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So three guys who've been around and seen some shit are all enamoured with Maggs G.   Just sayin'.   lefty
 Kids today don't quite understand what "sexy" is. She's not traditionally beautiful, but terribly sexy on screen and more so in real life.  lefty
Did they photoshop Nighy's hands for that poster?   lefty
At the time OZ was pretty damned impressive and Vern Schillinger. How it stands up today is hard to say. Try an episode and see if it fits.   If you haven't seen it I would recommend Black Mirror. They're stand alone episodes and only 7 in total so will fill up a flight nicely. A couple of them are stellar.   lefty 
Being in SF has made me hate coffee again.   lefty
 Wanted to meet the hunter.  The trip tp ML would have been too far so I ended up heading north the Redding and assessing there. My options were the Pit of the Trinity. Old fishing buddy said the Pit so I headed that way despite it's reputation as an angler killer. Holy shit, was this tough. The Pit is a series of rivers between 7 dams and hydroelectric powerhouses that are all owned by PGE. It is a weird combination of spring creek/tailwater/freestone river that holds and...
This is where I am.
I am, I think. Currently outside of Cloverdale. Spent yesterday hunting in a vineyard around Occidental. Making an 8 hour drive today to go fish in the eastern sierras. lefty
Sitting on top of a mountain in the far reaches of Sonoma. Just past actually. A million stars, coyotes yipping and a somewhat nice bottle of local wine going down after a hard day of rat hunting. SF ... is there anything you can't do? lefty
Not in your neighbourhood.lefty
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