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For what it sets out to be - an non-stop revenge action flick - it hits every mark.   I have nothing but love for Keanu. Fine actor and nice guy.   lefty 
John Wick is very good.   lefty
Good point. Those weren't head crushing blows.   lefty
Double Indemnity would be a much cooler date-wife choice.     Mr. Douglas has you've never seen him before. "How could I have known that murder can sometimes smell like honeysuckle."   lefty
^^ Good movie, but not a good choice for a DF with Locke. You need something concepty light.   lefty
Did I say they do know? My guess is that most people probably believe you get it from bites.    You have two groups that we know do know: Rick's gang and Woodbury. Woodbury no doubt found out from watching the unbitten die and turn, which is why they knew to "experiment" with the old guy.   The Terminals have seen a lot of people die and chances are someone turned between the killing and the butchering. Does Bob know? No idea? Was he fucking with them? Maybe. I realize...
Though this was released in late '79 it is the best album of the '80s.   lefty
 Thinking of creating a laminated card that lists the provenance and the current market value of my furniture for my less furniture-literate neighbours.  I'd kill to be a rich housewife. NYC rich. lefty
 It's a short movie so you may want to DF it with a similar claustrophobic movie: Cube, Devil, Phone Booth; though cinemagraphically it reminded me of Taxi Driver. lefty
... dog fur.   lefty
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