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Looks like a nice place, M. SF? lefty
Last year, a friend's company booked the Trump Soho for a conference this year - rooms, food, meeting rooms. .A month before the conference one of the attendees complained to HR that she would be uncomfortable in a Trump property. It got kicked up the chain to the CEO and legal. The event was cancelled. Kill fee? 75K. lefty
 This heat will make anyone insane.  People leave work at 5:30 in DC? lefty
So cool. Calvin and Hobbes in 3D.   https://sketchfab.com/models/dd484cd2dc9e477381e152b69d329506/embed   lefty
I'm really torn about watching. They've spoiled the hell out of it (goodbye Aegon, Rickon and Tommen) and it will be impossible to avoid any mention of the finale even if I don't watch.   But I'll probably be dead before Martin finishes this shit so whattaya gonna do?   lefty
 These guys have a massive hit on their hands and I'm struggling to get my new show off the ground, so what do I know? But... It's an impossible task to adopt an epic that remains unwritten and what has been published is filled with superfluous plot. (Had Martin not wasted time on pointless shit this thing might be done by now.) It's also tough to please an enormous fan base who obsess over every detail and know more about the world than you ever will. That said, the first...
 After the extended war, red wedding, torching of Winterfell and a year or so of Bolton rule, Stark forces are probably zero. A powerful name, but just a name and one that Snow doesn't share. Pretty sure everyone knows that the only reason they're standing is because of the Vale knights. Who are there due to Sansa. Littlefinger seems like the guy who would let people know. Whether Sansa wants it or not is irrelevant. The whole thing went down rather neatly and as Ata...
Thanks for clearing that up!   lefty
^^ What do you mean?   lefty
The KitN scene was poorly done.   There's a part of me that thinks they hired a Manderly, then seeing what the she-cub could do (and sensing she would be a crowd pleaser), gave her the speech. If not, why even have Manderly? The speech was truncated and had little power when compared to the book.   Why would these lords follow a bastard who abandoned his oath and nearly lost the battle? Especially when there's a legitimate heir sitting beside him. If anything they...
New Posts  All Forums: