman.  Not Carl as he and Negan have business.   Maybe Glenn for the fanbots. Maybe Abe since gingers are worth less than norms. Maybe Morgan if the actor wants off this POS show.   I vote for Gimple.   lefty
I don't think I'd go swimming with it, but a quick dunk (which fried my 4 battery) seems fine.     lefty
Isn't the 6s mostly waterproof?   lefty
Karl Springer used a lot of lacquered goatskin in his furniture. There are hundreds of his goatskin parchment tables out there. As this auction is in Chicago and he had an operation there, best guess is that it's Springer.   http://www.nytimes.com/1991/12/06/nyregion/karl-springer-60-a-designer-of-classic-and-exotic-furniture.html   lefty
I think it would be very tough to find a goatskin covered table in that design, new or otherwise, for less than 3k.   lefty
The Wright design auction is online. Typically more interesting than Rago. Estimates are fakakta though.   http://www.wright20.com/auctions/2016/03/design   lefty
 I worked on a movie where Tiegs was nude and we had to add some body covering which meant rotoscoping her body frame by frame. Fun project. This is the pic that changed young LD's life.    [[SPOILER]]    For me though, it was Elke Sommers, Joey Heatherton and Angie Dickinson. lefty
Cool site: http://bringatrailer.com/auctions/   lefty
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