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I think if you can go in early enough the testicle can be moved into position and secured to the scrotum ensuring it doesn't move up again. There were always rumours of show dogs that had this done. In N's case at 11 months the retained testicle is probably tiny and out of position so I doubt it's saveable, but I don't see why they can't leave the descended teste in place.    Cool story when your friends come over.   lefty
I'm not sure about this, but is there an operation to remove the undescended testicle and retain the descended?   Of course, there's always:     lefty
Someone other than them must have seen an unbitten person turn by this point. Wasn't the Governor doing experiments with the recently unbitten dead? Whether it is believed by survivors in general is another matter.   Was there ever an explanation for the dead in the cars of the highway? They were unzomfucked dead as I recall with intact heads.   lefty
Honestly, the source material isn't great so they are hampered to some extent.   lefty
http://ministryofsupply.com/collections/all/products/aviator-jacket         lefty
I was clarifying what we know - or have been led to believe. I couldn't say what characters know.   Shane confirmed to Rick what he was told at the CDC and I'm sure others have seen people turn without being bitten. Even so, my guess is that most people believe the infection is passed via bites and spatter, and act accordingly.   lefty
Assuming that the shit in Z veins is some kind of blood the word you want is spatter not splatter. If it's just a viscous fluid that isn't blood then splatter will work.   Serviceable episode but for two things: the bizarrely staged heros exit bad guys enter ext wide shot which was telegraphed and amateurish; and the red-handled machete for much the same reasons.   lefty
Everyone is infected with dipsy-doodle-itis and upon death will reanimate. A bite will from a fetid rotting mouth filled with decaying meat may or may not give you another shot of dipsy-doodle-itis, but it will certainly give you a very serious infection and probably lead to sepsis. With no antibiotics or ability to provide fluids, sepsis = death = zombie-wow.   lefty
No, but the furries may argue the point.   lefty
You do know that Cirque du Soleil doesn't accept animal acts?   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: