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Goddamn. Getting quotes for a new metal roof on my cabin - straight shed runs, 1340 sq ft' in total. 7 - 9K.    My 212 area code is killing me.   lefty
 I watched that video and I don't have the slightest fucking idea as to what happened. Purple hair chick is cute though. lefty
Remembering the super robots was the kicker.   lefty
"So, I have a feeling that those bad guys on horses are going to come back and fuck you up, but it's not a strong enough feeling to prevent me from chopping wood in the next county where I'm sure not to hear the screams of your women and children as they're slaughtered. Okay?"   Little she-cub saved the episode. Sort of.   lefty
The wiki page has a pretty good summary of the fight.   Great shot of Ali and Cosell.     lefty
Tagged Paul Stuart. I want to think these came from Ron Rider.   No marked size, but I would have bought them for a size 10.5, so I think 10 - 10.5 is good.   11.25" in length and 4.25" in width.   Worn a few times and the toes are slightly darkened.   No box.   $85 plus shipping > $75 shipped.
It is the greatest sporting event of all time.   Ali would later say that "this is the closest I've ever been to dying" and he was ready to quit in the 14th, but Frasier's corner quit just before he could.   The Thrilla in Manilla.     lefty
The kingsmoot and Euron seriously sucked. Needed more singing.     lefty
You're trying far too hard. Slow down and find your rhythm. Relevance will come.   lefty
Goddamn iPhone. I tried three times to post a pic of my Holz Hausen, but it won't load. It is a fucking thing of beauty. Edit - behold! lefty
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