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I'm as full of shit as everyone else, but my default position whenever I watch something is "fuck you, entertain me." Off to watch the finale of BB for the 10th time. lefty
^ So fucking awful.   The guy who wrote the Coke commercial stopped watching MM in the second season.    lefty
Didn't the Golgafrinchans send all the hairdressers, telephone sanitizers and interior decorators on the B Ark?     Last year, the lefette hired a decorating team to redo our LR for a magazine profile on her. I agreed as they had some furniture I wanted and were offering it for next to nothing for the credit. They wrote a narrative about our place and came over to present. I commented, somewhat lightly I thought. The next day they asked my wife for an emergency meeting -...
All dressed up and no date?   I'll go. Send me an email.   lefty
I hate to say I told you so...   So the finale is a comedy sketch.   Burned out ad man walks out of meeting to aimlessly wander the country until he ends up at an ashram where he endures hippie hijinks: walk around, touch faces, tell me how that makes you feel; until he listens to a whining bitch and realises that the only way out of the sht is to kill himself. The next morning, just before he leaps off the cliff a yogi says "hey man - don't worry, be happy" and the ad...
Fuck this city and these stupid fucking street fairs. lefty
Crisis averted.     Can't remember if I mentioned this, but I ran into Buck Kartalian a few years back who played Julius in the original and delivered the great line: "You know what they say, Human See, Human do."   I have a little video of him doing it, but it's too small to load to vimeo. It's great.   lefty
 C'mon, dude.  lefty
Sad.   FAO Schwarz to close.     lefty
 Anyone of those places would be great for a meat up. lefty
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