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Just picked up a cool BBQ for my roof deck. It has but one flaw ... you can't buy a fucking propane tank in NYC.   I know this as I hopped in my car today to grab one at a nearby gas station or, failing that, Home Depot. Three fucking hours later after being diverted by two parades and three street fairs I gave up and drove back to my place from the UWS via Yonkers just to avoid the fucking parade in Harlem.   Fuck you De Blasio. Fuck you Bloomberg. Fuck you Obama...
All kinds of great old comedy you can introduce to them. I've found that kids love Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello and Don Knotts.   lefty
Nicely done getting kids to sit for Chaplin. The NY Philharmonic is playing live to Modern Times tonight and tomorrow night.   http://lc.lincolncenter.org/shows/210800?show_date=2014-09-19+20%3A00%3A00   I made my kid nephew watch Rocky the other night. "He lost, Uncle lefty! What kind of movie is this?"   Next up ... The Champ.   lefty
Always worth a chuckle.   lefty
I refuse to watch movies with the humans any more.   lefty
Chihuahua vs. coyote vs. Rottweiler.     lefty
90 minute massage followed by 90 minute facial. Comped due to my peripheral baller status.   Thank you, Bel-Air.   lefty
Just got to the Bel-Air. Nobody bug me until 9:00am or so. After that you can find me at the pool.   lefty
Word.   "What are you doing?" "Grunting to this dead hare." "I'm going to go stand over there now."    One year later...   "Who are you supposed to be?" "Porkchops and applesauce." "Cool. Wanna fuck?"   lefty
 True story. I was a pretentious fuck in art school and one year for Halloween I wrapped myself in felt and talked to a stuffed bunny at a party. Didn't get laid. The next year I went as Peter Brady (I looked a lot like him) and got laid all over the place. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: