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The leftette and I are sitting by a pool in Mexico right now. Two hours ago, I handed her Dark Matter and now she's halfway through it and refuses to go for lunch.    A review of sorts.   lefty
I have a soft spot for Canadian production so I'll check it out.   There's an aspect of Dark Matter the book that reminds me of Cube, one of my favourite Canadian scifi movies.   lefty
Haven't seen it. I could never get past syfy's idiotic first attempts at series. I understand they're much better now so I should give them another chance.   Blake Crouch also wrote the Wayward Pines trilogy which is also a fun read if a little crazy in the reveal. The talent in the show elevated it.     lefty
I haven't seen it as I enjoyed the book so much. I reread it every year or so.   While on the subject (of scifi-y fiction), I just finished Blake Crouch's Dark Matter. Faulty, but fun page turner.   lefty
Neverwhere was the best of the three.   lefty
Love that place and didn't know the story. Thanks.   If you haven't been to the EC, check out the Monday night lecture series. It comes with a tour and I think your kids might dig the trophy room.   lefty
[[SPOILER]]  lefty
[[SPOILER]] lefty
I spent decades loving CBM and then the last 10 years happened and I grew to hate them. IM, Xmen, Avengers, all drove me crazy. Logan just brought me back. Finally, they add some length and gave it to character development or breathing room instead of another ridiculous CGI battle. Acting was great and kid was amazing. A few things I didn't like - evil DR that seemed to come from another movie, albino was too recognizable an actor, and bad guy(s) didn't do a hell of a lot...
Tonight I sat beside Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki flag at a talk at the Explorers Club. For this little Canadian kid that's pretty much as awesome as awesome gets.   lefty
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