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Goddamn iPhone. I tried three times to post a pic of my Holz Hausen, but it won't load. It is a fucking thing of beauty. Edit - behold! lefty
That floor was terrazzo with a huge aggregate. Loved it. lefty
I believe this is a Canadian production so they were limited to Canada. The weather is a real killer, but had they shot in a more hospitable area they still be there as you say. The other area that comes to mind is Labrador. The black files there would drive them screaming from the bush. There's talk of them going to Patagonia next season. Certainly does help having seen S1 - gill net, axe, saw, ferrio, cordage and extra food. That leaves 4 items for fun. Side note -...
It's like a couture show. No one actually wears that stuff, but it trickles down into RTW. In this case I found a few things I like. Also cool to be in a 5 floor mansion at 61st and Madison lefty
Six episodes into the S1. Eight days of elapsed time. Six guys have tapped out. Half because the night is filled with terror. Youtube tough guy "survivalists" turned into weeping children after a week of rain, cold, and isolation.    It's interesting that they put them on Vancouver Island in a dense rain forest. Had they not been wet the entire time a few may have hung in there. One guy just built a boat. I know he doesn't win, but I hope he places second.   lefty 
The Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse is up at Madison and 61st. The usual mix of decorator gone mad rooms. Well worth a visit, if only to see what the inside of 40M townhouse is like.   http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/kips-bay-decorator-show-house-2016   lefty
There's a movement toward less producer-manufactured shows growing. This seems pretty good to my eye on the source level, but it's still cut for drama.    These are experienced survivalists who are tapping out left and right, in many cases due to animal sounds at night. Vancouver Island is filled with black bears, some wolves, and enough cougars to be wary, but I doubt anyone going down from an attack. But anyone who's spent time alone in the woods knows that a chipmunk...
This seems an appropriate place to put this - is anyone watching Alone on History?   Ten people dropped off into the wilds of BC, spaced out with 5 miles between them, minimal gear and no camera crews. Last person standing wins 500K. The winner of S1 went 55 days.   Interesting to watch how quickly isolation takes its toll.   Oh, and Camp and Trail (1907) by Stewart Edward White is one of the better books on common sense trail wilderness life.   lefty
My neighbour who also uses them said that they were filling a generator with gas while it was running.   Hope they're insured against stupid.   lefty
Damn ... this was my garden centre.           lefty
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