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Other than Noah's comment of where he was from is there any part of this from the comic?   And they're back in Atlanta? Hasn't it been at least two years? I doubt these cops are searching a 300 mile radius for stragglers, so the group has gotten what, 20 miles from Atlanta?     lefty
And the nice thing about the marathon is that the participants are doing they're best to get it over with as quickly as possible.   lefty
Like a new suit?   Of all the things that disrupt the city (PR Day parade, UN General Assembly, A&F on 5th) this is the least annoying. 26 miles through NYC on fleet foot seems a hell of an accomplishment. I caught the elite runners at around the 2 hour mark through Harlem and, yes, they're all winners.   lefty
I know I'm a meanie, but holy fuck, they took the worst actress on the show and gave her a bottle episode. They put her up against another actress not exactly known for having great dramatic acting chops and tied the whole thing up in an utterly incoherent mess.   lefty
Honda ad. Use R key once it begins to play.   https://www.youtube.com/user/HondaVideo   lefty
You will like this movie. Almost too much revenge. And Theon Greyjoy gets his comeuppance.    Reeves great strength is that he's very watchable.   lefty
For what it sets out to be - an non-stop revenge action flick - it hits every mark.   I have nothing but love for Keanu. Fine actor and nice guy.   lefty 
John Wick is very good.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: