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We stopped in Ely Nevada where my wife had reserved a room at the Nevada Hotel/Old Dying Persons Casino. When we opened to door to the room I turned to the leftette and said, "Babe, surely we could have done better than this."   "This was the most expensive room."   "In the hotel?"   "In the town."     Recommend for the frozen margarita machine.   lefty
I would helicopter my car over Kansas, but other than that it's a pretty spectacular drive.   lefty
Meh ... Lou Costello bested Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolfman in one movie.   lefty
I fear I may have bought Tom's coffee. It's the shoe company?   Phew, just checked - something called Cafe Grumpy. I'm sure it will suck.   pB, the Peet's stores really reek of burnt coffee. It's the reason I can't go into a SBs. I went fishing last week with a guy who services Clover machines in NYC. Still haven't tried one though.   lefty
Yes. Was at whole foods today and they carry the basic Peet's stuff, but none of the special roasts. Ended up buying some dumb shit I'll probably hate.   lefty
 I believe that was Esme Bianco (Ros) who was fired/let go/killed off shortly afterward. Surprising as she was in 14 episodes - they were going out of their way to give her scenes. Kevan Lannister is in at least 3 or 4 episodes.  lefty
I never understood watching movies on a tiny computer screen while travelling. Why not just read a book?   lefty
Was Brazil mentioned before? It's Gilliam's masterwork. Make sure you get the right version and big screen it if you can.   Death Race 2000 not Death Race. I was quite disappointed when 2000 rolled around and we still couldn't run over pedestrians. Would have come in handy in SanFo.   lefty
That and Tank Girl make for a cool double feature.   lefty
Rollerball Logan's Run Death Race 2000 Planet of the Apes Silent Running A Boy and His Dog Soylent Green A Clockwork Orange The Omega Man THX 1138 Fahrenheit 451 Alphaville Brazil   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: