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Get the lav. You will probably be moving all over the place and the sound will suck with a locked off boom. lefty
@emptym I remember you commenting on that coat at the time. Isaia made for P Cole. I have a matching burgundy one as well that's quite natty. lefty
Not sure which you're referring to - blue velvet or dark green washed moleskin. I believe you would have seen both.   I like velvet. Very '70s.    lefty
Very nice.   Does that fireplace work?    lefty
Selling firearms is your business or a side thing?   lefty
Everything. I've never touched one, but they seem pretty. Need a small cal rifle for my cabin. Sell me on them. Or something else. lefty
Coyotes are an occasional target. The .17 should handle them.Anyone have actual experience with Henry?lefty
Walk me through first .22 purchase. Bolt action, left handed, wood and steel. Used for shooting inanimate things and possibly killing coyotes. Other considerations: .17HMR instead of .22 for extra punch and Henry lever action over bolt for extras awesome. Thanks. lefty
New Posts  All Forums: