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That explains those bottle we had.   We have a nice thread here of bitching about weather, MTA and Williamsburg, No need to derail with talk of the world's worst beer.   lefty
You really are the master of google-fu.   lefty
I still found it a little unwatchable, but I appreciate the effort they put into it.      leffty
Sorry to hear that. Just checked and they now think it might have been suicide by jumping. And...  lefty
A woman was fatally stabbed outside my building on Monday night so not outside the realm of possibility. However, in Wllmbg there may be a greater chance that you'll kill someone.   lefty
 You had to be there. -----------------------------  lefty
Jean Ritchie dies at 92.     lefty
No need for a trade. If you can't find any I'll forward over a sleeve. But let me know quickly - it's so good I practically drink this stuff.   lefty
 He may have more "in the can" that we know.  lefty
I'm afraid this thing is going to the bitter end which will mean a shitty spoiler for the main characters as I doubt they'll change the outcome. They may throw in an extra season (if as you say they can secure the talent) and with any luck the fat man will have churned out the last book.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: