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Well ... Mastidane is a pretty cool name.   Maybe it's hybrid vigour. Those purebreds are a pretty unhealthy lot.   lefty
 He was pretty good in 8 Ball Bunny.  lefty
I'm astounded by how quickly and wholeheartedly it went over a cliff.     lefty
Wrath-free day.    OC? Here's looking at you, kid.   lefty
There are a lot of reasons that bite occurred and my best guess is that out-of-control aggression is far down the list. What did the owner say?    I'm not particularly sentimental about one Bulldog, but would hate to see a dog destroyed because of an incompetent owner or a simple mistake or accident.   lefty
 Hello? If I didn't sign the posts how would you know who they're from? lefty
 It will be fine.   Who knows? Bulldogs are pretty stupid and this one could have been set off by any number of things. lefty
Dopey, sounds like you received medical attention, but I would keep that wound unbound, open to the air, and as clean as possible until you're sure there's no infection. I've seen dog bites turn ugly including one fellow who developing sepsis from a tiny puncture that he bandaged.   Sorry this happened to you.   lefty 
Try one. You too will be a belieber.   lefty
For other stuff, other places; but for bagels, Montreal.   lefty
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