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Additional pics and measurements posted.
PM sent on the Oliver Spencer.
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu Sorry, AE novice here, is C narrow? I believe D is the standard medium width, so these would be slightly more narrow. I generally take a 9 to 9.5 D and these fit me fine. I will take some measurements when I get home tonight.
Florsheim Imperial V-Cleat Longwings - 9.5C - SOLD Nick in leather on left shoe Outsoles measure 12 1/2" long and 4 3/8" wide
Awesome deal on that peacoat. If it were a medium I would have bought before now. I have a couple Dunderdon medium coats and the fit is great.
Received an EG Field Parka from TintoTerra. Great guy to deal with, excellent communication and shipped the parka promptly. Thanks!
Price drop to $40 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Remember that the URL must be direct (end in .jpeg, .gif, .png, etc.) Thanks, I thought I was doing that. I will make sure I am using a direct link. I usually use photobucket but was trying to picaso....thought I had the direct link.
How in the hell can you post a pic in html? I am trying the same way that I post them on ebay with no luck. I tried attaching the html tags with no luck. Can someone help?
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