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Why give shots to a healthy adult dog?   lefty
I don't mind a festival or parade, but those fucking idiotic street fairs with their shitty food and tchotchke stalls are too much.   lefty
Yeah, Western water is in dire straits. I was in Nor Cal in March and was lucky enough to fish the Pitt out of Burney for a few days. Damn near killed me, but the fishing was great. I think they're experiencing summer conditions now so in a month they'll be in full on drought and there's no way anyone's going to approve releasing water to save fish.   Tough times ahead.    Iceland, dude. Great fishing and the world's most beautiful women. My fishing...
No. Try the big knuckle bones which should keep your dog occupied for hours. The downside is the slobbering mess that can result.   lefty
Been hitting the Catskills pretty hard.   Had my biggest fish on the BK last weekend (a river I rarely fish as it's a shitshow most days) with an 18" Brown on an iso emerger. Thought he was a chub at first, then a 10" Brown, then we saw each other and he dove deep.   Fished the Willow for the first time and surprised myself by picking up a 12" Brown in 6" of water holding in a nearly invisible seam. Couple of Speckled Trout as well.   Finally hit the NS on the way...
 You need a cool flag. lefty
It was very clear that he wasn't just following orders, but relished backhanding Sansa. In fact, the way Trant smiled when he struck her made the audience warm to The Hound for the way he handled Sansa. Sirio was just icing.    While the pedophile aspect does parallel an upcoming chapter the objection is how hamfisted it was handeld and how unnecessary it was. Christ the whole sequence with Arya stopping 20 ' from the moneylender, pulling out a vial of poison from its...
The floors in my last house were covered with 15' lengths of Heart Pine. Impossible to get now but for Goodwin who reclaims submerged logs or mills beams from old factories.   Expensive, but matched perfectly when I had to fix a patch.    lefty
A nice contrast to the Tenement Museum is the Merchant's House.   lefty 
Maybe it's a good thing they're ignoring Manderly. I'd hate to see what they'd do with him.   lefty
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