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And this:       The Great Escape is a fantastic movie.     Garner on actors:     lefty
 That cover looks like an old EC cover. I haven't read an Archie comic in a lot of years (think I'll pick up this one) and was shocked to see my 10-year-old nephew reading one. Still resonates. And would hit Midge.    lefty
Should have emptied your mailbox, dude. She tried the number all weekend.   I went to an auction of his furnishings a few months ago and it did cross my mind that some of it was a touch delicate.    lefty
On my wife's only trip to FI within minutes of disembarking she came across a picture of a 10" dick and a phone number stuck to a telephone pole. Have things changed much?   On a similar note, how is it I just found out that Ed Koch was gay?   lefty
I really wanted this to be great. It seems I'm alone as the picture is universally loved.   lefty
 It's an interesting movie that didn't quite work for me. Either it needed a bigger script or the existing script needed a bigger movie. lefty
 Quite sad, really. lefty
Terrible name and possibly worst facial hair in music but still...     lefty
 Little surprised you can't get their special editions here. Tons of that Major Dickson stuff around. lefty 
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