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Not looking forward to slush lakes of next week, but it's just snow, ladies.   lefty
 Have you considered San Francisco? I hear good things. lefty
I would toss Amateur Night at The Apollo into the mix.   Cheap fare, great venue, fun show, street cred. It has been running every Wed night for the past 7 years or so.   Just don't eat at Sylvia's prior.   lefty 
Lincoln Center is in NWMT.   lefty
Brooklyn is like the UWS. There's no real reason to travel there unless you're going home.   Broadway is worth it if only for the playhouses themselves.   Did I miss the pre snowstorm panic this time?    lefty
^ It's a very good movie.     lefty
And the Clover makes great coffee.   lefty
Chelsea Market is shit. I have no idea why people like it. Eataly mostly the same. Walk in, look at the throngs, walk out. The Flea Market is in Brooklyn, so why would you go there?   All the museums are good, but the big ones are exhausting. If you want NYC specific, The Tenement Museum and The Museum of the City of New York are small and interesting.   NYC is a walking city. Pick a direction and walk. Eat when you're hungry at some neighbourhood restaurant. You'll...
 Thanks.  I would have thought the 100. lefty
Two questions:   Right size of tubo belt for 36" waist?   Right size of TS(S) turtleneck for 52EU?   Thanks. lefty  
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