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Some day I'll tell the story of Saul, his hot editor and me.   Some day.   lefty
 Industry or non industry? lefty
Keep seeing this girl in my neighbourhood.    Britt Linn.     lefty
I ordered an egg sandwich from my local bodega to try and compensate for the money de Blasio took out of their pockets.   lefty
Hershey changes the recipes. Fuck wads.    lefty
^^ One expects sanfranians to panic. Newyorkians should be made of sterner stuff.   I only wish that there had been a massive storm. Would have loved to see a snowbound de Blasio rescued by a CP horse and carriage.   lefty 
Didn't expect to hear from you again after last night's brave foray across those six blocks. Do you have tales of derring-do?   lefty
The parks are still closed in fear that someone will be taken out by a falling tree limb laden with 3" of snow.   Have de Blasio, Christie and Cuomo started congratulating each other yet?   lefty
They didn't deliver my paper this morning. WTF?   lefty
Don't fuck with my childhood.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: