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First cast is your best. If I haven't hit a fish by the 5th or 6th (and I feel I'm fishing the right fly) I move.   Nice fish, roma.   lefty
This thread sucks.   lefty
Spent a very quiet day on a secret little river yesterday.      lefty
Jeez. Yes, DDL is Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans though they never call him that.   Grew up on this:     lefty
I've said it many times before here, but that last sequence from Hawkeye is one of the best pieces of film design I've ever seen.    lefty
Well, I was using blowjob somewhat loosely, but unless others come out with allegations I doubt much will happen other than the accuser getting paid off with a bag of cash.   lefty
Insane amounts of money + massive critical/audience success + the figurative (and I guess literal) ass kissing that Hollywood can be + getting a blowjob from a 15-year-old boy is somewhat more acceptable than getting one from a girl = unsurprising revelation about BS.   Now if a dead kid was found in Singer's bed then you'd really have something.   lefty
Why would I lie to you?   They make them because of expectation and the hope that another Avatar will come along. But since no one in Hollywood know anything they haven't kenned to the fact that the reason Avatar was a BB had little to do with 3D.   And they're losing money...     http://www.deadline.com/2013/09/reald-stock-new-lows-disappointing-august-3d-ticket-sales/   It's just not worth the extra prod, post and distribution expense.   I have a friend who...
Well for one, she was able to go through life with some dignity being a Labrador Retriever versus the embarrassment of having to introduce oneself as Flopsy, the Goldendoodle.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: