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140 sequels in the works.   lefty
Francois Arnal T9 coffee table. Legs can accommodate any size/thickness of top.     lefty
The smack is particularly satisfying.   lefty
I have two of the same holders as Matt in my master bath. The at bat roll is up near the knees while the on deck roll is back on the wall beside the toilet. Sometimes, when I'm feeling frisky, I use both rolls. lefty
 You'll never know. lefty
 Hit the shower and wash off the sweat. Slowly turn the water colder and stand under it for as long as you can. Here's the key - just lightly towel off. Then stand/sit/lay under a fan. You'll be freezing in no time. lefty
^Good movie, but for Faust I have to go back to this:     lefty
[[SPOILER]]  lefty
If the Martells have some grand endgame in play it's been the best kept secret in the whole series. For as much of a shitshow the series Dorne was the book Dorne wasn't that much better.  [[SPOILER]]  lefty
The Brienne scene was fucking stupid.   The leftette finally caught up on S5 this weekend and after the last episode she turned to me and said, "Y'know, I don't think these guys know what the hell they're doing."   She hasn't read the books.   lefty
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