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 You are one of my favourite movie geeks, but that's just crazy. lefty
At this point they're genii compared to the Atlanta crew, but I'm sure the writers will fuck it up. Like the untouched white pickup in the middle of a riot. Gosh, that was fortunate.   Didn't realize the bad ass dude from Training Day was a Kiwi.   lefty
 Which part confused you? lefty
There are a few things in life that make me think that, perhaps there is a God after all. A Nakashima table is one of those things.   lefty
Left a bottle of Auchentoshan Springwood at a hidden little hot spring in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula of Iceland. If you can find it, enjoy.     lefty
Closer to five, but still very doable. The bitch is river permits at anywhere from $50 to $1000 for a beat, but on the plus side there were only 6 rods on the 10km of the river we fished. And on the super plus side my wife and i are were the only ones to catch fish.   There is a $50 lake card that allows you to fish about 40 lakes around the country. Þingvallavatn, the most famous. Trying my luck on a few tomorrow.      lefty
Yes, brown trout that runs to the ocean for a few years, gets tough and comes back to spawn. The nice thing about these guys was that lept out of the water to hit a swinging streamer and they fight like salmon. This small river (Varma) can get a fall run of up to 40" trout. If only the conditions were better. Had I been on my own I probably would have not fished but the guide insisted. Thank god.   Consider an Iceland trip, Roma. Salmon if you can swing the cost, but the...
High blown out river. Driving rain that seeped through every crevice of our clothes. Soaked by 11:00.   However, six sea trout including this 24" buck on a streamer made it to my net.   lefty
Holy shit, Icelandic girls are pretty. lefty
Off to Iceland. 4wt for dry flies, 5wt for nymphs, 6wt for streamers. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: