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A series of stupid mac questions.   I'm putting a new HD into a mid 2010 macbook. I can clone the existing drive but should I install a clean OS then put all files on via Time Machine? Believe it came with Snow Leopard (10.6) disc. If I install the old SL I assume I just update directly to Mavericks (10.9) via the app store.   How do I share via Dropbox (or any other method) an itunes playlist in the order I wish it to be played. DP (or creating a folder on my desktop)...
I was trying to be polite. But based on the enthusiasm that has to be a long list.   lefty 
So which one of you guys was getting the blowjob in the Honda Accord on the city-bound GWB at approx 7:00pm?    lefty
Soho I can go crazy dealing with those crowds?   Why are you raining on my hermit parade?   lefty
I tend to avoid stores and Madison Ave, so no go.    lefty
Will add to cart.   lefty
I actually like the caramelito mixed with something else.   There. I've said it.   lefty 
So a number of months ago I broke down and fixed the Miele machine. I'm now drinking about 12 shots of nespresso a day. I love this ridiculously expensive stupid fucking machine.   Which means, of course, when it bites the dust I won't hesitate to replace it with another ridiculously expensive stupid fucking machine.   How's the Bukeela ka Ethiopia?   lefty
 Without a doubt, that's a weakness. However, being confronted with a confession that will bring everything he has worked for to a crashing end demanded a stronger reaction from Tywin.  I could see him trying to manipulate Tyrion in the privy situation, but he should have been quick to realize that he has pushed Tyrion too far and would have tried something else. Both scenes really missed the mark by keeping Tywin locked into his character.  lefty 
It would have been nice to actually see some of this army and not just 12 guys in the woods.    Overall, did not like that episode.    The forest kid and three-eyed crow scenes were poorly done. They set up a Guillermo del Toro-like scene with that shot of the weirwood then followed it up with an old guy sitting in some roots.   This may be the only time I didn't like Tywin. Yes, he's a stone cold calculating bastard, but he was just hit with two things that should...
New Posts  All Forums: