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added Shades of Greige Round Collar Coat
What size is that J. Crew sweater?
Dropped the price on the ebay listing $5 plus bing cashback is at 10% through Dec. 2nd.
The bing cash back is still at 20% and select styles are $30 off $100 or more. The $30 off ends tonight at 11:59 pm PST.
The one seller has inseam choices, is that not strange? Can anyone comment on that? The other seller does not have inseam choices. I am going to purchase one and report back with pics. However, I am not sure which seller to go with...the one with different inseam lenghts or the one that has them all the same.
Barbour jacket gone. Added Uniqlo +J wool pants
$10 price drop on the Barbour jacket
Had ssnyc proxy some stuff from Uniqlo, service was top notch. Quick shipping and very patient with my requests. Thanks!
added Barbour Insulated Wax Flyer Jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard I'd say that if they're not identified as one of the current 'date' models (1950, 1980), and not stated as old stock, consider them fakes. Especially at that price point. I can't imagine KMW would dump that much old stock on the market, or so cheap. I am waiting on a response from the seller. I figure if they take the time to respond and answer my questions it may be worth taking the chance. Otherwise,...
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