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He's a good guy and his dogs are some of the nicest Rat Terriers I've seen.   lefty
Guessing, I would say Fell or Patterdale or some local mix. Barn rats are hard to catch so that's a hell of a night.   CA buddy with some Rat Terriers:     lefty
Cars are something I don't care about. I keep my car in NYC so it gets handed off to a lot of parking lot attendents and I use it for fishing every weekend. It is an utter piece of shit as cars go, but it serves my needs.   Pretty sure all my furniture is worth more than my car.   lefty
 Broadway.  lefty
Fuck! The Monsoon is no longer available? Must score more.   lefty
Tom Chadwick and son, and his UK-based terriers.     lefty
The Slap was awful.   Roots changed everything.    lefty
Well ... Mastidane is a pretty cool name.   Maybe it's hybrid vigour. Those purebreds are a pretty unhealthy lot.   lefty
 He was pretty good in 8 Ball Bunny.  lefty
I'm astounded by how quickly and wholeheartedly it went over a cliff.     lefty
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