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To me he always be The Boy from Oz.     lefty
It's like they let a 10-year-old girl design the message UI. Can you go back?   lefty
Did he just announce that he's putting Baron in charge of internet security?   lefty
I've never heard "Chicago" pronounced quite that way.   lefty
This is the closest to flesh Trump has ever looked.   lefty
Christ, I miss the old days.    lefty
Holt should rein Trump in a little as well.   lefty
He's twitching like hell. He won't be able to hold it in.   lefty
Get the lav. You will probably be moving all over the place and the sound will suck with a locked off boom. lefty
@emptym I remember you commenting on that coat at the time. Isaia made for P Cole. I have a matching burgundy one as well that's quite natty. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: