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Slaughterhouse-Five is a great book to film translation.   lefty
Nice fish, HC. Looks lean after a hard winter.   lefty
Between busting my ass at the new cabin and the rivers being so low, the fishing outings have been few and far between this year. But on the last day of the season, I hit a trib high in the mountains that I've never fished before. Pushing through the woods I came across a beaver pond and upstream of that, the brook wound its way through a meadow. About 6' wide and slow moving it was more spring creek than freestone. And it was filled with wild brook trout and one 13" brown...
Not sure tossing a dog off a cliff is the best way to put it down. A bullet to the back of head is reasonable if you want to go the nature root. Past that, needle. lefty
Would hang Kremers.   Hector Frank   lefty
Scandinavian auction.    String dispenser.     lefty
The only traction control it has are my snow and ice skills which I do think prevented me from flipping. But I'm adding some "slow the fuck down over gravel roads" next week.   lefty
Just a glass of red wine.   I tend to be calm in these situations. As I was swerving I was struck by the fact that gravel was different than ice - have a lot of experience with ice - and I was trying to predict when it would roll. I also felt that it was kind of cool to have that much weight moving out of control. Fortunately, I was smart enough to keep off the brake and I guess able to minimize the potential to roll.    I hit the bank, restarted immediately, drove...
Spent the day knocking down large trees at a friend's upstate property. Left exhausted and late for a party a few towns over, so heavy foot along a gravel mountain road. Hit a loose patch of gravel and started to fishtail at speed. Foot off brake and gas as I tried to compensate. Oversteered and fishtailed the other direction. Am now swerving downhill and picking up speed. Tried to steer out once more, but the truck wasn't having it and the rear end broke through the...
Met this guy a few weeks ago.       lefty
New Posts  All Forums: