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My kind of place.   lefty
They are very beautiful chairs. I'll give you that. lefty
The takeaway from a modern viewing of 1933's King Kong shouldn't be, "that monkey is so fake."   lefty
Did you sit in them for longer than 30 minutes?    lefty
 Close. Julie Andrews plays a woman who pretends to be a man who performs professionally as a woman. Madness doesn't ensue; hijinks do. Great movie with better supporting performances than leads. Robert Preston, Lesley Ann Warren and Alex Karras are fantastic. lefty
Depends. Do you enjoy sitting?   lefty
Solid '80s thriller. And has Brian Dennehy and Jerry Orbach.     lefty
It was an awkwardly paced episode. Pointlessly dragged out.   lefty
Slaughterhouse-Five is a great book to film translation.   lefty
Nice fish, HC. Looks lean after a hard winter.   lefty
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