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Had to smile at this one in the morning's NYT. The name, picture and brief obit. Bet she was a pistol.     BLEETSTEIN--Glenna Dee, of Salt Lake City then New York, died on Sunday, December 14 at an age she preferred not to mention. Widow of Jacob Bleetstein, beloved mother of Oscar and grandmother of Henry. She loved her friends dearly and will be missed by many. Services will be held on December 23, 2014 at 11am at Frank E. Campbell in Manhattan.   lefty
Some kids came over last night so I set them up with a Don Knotts (who?) double feature.       lefty
 Leo Bloom: Actors are not animals! They're human beings!Max Bialystock: They are? Have you ever eaten with one? lefty
Only a fan of SF-set movies where the city gets destroyed. Surprising number of these.   40D40N is a fun movie. And it has super hottie Shannyn Sossamon who is usually better than the material she's in. Check out The Rules of Attraction for a good SS movie.   lefty
Bit of an odd request, but does anyone have a recommendation for an orthopaedic surgeon in the city? I snapped a bone in my finger a few months ago and the guy I've been seeing at NYU is making it worse.   PM if easier.   Thanks.   lefty
Had a friend who covered K and hall in corian. I liked it.   lefty
And yet you made her suffer that picture. Reported.   lefty
You do know that it's just the structure of her flews, right? She's not actually smiling.   lefty
Weird.   18 months ago I downloaded a new ios version for my 4 and it killed the wifi. The wifi button in settings was greyed out and couldn't be turned on no matter how many times I reset or restored. Looking online, I wasn't the only one with the problem. Yesterday I noticed that it was searching for a wifi signal. Sure enough, it's back to normal wifi operation.   Maybe apple really wants me to trade it in.   lefty
New Posts  All Forums: