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What? You didn't like Abe on his knees for a couple of hours, Maggie concerned that Eug would get sunburned, Glenn's face palming realization that if you run dirty water through a sock it removes the particulate matter, and the subtle symbolism of the nail in the foot of a priest?   How is Dawn in charge of anything? Why aren't the guy cops getting all rapey on her and the other chick cop? Why the hell would they keep a retired dude (and forgetful seamstress) around...
I didn't think anyone was still watching.   This cop/ward/hospital arc was the worst they've done. It's like a bad cliched prison movie. The strawberry distraction was gold possibly topped by the fishing trip with the twins.    lefty
 On Saturday afternoon it was about 150 miles NW of here at a little Catskills dive bar infected with about a dozen plaid wearing, moustachied lumbersexuals. I turned around and came home. lefty
Heartbreaker.   lefty
Australian Boot Co, but I would just order from one of the Aussie sellers directly.   lefty
Oskee wee wee.   lefty
^^   About Time is chock-full of Richard Curtis smaltz and therefore a very good movie in this old softie's opinion. Like all his movies it gets better with each viewing and Bill Nighy, as usual, steals the show.   lefty
No idea why people bag on Nic Cage. When he's on he's untouchable.     lefty
Have to agree. They are pretty miserable to deal with.   lefty
Basic cast are doable, but I really needed a soft presentation. It could be that I was experimenting with line length a little too much. It also is a 13' 7:3 rod so best for medium size rivers. I may try it on lake largemouths in the spring for fun. I set a friend up with a Catskills guide for a photo shoot and while I wasn't intending to shoot, I saw a moment so grabbed a shitty camera and made a simple teaser for him. East Branch of the Delaware River. 7:10...
New Posts  All Forums: