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It just gets worse.   I picked up a number of things at the grocer and the check out chick started dividing them between three bags. I told her to put them in one bag and she hesitated then said, "it will be pretty heavy, Sir."   lefty
I should probably take the hint.   My wife and I were invited for drinks to a lesbian neighbour's apt last week. She asked us into the bedroom and said, "so let me tell you the real reason I invited you over tonight." I glanced at the bed and the straps mounted on the wall above it, and thought they could probably hold our weight. "I was hoping lefty had some ideas on how I can redecorate."                                                                                  ...
 Close, but better boots and the hat was grey. lefty
What's the going rate for a box of Romeo Churchills in Havana?   lefty
I insist everyone call me "Sir".   I thought I was still in my "lion in winter" stage and could pull a young cub if so inclined. I am sporting a beard which is pure white and was wearing a loden green duffle coat and beat up fedora, so I probably looked older than her grandfather.     Fucking men's clothing subforum. I need some Rick or Yohji.    lefty
Today on the subway a girl of 20 asked me if I wanted to sit down. Is it over for me?   lefty
This is what I get for trying to be funny.     lefty
Can keep this on topic?   My clique suggested I put a chaise longue in the niche of my foyer. Thoughts?   lefty
I think the heroin keeps the weight off.   Andres is full of life. He walked around with a double corona clamped in his mouth hugging everyone he met.    lefty
Not sure I got the swallow question.   There were about a dozen chefs there, but Ripert, Bourdain, Jose Andres, and I guess Emeril were the most recognizable. Most of the food was okay - it was a barbeque after all. Ripert's langoustine was perfect. And he's a sweet guy.   lefty
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