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That is a shitty poster for a very good movie. lefty
If that's a roundabout way of proposing, then the answer is yes, yes ... a million times yes!lefty
Random things.   Your trainer is an idiot. Ask for your money back.   Don't let your puppy on the sofa. Don't over react by screaming or running away. A loud "oww" should get him to back off for a moment, then you can redirect onto a chew toy. More exercise. Short sessions of calmness. Downstay for 1-2 minutes with a reward at the end. If she's old enough (and she looks it) corrections via a small prong collar and tab are appropriate. Short sharp pull down when...
Thank God all that running has made you so thin you can slide between the sofa and table.   lefty
 M, putting aside the colour of my outlook while in SF, some of the nicest homes I saw were the ones painted in black or near black.   lefty
JFC, I got a speeding ticket in this bayou of a state for doing 68 in a 60. Eight MPH over the speed limit. I questioned the copette if her radar could even register that low. Then I asked if they take American here in the low country.   She was not amused.   lefty
Christ, this place is like Wayward Pines.    lefty
Leftette has suggested a day trip to Charleston to look at houses. I'm proposing Reno for a quick divorce. lefty
So the leftette says, "lets go to Savannah for thanksgiving" and I think, sure, how bad can it be? We've been here for four hours and the best thing I can say is that this would be an excellent place to kill yourself. Am now looking for flights out. lefty
If you go back to where we first meet Daryl you can see that his vest sports Boy Scout badges in Signs, Signals and Codes, along with Small Boat Sailing, Basketry and Public Speaking. They must have fallen off along the way. Thank God, Rick is also quite adept at morse code.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: