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There are any number of reasons to be sitting in a car in NYC.   The video of the crane falling is harrowing. The poor guy just minding his own business as a few thousand tons beelined for his head.    lefty
Poor bastard.      lefty
I kinda like this old boy.     lefty
New Toronto Maple Leafs logo:     lefty
Seldom seen episode of The Twilight Zone.  1964's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Serling's opening:   lefty
 Your seat heights are 2.5 feet? 30"? What am I not understanding about that? My seats are around 16.5". My DR table is 29".  Congrats. lefty
 It works as a perfect descriptor of the direction this thread has taken lately. lefty 
^^ More like a piece of very cool furniture, object of design and bit of desiderata that I'm kicking myself for not buying.   lefty
So last year this Tom Dixon prototype chaise longue came up at auction and I bid on it until my wife said she wasn't feeling it.      I think it closed out at $1800. Kind of a shame as I really liked it and regret passing. Looked it up to see where it landed. 1stdibs. Now $32,000.   lefty
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