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Surprised at how dull The Revenant is.    I've really come to dislike Iñárritu's style of filmmaking.   lefty
Break a leg, kid.   lefty
Thanks, but WTF are you doing on SF at 9:30 on NYE? Put the computer down and go out, dude.   lefty
Did I? I posted a few I was interested in but I didn't think this one.   Anyway, Happy New Year, Finn.   lefty
Predictable or consistent?    Side view:     Inside bunkie:       Seat of power:     Island has a piece of marble inlaid - heavy as hell:     Stair/shelf to loft:     lefty
 People who care about movies and not experiences. lefty
Thanks.   Drive, but down a private unmaintained and rough road. A few cabins - mostly hunters - visible through winter woods.   Spring fed water, compost toilet - literally a bucket that the owners would fill with peat moss and then compost on the back acreage - wood heat. Electric though, which makes all the difference in the world. I can listen to my Mantovani records and add ice to my drink.   Not perfect land - just a cool cheap cabin and I was really tired of...
Yes, Catskills, but too far for the hicksters to travel in an electric car. No termites up there. Carpenter ants.   Buy as many small pots of BM whites that catch your eye and paint 2' x 2' squares on your LR wall. Live with them for a week or so. Pick.   lefty 
I hate real estate agents, but now ours.   Handbuilt out of salvaged material. Main cabin:     Bunkie 1 - which I may turn into a sauna:     Bunkie 2:     Inside main:         Joinery:     lefty
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