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Silliphant was a great writer. He eventually go to a point where he could write INT: APT - SHITTY and save himself a lot if unncecssary words.   lefty
And I'll feel good about myself for those 17 years. Laying in line to get on the grid is even more based on how far away I am from a pole.   May be time to resurrect the Turnspit Dog.    lefty
Damn, solar is expensive. lefty
 Go to the cinema in 1979. Line up for a few hours with the other nerds because you want the centre seat of row 8. Let the sparse elegant score creep up on you as the giant 70mm screen makes you feel that you are truly alone in the universe. Watch something you (or anyone else) has never seen before. Grip the armrest of your chair as the suspense builds. Delight in the fact that it's as far away as possible from the kiddie movie that is Star Wars.  Then get back to me. lefty
I never thought a show could make me miss TWD, but there you go.   lefty
It's good, but it's no Caged Heat!     lefty
This place is pretty rustic. Built and owned by an artist who painted all day, then (based on the tiny 12V system he put in) read Zane Grey novels by a single bulb at night. Meeting a few solar guys to get a quote on upping the system. If hardwiring from the road is comparable in cost I'll opt for the unlimited power as I want a bigger fridge that I can leave on during the week and the juice for power tools. Can't be that expensive if I do the trench/conduit work. I...
Weekend place. Wanted a simple cabin close to NYC. Three wood stoves including one in the sauna, so maybe not that simple.   How's the trout fishing in your area?   lefty 
Catskills. Don't you have a place in NC? lefty
You should bring me along as a translator.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: