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Is that the shit we couldn't drink last night? Holy fuck was that beer terrible.   lefty
I think it would be pretty good for socializing.   www.pk24.com   lefty
 I love that the LA Soho club refuses to let the Kardashians join.   Have not seen. Post pics please. lefty
 They are the cunts behind The Battery. I'm surprised it took SanFo so long to have a douchebag private club. I take my business to the Elk Club where the weight room has torture devices from the 18th century and the pop machine is stocked with cans of Michelob.  I'm pretty sure when you have the kind of money they do the idea of not doing something because it's a challenge doesn't really factor in.  In this thread we are all "Ken Fulk". fulky
If they are they can easily change. At least they're spending their money in fun and interesting ways.   Those walls glow in real life. Have to think it is many coats of real lacquer.   lefty
Can't say I know them. Just attended a fundraiser at their place. He opened his pub (imported lock, stock and I guess barrel from England) and offered me a 40-year-old scotch. I did my level best to put a dint into his 850M that night.   It's an odd place. Somewhat chopped up for the size.   lefty
 If that was the point it would have made more sense to focus on the guy who wrote the original commercial. A guy who just did his job and came up with a good spot. lefty
I thought the Birches' paid 40M for their place, but that could be after Ken Fulk got a hold of it.  I've been in this place. I could take or leave the rest, but liked the cerulean walls.   lefty
I'm as full of shit as everyone else, but my default position whenever I watch something is "fuck you, entertain me." Off to watch the finale of BB for the 10th time. lefty
^ So fucking awful.   The guy who wrote the Coke commercial stopped watching MM in the second season.    lefty
New Posts  All Forums: