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Me too ... oh wait.   lefty
Just had an offer accepted on an off-the-grid cabin with solar power and a gravity-fed spring. I know nothing about either and am considering drilling a well and laying in underground cable from the road. Much to learn.   lefty
I think it's standard procedure. I was very specific in my initial description as I has a front row seat.   Years ago in NS I pulled an elderly couple out of their car after it partially overturned in a small river during a torrential thunderstorm. Got them to the shore as my wife found a highway mileage marker and called 911. Later that night I received a call from the head of the local RCMP unit thanking me. Go Canada.   lefty
^ That movie is so cool. Pardieu!   lefty 
Intense episode. Great series.   lefty
 The fire marshall just called me to get the details and we discussed Kitty Genovese. He said there were a lot of calls this morning. lefty
I think they were on their way, but as it's four buildings from me I thought a "hurry the hell up" couldn't hurt.   lefty
Woke up to this in my window:     Called NY's B and they were there in a few minutes to smash/cut their way through the roof. No lives lost.   lefty
Rago typically underestimates so add a potential 50-75%, if not more, to the top estimate for popular items. Then add the 25% buyer's premium.   lefty
Now if only mom could slap the shit out of the writer of that stupid ass episode.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: