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I think they were on their way, but as it's four buildings from me I thought a "hurry the hell up" couldn't hurt.   lefty
Woke up to this in my window:     Called NY's B and they were there in a few minutes to smash/cut their way through the roof. No lives lost.   lefty
Rago typically underestimates so add a potential 50-75%, if not more, to the top estimate for popular items. Then add the 25% buyer's premium.   lefty
Now if only mom could slap the shit out of the writer of that stupid ass episode.   lefty
I hate to get all Five Easy Pieces on you guys, but if there's milk in the building put it in my coffee.   lefty
It's silly to have furniture you can't use, especially wood furniture, though I might lose my mind a little if someone puts a cold beer bottle on a piece of wood furniture.    A lot of the crazy Nakashima prices are for large and unusual one-offs. The more common stuff (table and chairs) can be had for a reasonable dollar. New chairs are about $600-700 at DWR made by Knoll. I have no idea which class that is but it is the starting point for a decent chair.   lefty
 Seems to be a franchise operation with a shitty site. You did a service or replacement? Think I need a new compressor so it may be cheaper to just get a new unit.  Haven't kept up - when's D Day? Is it the entire park all the way to the East River? lefty
Anyone have a good PTAC guy? The company my building suggests doesn't return my calls (how hard do I have to try to give people money?) and I'm hesitant to look at yelp as they are mostly idiots.   lefty
 I have a soft spot for those guys. lefty
Jesus fucking christ, guys.   You had to be there on opening night. Dead silence as the theatre emptied. People were stunned.      lefty
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