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Hated my old Bosc DW. Love my Miele DW. Love my Gaggenau oven. Love my Miele oven. Love/hate my Miele/Nespresso coffee maker. Indifferent about my Miele W/D.   lefty
It may depend on the size of the house. The few times I watched online there often seemed to be a little lag. Those seconds of internet silence are pretty nervewracking. If I wanted something badly enough I'd feel a lot better having a person in the room with the auctioneer's attention. Sometimes I'll put in an early bullshit bid just to ensure the auctioneer is aware of my bidder.    I'll probably watch that Evans cabinet online.   lefty
You're right - I spoke too quickly. I've always ignored the live online portion as it really does seem like a dopey way to bid.    lefty
The bidders in attendance do not see the online bids. There will be a bank of people on phones talking to bidders (usually how I bid) and people monitoring the online portion.   If you put in an absentee bid online the maximum amount you're willing to go is hidden and the site bids on your behalf in a set increment. I have won things that I forgot I bid on.   That said, no auction system is perfect so if I really wanted something I would either be there or have a...
I went to a private showing of this and a few other things tonight.     Goddamn, this thing is beautiful. Not sure it's worth the 500K they're hoping for but could fetch 300K+ to the right person.   lefty
 I haven't seen it since, but I still recall sitting there enthralled. I remember turning to the person behind me and asking them to shut up. I had never seen a movie like that. The field scene, cleaning up the blood - these were obvious things that no one had ever pointed out before. And M Emmet Walsh. The problem was they sold it as a horror film and most people came in expecting something traditional. As we left, there were as many people that hated it as loved it. In a...
 I attended the premiere of BS. Two guys stood up halfway through and screamed, "this movie sucks!" as they fled the theatre. I think they were expecting more blood. Or simplicity. lefty
 It's okay - my wife just sent it to me and said, "let's buy." lefty
 At auction this week - https://www.wright20.com/auctions/2017/01/living-contemporary/184 lefty
New Posts  All Forums: