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Nice. Like to see their website.   Been rat hunting a number of times now. They are fast little bastards and get away more often that not. I'm sure you know this but don't tell anyone outside the club that you're doing a barn hunt. Only a matter of time before the Sabs hit SF.   lefty 
As I said, great dogs. Will your wife's pup be by Gotcha?   lefty
I hunted NYC rats with one last year. They are great dogs.   You guys went from an aged Pug to an ACD and a BT. Should be an interesting next few years.   lefty
"There exist mighty dogs, the dangerous kind who take hold of your heart and do not let it go." ~Vicki Hearne     lefty
You have a dog bred to work. The more you demand of him the more he will rise to the challenge so the more you can demand of him. You're lucky that he's a tractable dog, and he's lucky you have the time and inclination to train with him.   lefty
^^ Overrated?   The Godfather The Godfather Part 2 The Conversation Apocalypse Now   Never stop being you, kid.   lefty
Not much - 20 minutes. Take the plans. If you're clever you could probably build it for 25K or so, Bug Sur property aside.   lefty
I check catskillflies a lot and usually pop in on the weekend.   Heading up with some friends who are going to park themselves at a run on Saturday afternoon and fish until 2:00 am hoping for a 25"+ brown.  If the weather holds.   lefty
Yes to FF. There's a thread in travel.   160K when I went to see it. Been for sale for a bit so I guess that's pretty negotiable. If it had clear water access, I'd be more interested.    The architect's plans are on the site.    lefty
Never really explored up there. Have a friend with a place in Cloverdale, but that was the only Sonoma town I visited. Never went to Napa.   lefty
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