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NYC sucking one rat less.     lefty
Maybe it's the excitement of eating breakfast at 10:30 in the morning that 20 year olds can't handle.   OMG OMG OMG! What? They have eggs benedict! Dude, this is gonna be awesome!   A kid's party at Chuck E Cheese would have been quieter than this brunch.   lefty
 So now instead of knowing a secret super password to get in you have to solve a puzzle to get out? How has this not taken off in SanFo? Do they tell you to "put on your thinking caps"? When did having a quiet drink with your friends become passé?  I should never have told you my yelp moniker. lefty
 I don't know what it is here. An equivalent restaurant in Paris is a pleasurable experience where everyone speaks with their inside voices.  Dear NYers ... shut the fuck up. love,lefty 
That sounds super fun.   I think I've hit my limit with eating out on NY due to noise. Yesterday at brunch I could hear the conversation at each surrounding table and a few past those. Add to that the clash of the service bouncing off the walls and I was ready to scream though I doubt anyone could hear me.    Does zagats have a sound rating?   lefty
Not too worry.   You have earrings. In 2014. You're operating on a higher level than they rest of us.   lefty
Well worth a view.     lefty
Add...                     Little tired now.   lefty
These look like a monkey did them, but...   Todd Merrill on Paul Evans     Phillip Lloyd Powell     Vladimir Kagan     Karl Springer         I have some Baughman chairs at Todd Merrill on consignment. One of you cats should buy them. These are seriously bad ass.         lefty
New Posts  All Forums: