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Boy, you think they could replace nine phones.   lefty
MM was a great makeout song in the '70s. A hot summer night, the vinyl bench seat of my white Ford Maverick and Becky Schupper in her cutoff jean shorts and tube top.    No greater invention than the tube top.   lefty
This has pretty much every shot I hate in FF films, but I sure miss fishing the Eastern Sierras.     lefty
That sounds personal.   lefty
Asshole+.   This might make everyone feel better-    http://www.cultofmac.com/297404/get-bent-shocking-history-bent-smartphones/   lefty
So no longer incompetence plus assholery? Now just incompetence? That's progress of a sort.   Fun thread.   lefty
Perhaps this is all some kind of cross promotion with Uri Geller?   lefty 
PBF 27 minutes ago at 11:11 am The other 999,991 customers can't reach Apple customer support line because of the iOS 8.0.1 updategate. Rating: 37 Votes   ----   An ios update killed my wifi. Looked on the apple forums and there were countless threads from people with the same issue. Apple response to me? "We've never heard of that."   lefty
^^^ Like a girl? Most people slip their phones into a pocket of their pants. Front or back. Most people wear jeans which means a pretty tight pocket. Any new phone needs to be designed with this in mind. Apple is now looking into this and it seems will replace bent phones.   Perhaps they will offer free exoskeletons.  lefty
Those of us who are too old (read 14+) for backpacks and too have much testosterone to carry a tote.     lefty
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