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So the leftette says, "lets go to Savannah for thanksgiving" and I think, sure, how bad can it be? We've been here for four hours and the best thing I can say is that this would be an excellent place to kill yourself. Am now looking for flights out. lefty
If you go back to where we first meet Daryl you can see that his vest sports Boy Scout badges in Signs, Signals and Codes, along with Small Boat Sailing, Basketry and Public Speaking. They must have fallen off along the way. Thank God, Rick is also quite adept at morse code.   lefty
Negan is getting really tiresome.   lefty
The enemy is exposed outside your gates and you have enough people to mount an attack, a decent armory, and a bazooka.    What to do?   lefty
Incredibly helpful. Thank you.   lefty
My wife is stuck trying to get to her office on Fifth and 54th. The cops are telling here she has to walk to 6th, go down and come back across. This could be for the next four years as Trump said he plans to come home on weekends.    Impeach now.   lefty
Christ, Fifth Ave is a shit show. Police and barricades everywhere. I'm sure Tiffany is thrilled with the six sand-filled dump trucks parked outside their store and idling 24/7. Trump can't leave fast enough. lefty
^^These guys hated it:     lefty
AST can be tan or red, but needs a black nose.   Your dog is a pitbull. Tell your wife to stop wasting money.   Thanks, but I've never been to Wmbrg and am hoping to keep it that way.   eglbc, stop vaccinating that dog.   lefty
Recognized and registered pitbull breeds in USA:   American Pit Bull Terrier - ADBA/UKC American Staffordshire Terrier - AKC  Staffordshire Bull Terrier - AKC/UKC   And a hell of a lot of mixing between them and with everything under the sun.   Gomes, do you have a paper trail that says your dog is a registered AST? She is very untypical and really more APBT    lefty
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