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Picked these up from the Gilt sale and decided I don't need them. They are a UK 8F. For reference, am normally a 9.5 and these fit me perfectly. Only looking to get what I paid, let me know if you have questions. RETURNED TO GILT
I was told this was from 2006-07. Is this on par with the pea coat J. Crew is selling today?
I picked up the Schott 740N for around $119 shipped. Overral construction of the coat was good and did a good job of keeping me warm. However, the thing fit like a box. I am normally a 40R in jackets and picked up a 40 in the Schott. The arms were fine, chest and shoulders were HUGE. Re-sold the thing for what I paid on flebay.
Can anyone comment on sizing with Kicking Mule? I am looking at the 33 waist in the 1950. My waist measures about 34" and was wondering if these will stretch too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada I own the second one. It's the field shirt-jacket and its the warmest jacket I own. With a little layering underneath it gets me through central texas winters and was warm enough for my new york trip in late november. I posted a photo of me wearing it in WAYWT maybe about a month or so ago. Thanks, looks good. Is it navy or black? The one at yoox looks black.
Can anyone comment on these two jackets from yoox? Would like to know how warm and any other comments on the fit and quality. http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&Y...I&sts=sr_men80 http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&Y...G&sts=sr_men80
PM sent, do you still have this?
Quote: Originally Posted by prurient Does anyone know where I can buy the Stream Jacket in brown? The one that Context had? Possibly size Medium? They had it at Steven Alan, but they're out. Probably not what you want, but here it is in what looks like grey. http://www.shopbird.com/product.php?...urerid=&page=1
no longer need...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo The OP must be a small timer. Great ignorant comment here...
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