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We were trapped there one afternoon. Scared the shit out of my wife.   lefty
Is it because you live in the nation's hottest neighbourhood, neighbour SB?   lefty
Something different.   I saw this place a few years ago as a friend owns property nearby.   Couple of guys buy 50 acres in Sonoma to retire on. The put up a couple of tents, then find out that they ground is too unstable to build anything permanent. They say screw it, plant 3000 olive trees and build the compound.   The design of the landscape (seen here a little) was quite beautiful.       lefty
 Yes they are. http://www.pixyland.org/mymusic.html  lefty
Profile on Steranko in last week's EW.  Bad ass at 75.  lefty
 "Party" of you? Exactly. lefty
^Yet another reason NY sucks.   lefty
If you expect to have more carpet then you'll probably need a power head. I've found this vacuum more than capable of dealing with pet hair on wood or carpet.   Here's another option http://www.gracioushome.com/miele-s6-manhattan--2-canister-vacuum-01230289.html It's an S6 with two heads - the parquet floor tool and the turbo (air driven) brush. Also 499.   The most detailed reviews seem to be on allergy sites.   lefty
I guess I meant the turbo brush. What are you doing on your carpets that you need more than turbo cleaning?   lefty
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