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The Norwood Club.   Is anyone a member? Attend an event? Talk about the vibe?   lefty
Whoa...   lefty
For when you're planking?   lefty
 The are the same ones. Same shitty fabric. I agree, Douglas, though I expected them to be recovered and show up a month later not three days. My guess is that they will sit for a bit as they are not what most people want. They were a deal at 6, but I just couldn't use them.  Do you have random surfaces around your apt? lefty
Bloody hell.   On Sunday, I passed on a couple of Probber settes at auction as they weren't quite what I wanted. Under 6K for the pair. Today they're on 1stdibs for 25K.    lefty
 My place was broken into last month as were four others on my floor. The cops arrested the 14-year-old kid in my apt..(He has since been released and caught again breaking into some other places.) I had a dozen or so cops in and out of my apt all day including forensics. lefty
I think the "screw it, let's have a parade anyway" would be far worse than the official parade.   lefty
Flappyfuckingbird.   lefty
About a foot square. Still waiting for a cocktail table, but these will do in the interim.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: