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What's the proper grind size for a coffee enema? Extraction time?   lefty
So which one of you guys is going to represent the country at next year's World's?   lefty
On the plus side I rarely smack my shins anymore.   lefty
I feel like a pinball.   lefty
Over the last year, my wife has purchased three round chairs, two round tables and another round lamp. She is turning into Jackie Gleason.       lefty
I give you props for stick-to-itiveness, but the secret to comedy is knowing when to stop.   ----   The leftette just texted me to say that Ethan Hawke is quite charming. And she'll be late tonight.   lefty
The fact that there is a World Aeropress Championship makes me hate the humans a little more.   lefty
      http://treehotel.se/rooms   lefty
 I go the opposite way. Big SFX with matching sound gives me a headache in a theatre, but is manageable at home. Give me Grace Kelly blown up to 40 feet.    I know too many people in the movie business and can't steal their work. lefty
 Start with the big four: Stalag 17Witness for the ProsecutionSunset BoulevardThe Lost Weekend lefty
New Posts  All Forums: